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It had been a week since Rachel got the FBI, to come to Lima and figure out who killed her fathers, but they came up short with leads. The prints left were of Rachel and her dads. Anyone, who was anybody, was either at a party hosted by one of the football players, at home watching TGIF, or at the school watching New Directions place first in the Regional competition. After they won, all of the New Directions went over to Sugar's mansion. Yes, Sugar Motta's parents owned a mansion on the outskirts of Lima, Ohio. So as a congratulations party, her parents let Sugar throw a party, out by the pool and for those who wanted to, a sleep over.

Rachel kept going over the facts about the party in her head. Who arrived when, who left when, who did what, who was doing who, and she was determined to figure what went wrong. The FBI left her, Spencer left her. She was left, trying to figure out what happened to her fathers and the better answer of who did it.

Quinn walked into Rachel's room, finding the brunette pacing back and forth, pulling her hair out of her head. Quinn ran into the room and torn Rachel's hands away from her head.

"Rachel, Rachel," Quinn yelled, "You need to stop stressing out about what happened."

"My dads are dead, and the FBI left, and the police called the case unsolvable," Rachel yelled, "but they won't let me go back to my own house."

"Wait, doesn't Puckerman have an extra key," Quinn piped up.

"Well technically his mom does," Rachel said, "But I'm sure, he can get the key."

"Call him" Quinn said, as she handed Rachel, her phone.

Meanwhile in Virginia, the team was working on a new case. They felt bad, they couldn't figure out what went down at that house, but they had other cases that were to be solved. That were too be dealt with. They read the next case. It was a killing of a lesbian couple in Akron, Ohio, around an hour away from Lima. Same story, this time a 5 year old son and a 3 year girl were not picked up at day care. Luckily though, the children have an uncle, who lives by, who took the children in.

Spencer looked over the case file over and over. He knew it was too close to Rachel's to not to be mentioned.

"Uhmm guys, this is just like Rachel's case," Spencer said, "everything matches."

"We need go talk to her again," Hodge said.

As the team, left for the Jet plane, Morgan pulled Garcia to the side.

"Do me a favor, baby," Morgan whispered.

"Anything, for my chocolate bear," Garcia flirted back.

"Do a background check on Finn Hudson. He's Rachel's boyfriend, but he was very harsh with her for not having a ring."

"Ring, what ring," Garcia asked.

"They are engaged, and she took it off," Morgan said, "he got mad and got aggressive at her then left."

Rachel, Quinn, and Puck stood in front of Rachel's house. Puck held onto Quinn's hand as Rachel went to put her into her front door. She went to push the key in, but it wouldn't go in. she flipped it around, it wouldn't budge.

"Are you sure, this is the right key," Rachel yelled.

"Yes, because, if you haven't notice, it was on a musical note keychain," Puck answered back.

The trio then heard something crashed in the house. They looked through the window of the door, to notice, three people walking towards the door. None were looking right at the door.

"Guys, jump into the bushes," Quinn said, the trio jumped inside the bushes to be hidden. Rachel was happy, that the gardener was told to cancel service. Rachel pulled out her phone, and clicked a picture of the group of people walking out of her house. She then sent it to Spencer, with a quick text, went over to my house, to get more stuff. Found the lock changed and these three people coming out.

The Bau Team just got out of the airplane, at Columbus airport, set to go to Akron and back to Lima, when Spencer opened up his phone up to the text sent by Rachel.

"guys, Rachel found us a lead," Spencer said, "and It's a group of people."

The group looked at each other, and went off their ways. The faster, they found the group the better.

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