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I called for my mommy. Where was she? I expected her to be here.

God patted his lap. "Don't worry sweetie. She'll be here soon. Come sit with me." I crawled over to him. "Why don't you tell me a story?"

I sat on his lap. "Well, there once was a cow when I was little. We named her Heather. I was scared of cows because they were huge. The cow's mama died, and my mommy had to take care of it by feeding it milk. She let me feed it once, and I got over my fear because she was nice. Well, the only problem was she got slobber on my nicest work dress. It was blue with six patches. I remember. I was sticky, and I started screaming. My mommy said to be quiet and told me that she'd wash my dress." I started smiling at the memory, but realization hit me. "She never got the chance to though."

God rubbed my back. "Oh, it's okay honey. Look at all the kids here. They're waiting for their mommies too. Why don't you go play with them?"

Tears started forming. "My mommy wants me, and she expects me to be here."

"Marissa, I'm sorry, but you need to go back and possibly find your mother," He said.

"What? What? No! Please! No!"

Then the beautiful place disappeared, and I was back in the thunder.