So, this is my first ever story! (Pause for applause) I've been into wolf Role Play for about a year, so this is the story of one of my pups(Role play point of view .3.), Moon, and her romantic story! (Pause for 'awws')
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Moon trotted warily through the dark, misty woods. Raindrops from the previous night dripped down on her from the tall, towering pines. She shivered, her hackles rising.

Suddenly, she smelled another wolf scent. She stopped, her hackles rising even more. She lifted her nose into the air, scenting all around her.

A strong scent of wolf hit her nose, causing her to sneeze. Moon growled threateningly, swiveling her ears around to pinpoint when the wolf could be. The birds had stopped chirping, as if they, too, could sense danger.

Suddenly, a wolf emerged in front of her, pushing through the bushes. She whipped her head around, staring at the wolf with her ears pushed back and her mouth drawn back in a snarl. The wolf sat down, blinking with amusement. Moon growled, unsure of the wolf.

The male wolf spoke. "So, you're not exactly comfortable in the Douglas Fir Slopes forest, I see." He commented, not a sign of aggression even hinted in his voice. Moon cautiously ceased her threatening stance, pushing her ears forward in confusion. "Uh…who are you?" She stammered.

The male laughed. "I'm Turmoe, and I'm a loner, as you can see." He woofed. Moon sat down, her hackles falling slightly. "Who are you?" Turmoe asked.

Moon hesitated, not sure what this wolf was getting at. "I…I'm…Moon?" She answered hesitantly. Turmoe stood, stretching. "Well, nice to meet ya, Moon." He walked towards Moon, walking past her and into the dark forest behind her.

Moon stared after him, wondering what just happened. She turned and trotted quickly after him. "Wait!" She called, stopping next to him. Turmoe stopped, looking at her with patient eyes. "Yes?" He barked calmly. Moon sighed before replying. "Can I travel with you?" Turmoe smiled a friendly smile and nodded.

They set off, Moon trusting him completely now.


Moon spotted the silhouetted shape of Turmoe against the setting sun. She walked calmly from the den they've shared for moons towards him, sitting down on the stone next to him.

Turmoe stared straight ahead, blinking at the sun as it settled behind the mountains in the distant terrains. Moon could feel him stiffen as she sat closely next to him, her heart beating quickly against her chest. She sighed, following his gaze into the hypnotizing rays. Finally, she spoke.

"I'm sorry…about your sister…" She began, unsure of how to contemplate what happened to Turmoe's sister, murdered brutally by another wolf. Moon and Turmoe had come upon her cold body, lying lifelessly on the cold stone of the Little Butte.

Turmoe sighed. "It's alright; I guess…we were never really close. But the thought of my shared blood being killed ruthlessly…it hurt." Moon nodded in understanding and rested her head on his broad shoulder. His stiffness eased, and she felt his body tremble with the relief of the tension evaporating from his posture.

Moon felt his head resting on hers. Her heart boomed against her chest, as if the next words she spoke would break it from the prison it was held in. She summoned the courage to speak, knowing this would change her life as she knew it. "Turmoe," She began. "…I love you." She whispered. Turmoe licked her ear and murmured, "I love you too, Moon."

Moon sighed with content, relieved at last of the feelings she felt inside. She wiggled closer to him, breathing in his warm scent.


Moon walked beside Turmoe, scenting the breeze for her father. She and Turmoe were traveling through the wet marsh in hopes of finding Rain and his pack. As soon as Moon had found out about bearing Turmoe's pups, she immediately seized the opportunity of finding a pack where her pups could be born into.

She caught the faintest scent of Silver Rain Pack. There was also another pack on the breeze as well. But before she could say anything to her mate, 3 huge boars emerged from the reeds behind the two. Moon and Turmoe whipped around to face the boars. Turmoe immediately stood in front of Moon protectively, and she felt fear creeping up her spine.

Turmoe leaped at the closest boar. He clawed at its face, blinding it easily. The other boar charged at him, but he dodged it and leaped at the other boar, leaving the blinded boar to run back into the reeds, squealing. Turmoe sought out the places where he could quickly and easily kill the boar, but the other boar charged at him again, causing him to be thrown into the air. He fell to the ground with a thump.

Moon charged angrily at the boar, clawing its face mercilessly. Once she sent the boar after the first, she leaped onto the third boar's back, driving her claws deep into it as it charged around the clearing. She managed to give it a terrible bite to the back of its neck and killed it swiftly with a bite to the throat.

When the boar fell to the ground, Moon rushed over to Turmoe. He was unconscious, but alive. She gently nudged her muzzle under his body, pushing him onto her back. She scented the air again for her father, and headed in the direction of the still faint scent.

Moon traveled until moon fall, yet she knew the force of the fall had weakened Turmoe so much that he wouldn't have made it without immediate care, and it was quite obvious to her that the pack was too far away to make the walk.

Moon came to a clearing and set Turmoe down. His cooling body forced terror through Moon, and she felt scared and alone. She howled sadly to the rising moon. The howl rang through the marshes, and all the small creatures heard the sad call. Moon's sad howl rang sadness through all creatures, and they felt a moment of grief for the wolf's loss, in spite of their fear of the wolf.

Moon sighed and curled around Turmoe's body, her heart breaking. She cast a sad, scared glance at her belly, which, she knew, held his pups. She shivered with sadness, oily tears spilling onto her cheeks. She laid her head on his shoulders, hoping sleep would take her away from the sadness she was engulfed in.

Turmoe was gone to her forever, she knew; Moon vowed to his spirit that no one could ever replace him. She was reminded of the first day she had met him, and even then she was charmed by his calming presence. Sleep slowly took her into a light, haunted trance.

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