A/N: The weather has been amazing, and also very inspiring... _ Here's some mindless PWP for you, just because.

Kink: Bed breaking

(You're grinning now.)

He made a noise in his throat, clutching Derek's head to him. His mouth lapped vigorously on Spencer's weeping cock, teasing it with slow, long strides of his tongue.

Derek Morgan stole one glance of his pretty boy's face wrapped in the hypnosis of ectasy, his neck arching, mouth parting, lip biting ectasy.

He took the man whole into his mouth, trying to get a rhythm going.

"Unnnghh, Derek Mmn-"

His hands that gripped shakily onto Derek's head, moved to pull him even deeper inside that warm, wet mouth."Oh, yes," He panted breathlessly, eyes opening and closing lazily, his entire body going warm and tingly hearing the obscene smacking noises down below.

He looked down, and whimpered desperately. Derek wanted to grin. He loved seeing him come undone like this. And it was he, Derek Morgan, who got to see it.

He licked at the tip, and groaned at the noises coming from Spencer's lips.

Derek could feel the younger's thighs shaking, and his cock began to twitch in his mouth. Reid s death grip on Morgan became even tighter. He was losing control.

"Derek, I'm gonna come," he whined.

And that was when Morgan released his mouth.

Spencer whimpered in protest, his body so close to the edge he was trembling. But Derek didn't want it to be over for him so quickly. He liked to prolong Spencer s climax as long as physically possible.

He had previously rimmed him, Spencer almost sobbing when he stopped, then he had fingered him, his hole well spread and ready, tight, but ready, and confused the other man when he didn't attempt penetration.

Spencer was denied orgasm now three times. Derek decided that was enough.
He told Spencer to lay on all fours on the bed. Spencer obliged, moving clumsily.

Morgan just stared at the sight of a naked, hot Reid there waiting for him. Ready for Morgan.

"Please," Spencer whispered, barely audible.

Derek couldn t resist any further. He lined his member up, and sunk in, easily. They both groaned. Spencer was so deliciously tight; he knew he wouldn t last long.

He gripped the soft skin of Reid's hips and thrust, in and out, at a moderate pace.

After a little while, Reid's cries became constant, and his fingers and face were buried deep in the pillow. Derek felt Spencer push back on him forcefully, and his movement faltered.

Reid was mewling lightly, noticing Morgan was slightly thrusting, barely moving at all.
Then his eyes blew wide as Morgan slammed deep inside of him, hitting his prostate.

"Oh, fuck! Yes, yes... There-"

Derek was getting dizzy, hearing Reid like that. He couldn't stop moving at this animalistic pace, ramming Reid's lithe body on his angry, pulsing cock.

Derek pushed Reid's bottom up further, Morgan now pounding into his spot with each and every thrust. It felt so good. So goddamn good.

"God, Derek-" Spencer couldn't move his arm to touch his cock, and it pained him to not do so.

Derek interlocked his fingers with Spencer's, his grip slipping.

The two heard an unsettling sound, the sound of wood straining. The top left leg of the bed collapsed, and was thrown violently in that direction, drastically changing the angle Derek had inside Spencer, the young genius digging his nails in the mesh to keep from sliding. And the amazing feeling was enough to distract them from the crippled bedframe.

"Harder, Derek. Harder-" he panted into the pillow. "Harder, yes, please, please." His voice was thin, high pitched. Shaky. Spencer squeezed his hand, and let out a primal scream, convulsing as his orgasm ruled his body.

Then Derek felt a tsumani of heat rush inside his groin, and could not breathe.

He screamed Spencer's name as he came, and then his whole world was white.

- *awkwardly grins and walks away in a mysterious fashion*