Part IV: Speak

By Dreaming while awake

Eiko stumbled as she was dragged away from the bar by her wrist. She had stopped struggling a few minutes after the Uchiha heir had snatched her wrist and begun dragging her away from the bar without so much as another word. It was always like this, he wouldn't say much and then he expected her to understand. She knew he was angry, though he really shouldn't be. It was her reputation that would be going down the drain, not his.

"Let. Go. Of me" Eiko snarled but he didn't even spare her a glance.

Anger bubbled inside of her, so much it practically hurt. How could she be expected to marry someone like him? He never listened to what she wanted and always did what he deemed necessary. It seemed like even though he didn't care he was always dragging her away from trouble. Of course, that was for his own personal gain. Itachi Uchiha only wanted her because there was no one else he could stand or vice versa. She was probably the only female he had spoken more than two words to and that was only to give her orders on a mission. Was that idiotic fact enough for him? They'd been teammates for five years and she never regretted it as much as she did now.

Eiko blinked, only now registering that they had made it to her apartment. As much as her parents had fought against her leaving the compound, she could hardly stand their nosiness in her life. It seems like a few blocks between them couldn't change that, however. They still managed to decide everything for her. Ripping her wrist from his loosened grasp Eiko reached for the key in her hidden pocket and opened the door. She wanted to slam it in his face but he had a tight hold on the frame; it infuriated her to know how much he knew her just by examining her. Knowing there wasn't much she could do against him she spun around and left him there. It wasn't long before she heard the door close and his footsteps moving closer to her still form. Why hadn't he left? Couldn't he understand that she wanted to be left alone?

"Why are you still here? Leave, I want to be alone" But he didn't and she really hadn't expected him to start listening to her now. He never did.

Eiko stiffened when she felt his hand on her shoulder, slowly turning her around to face him. She could only stare up at him in defeat. He always managed to have her on her knees, it was humiliating. Why couldn't he be a little less perfect? It irked her to feel so insignificant in his presence. She didn't say anything as he stared down at her with those cold black eyes of his. She could never pretend to understand him or even begin to know his thoughts. He was as impossible to read as he was to understand. Still, his eyes conveyed his question. It was obvious that he was expecting some sort of explanation. As if he hadn't already heard what she thought of him and his clan.

"I'm through with this" She told him "if you want something then say it! I have all these questions that you won't answer and I can feel all the expectations you practically throw at me, but you know what? I can't ever know unless you speak! You want something from me, then say it. You want me to stop doing something? Well then say it, too! Just speak because I can't ever come to know you this way and you won't ever get what you want unless you do something about it" Eiko practically hissed. She was through with his silent demands, his piercing black eyes always questioning but never really letting anything be known.

"Speak!" She demanded at his silence.

And even as his mouth descended upon hers, he never spoke.

It didn't matter though, she would always give in at the end of the day; even when she herself didnt understand it.

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