TITLE: Drawing Dead

SUMMARY: Sometimes, you've got to draw a hand even when it won't be a winning one.


DISCLAIMER: I just enjoy playing in other peoples' sandboxes. While making money off this would be nice, it's not happening. Everything you recognize (and maybe even some things you don't) belongs to Marvel.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Yet another piece from my LJ, originally written for vikingprincess. This one is set in "X-Men: The End", featuring a scene that I've been obsessed with ever since my first reading of The End run. Remy and Rogue's children are canonical in both "The End" and "GeNEXT" - both of which are written by Chris Claremont. If you don't mind his writing and haven't tried these, then check them both out.

The Blackest of Rooms

"Kiss me, Remy."
"Please don't go, Anna, please don't go, please, please, please -"
"A real kiss, damn you. One...last...time..."

Her body is limp in his arms, and the sort of tears he'd never thought he'd ever have to shed are still falling. They're X-Men, dammit. They write their own endings - it's the rule, it's always been the rule - and this was not supposed to be theirs. He and Anna were supposed to raise Bekka and Olivier in Valle Soleada. They were supposed to finish the vaguely white picket fence existence they'd started. They were supposed to watch their kids grow up. The two of them were supposed to end up with grandchildren to spoil rotten. They were supposed to grow old together and live happily fucking ever goddamn after.
He's clinging to his wife's corpse though, and those dreams died with her.
Then it hits him.
He was right. They're X-Men. They write their own endings, and he realizes what his is going to probably be, for better or for worse. His plan is crazy and it's probably stupid beyond stupid, and God, does it ever hurt, but he can't think of any other way.

"And your children, Remy?"
"Dey never met their gramma. Anna's gift to you, someone to live for. No more lost causes, Mystique. Just a family - a real future. 'Kay Mom?"
"Good-bye, my son."

If his plan goes South, if it does end up as suicide by villain (and it probably will), he prays that Bekka and Olivier will understand. This is as much for them as it is for anything or anyone else. He doesn't want them to have to live in the sort of hell that the world is becoming. If he can give them a life where they don't have to fear Sinister (dead, thank God and all the powers that be) or death at the hands of any of the sick bastards who have declared all-out and frighteningly successful war on the X-Men and the world at large, then the sacrifice will be worth it.
The kids will have to understand. They'll need to. The thought that they might hate him for this aches, compounding the pain that he's already in.
He knows that Raven can and will take care of them though. She'll make sure Bekka and Olivier know the absolute truth about their mother and father. Truth be told, they'll probably be the safest kids on the face of the earth while under her care. He'd wheeze out a laugh if he could - it's funny; the woman who years ago he would have had no compunction about attacking is now the trusted grandmother of his kids.
His ending though. His ending.
He's going to absolutely wreck the Shi'ar and the slavers. He'll help bring the empire to its knees, give the X-Men a fighting chance, and even if it means he's not coming back, there is no power on earth that is going to stop him.
This is for the world that he has saved more times than he can count. This is for the children he would give absolutely anything for, no questions asked. This is for his lost wife.

Hang on, Anna, he thinks grimly. Like as not I'll be along soon.