A/N: This story is made in response to soul caliber V coming out and me finishing the story on it. In this story you may find references to other stories like the soul edge getting attached to its previous owners after it is used by them.

This is a new project I have started based on the lack of Soul Caliber and Naruto.

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Naruto was getting fed up. He had a horrible life. He was alone, abused, and constantly attempted to be murdered. It was after a comment by his transvestite teammate Sakura Haruno that he snapped.

Sakura Haruno was a girl who was anything but a ninja. She constantly wore pink and had long pink hair. She had a shrieking voice and constantly hit him.

His other teammate Sasuki was fine with him. Sasuki has long black hair. She wears a white kimono with the Uchiha fan on the back.

His sensei Kakashi was a jonin. He had spiky silver hair and was constantly late. He hardly taught him anything at all and he was sure that he was staying to give his teammates help afterward.

So you can see how Naruto was fed up. Then when Naruto confronted Kakashi about it his teammate Sakura said that demons don't deserve extra training. His teammate Sasuki looked concerned at that and his sensei just said nothing and walked away with the other two.

As Naruto thought about it more he realized more and more that his life was hell and not worth living anymore and wasn't going to get better anytime soon. He also realized that Sakura wasn't even worth a second glance.

With those thoughts Naruto wrote a letter explaining his actions and set out to remedy the situation as he knew leaving the village wouldn't help. The solution was simple. He would commit suicide.

Naruto knew almost all injuries the fox would heal, but he knew one that the fox couldn't. He would cause himself to explode after jumping off the mountain with the Hokage's faces in it. He knew that the fox wouldn't be able to heal this injury due to the fact that it had taken him a week to recover from exploding and a month to recover from jumping off the cliff.

As this was going on the fox saw what he was going to do and immediately summoned the three souls. The three souls were Soul Caliber, Soul Edge, and Soul Ravager. All three were female.

The first women wore an angelic white dress. She had blond hair and blue eyes. Her skin had a flawless tan white color to it. She wore a semi permanent cold detached expression. This was soul caliber.

The second woman was constantly bubbly and happy. Her eyes were black with red irises. She wore a red and black skirt that went just below the knees and a sleeveless armored black and red shirt. She too had a flawless tan white color. She also had blond hair. This was soul edge.

The third woman was a colder version of the second's expression. Her eyes were black with gold irises. She wore a red and black kimono with a yin-yang symbol on the back. She was about six feet. She had a blackish red hair not unlike the color of blood. She had the same exact tan flawless skin as the other two. This was soul ravager, the least known of the holy trinity.

The holy trinity was a set of three sentient swords. The first, soul edge, was made to destroy the world. The second, soul caliber, was made to stop the first. The third, soul ravager, was made to stoop the other two's senseless fighting.

The kyuubi looked pale after that effort as it's normal blood red fur was now a fading red with sweat glistening all over it. The Kyuubi then pulled back and bowed formally which surprised them as the Kyuubi was a rude beast of nature.

Kyuubi then asked the women a question that would shock them even more then the bow. It asked "will you three please give your power to the kid?"

The women then got over their shock and asked "why should we?"

The Kyuubi then showed them everything about the kid. He showed the betrayals, the abuse, the overcharged prices, and his current condition. The women then understood why Kyuubi wanted to help the kid.

The Kyuubi's then started fading away and as this was happening the women saw his first (and last) smile at the promise to help the kid.

The women were shocked at the Kyuubi's smile before they got over it and them caliber said, in a rare moment of emotion, "Okay we need to draw the kid in here ASAP."

The women concentrated very hard to draw him into his mind.

As soon as Naruto was brought into his mind, he saw three beautiful women there and said, "What the hell, I was expecting the Kyuubi not three women!"

Two of the three women sweatdropped while the third (edge obviously) just bounced over to him and hugged him.

Naruto stiffened at the unfamiliar sensation then relaxed into it as it was a new feeling but definitely not unwelcome to him.

The women noticed his hesitation and frowned at what Konoha had done.

Naruto would be shocked forever by what they said next.

"How would you like to use us as your weapons?"

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