The First and Second Hokages stood there on the rocky plain that was apparently the interior of the Shinigami's stomach where they had recently landed thanks to the Third's use of the Shiki Fujin. Well, where they were was either that or their mental representation of such, as they apparently didn't want to see the Shinigami's divine digestive tract and most likely would have decided to hallucinate something slightly more agreeable to their senses had they found themselves in a position where they would and could do so.

As they surveyed their new and possibly imaginary surroundings, something came hurtling out of the sky, something that looked like their former student being strangled by a pair of scaly disembodied arms.

"Okay, that's just weird." the Shodai Hokage said as the Sandaime landed in a newly-formed crater with a loud thud.

"And slightly disgusting." the Nidaime said as he watched the scaly arms that looked like they'd just been ripped off of someone strangle the old man he'd known ever since he and his little teammates who were presumably still in the world of the living had been his Genin.

It was at that point that a blond man in a white coat with the Kanji for Yondaime Hokage stitched on the back of it blew by.

"A little help here guys." the guy called out over his shoulder as he made his way towards the distant hills.

As one, Hashirama and Tobirama Senju turned to face what the man was fleeing from, and found themselves facing a gigantic nine-tailed fox.

"Well fuck." the Shodai Hokage said as the creature registered his and his brother's presences.

"If I somehow manage to get out of here, and ever see Orochimaru again, his afterlife in Hell is going to be ten times, no, a thousand times worse than those of the other denizens." the Nidaime said as he prepared one of his signature water jutsu.