Chapter 18

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The Next day (after everyone caught up on some well needed beauty sleep)...

'What are you really doing back on earth? Why did you leave the Valiant? In fact why were you there in the first place? We all know before the invasion the master specifically asked for you to watch the rift. What makes you so special? Wh-'

'Martha! Enough with the questions!' Owen interrupted; smirking to himself at the women's shocked expression.

'We need to find out what he's up to Owen.' Gwen backed the women up hastily.

'You are kidding me right? Gwen?! He's our colleague Ianto! You know Tea boy? You can't seriously think he would grass on us? And I mean surely if he was to find us for the Master we would already be dead...' Owen reasoned.

'Owen's right...' Tosh spoke up quietly.

'Of course you would stick with Owens decision! I mean everyone can see that you head over heels for him... well everyone except Owen that is...' Gwen smirked to herself 'Besides if I say Martha can Interrogate Ianto the decisions final... I am the leader of Torchwood after all.'

*cough cough*

'I am here you know... and just to let you know Gwen, Owen is actually second in command as he's been with Torchwood the longest.' He smirked.

'Actually mate... I'm not the one who's worked with Torchwood the longest... it's you.' Ianto suddenly began to laugh in hysterics as he heard the works leave his co workers mouth.

'Owen I've only been working for torchwood for 2 years... you and tosh a have both work 4...'

'As if Ianto could lead us anyway... he's only the Teaboy, he doesn't have the skills needed to control a team.' Everyone glared at her as she finished her point thinking she had pulled one over on them.

'I disagree with both of you there. Ianto Jones has been working for TORCHWOOD for 5 years. 3 years at London and 2 at Cardiff. He has more than enough experience with aliens than anyone around here and right now he is the only one who can stop the Master.' Ianto suddenly glared at Owen as he smirked back. Ianto was already planning his escape root if secrets were left out of the bag. It seemed to be easy enough as they didn't realise the hole under the tent where a peg had come lose. His thoughts were suddenly interrupted as Martha began to speak up.

'Well that's a lie, Mr. Harper as we all know that I'm the only one who can stop the master and with my experience as the Doctors companion I have the most experience of aliens and other worlds.'

'You aren't the only companion of the Doctor Martha! Get that into your head! We've all read his files... Ianto more than any of us. You aren't that special when it comes to the doctor... Ianto on the other hand...' he smirked as Ianto flinched; maybe it was time to leave...

'Owen. Shut. Up.'

'What's going on? What do you mean? WHAT MAKES YOU SO SPECIAL?!' Martha screamed.

Ianto thought for a moment planning out how this could go out there was no way he could get out of this mess and still help them unless he told them the truth. Owen seemed to accept him maybe the others will too... it's not like I have an evil streak like me dad he thought and even if they did take it badly he could always escape and go back to the valiant saying he was kidnapped and taken into the sewers for interrogation.

'I'm his son.' He stated calmly waiting for the thousands of questions to appear.

'You idiot.' Owen quipped as the others just stared in shock.

'You were right Owen they needed to know. Well Tosh deserved it not sure about the others.'

'Wait your the doctor son?!' Martha exclaimed.

'Nephew...' Ianto answered.

'So who's your father then?'

'Ianto Jones... you sly dog... but... you nothing like him!' Tosh whispered.

'Doesn't mean I don't love him any less tosh.'

'Who are you talking about?' Gwen questioned but everyone just continued to ignore both her questions and Martha's.

'So they were right then? You really are here to-'

'No tosh their wrong. I meant what I said... I promised jack.'

'Will someone please tell me what's going on?' Martha whispered as she slung back the safety on her gun aiming at the Welshman's head.

'Please if it really makes you feel any better point a gun at me.'

'What. Is. Going. ON?!' She screamed again still aiming the gun at Ianto's head.

'Martha put the gun down... you'll attract the Toclafane the moment that goes off...' Gwen Reasoned.

'And you really don't want to be the one to kill me... think of the Doctor... How disappointed he'll be... not only that you killed someone but the fact that you killed his Nephew! Wow what a disappointment you'll be... and there's also the fact of my father. I would not want to be the one on his bad side.' He shrugged casually.

'The Master. You're the Masters son?!'

'Well done everyone give the 'saviour of our world' a clap!' Owen retorted.

'You knew?! You knew and you didn't tell us?! Owen how could you?!' Both Gwen and Martha accused.

'Hey I only found out yesterday and he only found out a few months ago! What was it?' Owen turned to Ianto. 'Oh Yeh a chameleon arch that's it! All it took to fool us was a stopwatch! How sad!'

'so it's true you really are related to the doctor?' Martha questioned still holding the gun but aiming for his leg only to wound not kill.

'Well... Not in Blood but he looked after me longer than me own dad. He just got up and left one day and in the middle of a war no less. Shows how much he cared...'

They stood in silence for a few moments until Martha finally spoke 'Well this is awkward...'

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