I wrote this in basically ten minutes, that's why it's so short. But it was something I wanted to write, and it sorta just came to me. Definitely a drabble, but I hope you enjoy, and please, review :)


Sometimes, Sora sees him.

It happens randomly, and never longer than a second or two. But sometimes, he can see him. In the reflection of a mirror, or in any reflective surface.

The first time he noticed him, Sora thought it was his imagination- a slight trick of the eye. He blinked, and then he was gone. He had shrugged it off, continued drying his hair, and went along with his day. He told himself it was just because he was tired from the night before.

The second time, it unnerved him somewhat. He had glanced over to see if his mother was back from her job yet, but in the window, something else was reflected other than himself. He had shook it off, and still thought it was only his imagination, doubting his presence.

The third was when he was sure there was something. He had looked down at his spoon, and nearly dropped his ice cream on the ground when he saw the blonde staring back at him.

And on the forth, Sora had been on the beach with Riku. He stared down at the ocean, and saw him. The blonde spikes, the blue eyes, and the saddened expression. He knew then, was sure. When Riku asked why Sora was splashing the water so violently, the brunette paused.

He just gave a smile, took his hand, and told Riku it was nothing.

A few more occurrences went by, and Sora began to understand this presence. Slowly, he began to drift for annoyance and confusion, to acceptance and expecting.

Because he knows the it's only another part of him he's seeing.

Sometimes, when Sora sees him, he smiles. He greets him not as a demon or a crazed vision, but a friend.

Because sometimes, Sora is proud to see him, and know that this part of him holds strength and courage. He knows what he did, and what he gave up.

And Sometimes, Sora can see him smiling back. Because they both just know.