Chapter 1

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Kirihara Misaki stood, staring out her office window. She gazed as the brightly colored streaks of dawn hit the sky. She had worked the entire night yet again. And on a Friday no doubt, Kanami would have surely berated her for her lack of a social life. It was a little past four according to her wall clock. Misaki sighed deeply. She took her glasses off and pinched the bridge of her nose in exasperation. The sun appeared lighting up the grey sky. If only there was a way to lighten up her mood, the grey sky and her dampened mood so very much alike. Her search for him had proven to be agonizingly futile so far.

Since the Izanagi incident, BK201 had disappeared off the face of the earth. She had spent-more like wasted-a whole month trying to locate him through various illegal and underhanded means that really were not her style. The fact that his star remained in the sky was a slight comfort. Misaki would never ever allow him to die. Considering all his misdeeds, death was a much too easy way out for him. She simply could not accept that. After all that he'd done, he deserved to be tortured like the criminal he was. But above all, she wanted to see the face behind that mask, so badly. It got to her so much that she didn't know his real identity. Misaki had always imagined the masked contractor as Li-Shengshun, the exchange student. Every thought of BK201 brought Li's shy face to mind. Maybe it was because they had the same kind of hair. Or maybe Li was really BK201. Misaki shook the insane thought out of her head, that was truly an insane idea in every possible way. On the subject of Li, she hadn't run into him in ages. He had probably grown tired of Japan and traveled back to China. Misaki tried to ignore the pang of disappointment that consumed her at that thought.

Turning away from her window, Misaki walked over to her desk that was literally piled high with documents of various sorts. There was hardly enough space to place her laptop. Glancing down at the report she had been working on before being enraptured by the beauty of the sunrise, that is, Misaki scowled; she was not looking forward to finishing any of these. She sighed again. This was the inevitable result of shunning her work for a long period and using her valuable time to find BK201, which currently held no benefits for her. Her joints and muscles achedwith exhaustion.

There was no one else in the building. But the cleaning crew were sure to arrive soon judging by the time. She had spent endless nights alone in Section Three trying to make up for lost time. The more she worked and typed and signed off reports, the more documents flooded in. The cycle was infinite. It was a curse, surely. An unbearable curse. Even in his absence, BK201 managed to cause her a great pain.

A little, barely audible voice in her head was telling her to go home and sleep the weekend off. But she couldn't, she really could not, could she? Misaki mentally weighed her options. She was changing and not in a good way. Since when did she reject her important work to follow a contractor around? She could go home now and resume doing paperwork on Monday or she could stay and work until she died from exhaustion. It wasn't too difficult to decide. Misaki made an effort to arrange the papers on her desk in a somewhat orderly manner, switched off her lights got her coat and headed out the door.

Ever since she had joined Section Three, she had never had any time to herself. Not a tiny, minuscule shred of time. Between hunting down BK201 and doing jobs for Section Three, her schedule was fully booked three times over with no chance of clearing up anytime soon. She didn't quite have anything planned but she still hadn't seen Kanami in a long time. Though shopping and partying was definitely not her 'thing', Misaki felt any time spent with her close friend was precious as it was incredibly rare nowadays. Once she entered the car park, she got into her car and drove home, sincerely hoping she didn't fall asleep at the wheel. Misaki couldn't wait to close her eyes and not open them till Monday morning. She was that tired.

Upon reaching her apartment building, Misaki sluggishly made her way up the stairs and into her apartment. She was so sorely tempted to sleep right then and there. Oh, so sorely tempted. With much, much effort, she dragged herself into the bathroom and began to undress. Still in her extraordinarily weary state, Misaki didn't notice the man slumped the man against the opposite bathroom wall. Her mind was foggy, extremely at that. Thus, it was plausible for her to miss the black shape at her side view. It was only until he spoke.


The fog had cleared up and Misaki snapped back into reality, jerking her head to the right in response to that oh so familiar tone. She stared at the man, openly gaping. There, no less than a few feet away from her, was BK201. Not only that but he was badly injured as well. He had a wound in his gut that was freely flowing blood. His mask was cracked in several areas. His clothes were torn. He was downright ragged. Suddenly, everything seemed worth it now, her attempts to find him, the time wasted. And although it had nothing to do with him being here presently, it was all worth it. Only two thoughts registered in her mind at the moment.

BK201. Jackpot!

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