Summary: A short story from Gene's POV at the end of series 2 episode 8. I've skiped the part when he finds out about Sam betraying him and gone to the part when they are running and Sam is in the tunnel is about to go. Gene looks on.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything- but I wish I did

We started running pretty quickly after Sam left the cabin. We were getting blown to pieces; we'd be dead if we stayed in there. So we took the risk, made a run for it. Tyler better well cover us or will be dead.

I looked up and for a moment I couldn't see him, he better not be dead already. All I could think is that I didn't care that he was going to betray us and that he was trying to destroy us and that this was really his fault. Ok I lied, I going to kill him that stupid, nancy, fairy, proof, betrayer. I'm going kill him if he wasn't dead already.

No, I could hear his voice and that stuck up DCI from Hyde that way trying to destroy them, I'd kill him to. Where was the blinking gun squad? One look and I understood- he was going to kill us.

'Help us'. That's all I could say, time seemed to slow down yet the bullets where moving fast as ever. But I could see each expression past across his face. He was going to leave, let us die, then bugger off back to Hyde. But there was also a small look of hesitation, getting smaller.

A flash he light and he was gone and that was it.

The seconds drag on- death drawing closer- then BANG.

A shot, then another. He was back, a small smile and then in that moment I decided not to kill him.

Please be nice to me this is the first thing I've ever shared. Wrote it really quickly and I don't think that I captured Gene Hunt – but never mind. Hope you enjoyed