Nobody could tell how much time had passed since they arrived. The Kyuubi who'd previously provided a great deal of excitement and activity through his antics was busy trying to escape from the cage that Hashirama had created for it, and there was now pretty much nothing else to do as they'd already held a tournament to see which Hokage was the strongest which Hashirama had won because it had been decided in a 3-1 vote that Minato was disqualified for spamming the arena with Hiraishin seals.

Things were starting to get boring enough that releasing the Kyuubi had been suggested.

Minato, finally having the time to do so because he wasn't fighting the Kyuubi like he had been for the last twelve and a half years, was going through his pockets because he'd forgotten what was in them.

"Ooh, a deck of cards!" the Yondaime exclaimed as he rooted through a storage scroll that had been in a hidden pocket of his coat.

"You went into battle carrying cards?!" Tobirama exclaimed.

"Nobody knew exactly how long Kushina's labor would last." Minato said as he started sorting through the deck to see if they were all there or not since Kushina had had a bad habit of stealing the Jack of Spades for some strange reason.

"I know what you mean." Hashirama said. "Mito was in labor with our first kid for over twelve hours, and if she thought I wasn't paying attention..."

"How'd you get away with playing cards?" Hiruzen asked, amazed that Minato had been able to get away with doing so, considering what Biwako had said and done to him after he'd stepped out for a quick smoke while Asuma was being born.

"Me play cards while Kushina was in labor?" Minato replied, sounding shocked and affronted. "The cards were for Kushina as well as the brand-new hand-held game thingy, a crate of tennis balls, the book of crossword puzzles, the yo-yo, and the toy train. I was too busy wearing a hole into the floor of the cave worrying about the Kyuubi and the new baby."