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Summary: One decision turns the wheels of fate in a different direction. A swap of identities causes waves that will changethe past, present and future.

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Warnings: AU-verse – yes, I practically bashed the entire Naruto timeline into the smithereens, and gave our lovable scar head some more trouble to deal with. Meaning this is Harry (Ren)/Izuna/Madara/Tobirama/Hashirama. /eyes the latest plotdragon dryly/. Yes, you read right. It's SLASH, so you were warned. And oh yeah, the characters may be a little mite bit out of character.

1) Unremarkable

The woman was rather unremarkable. Black hair, dark grey, almost black eyes, and a slender, petite body. She was no outstanding warrior, nor was she a remarkable beauty. She moved with a learned grace, more like a shadow than a person. Yet… she held the attention of the four most powerful Shinobi in Hi no Kuni.

Her name was… Uzumaki Mito.

2) Duplication

Slender eyebrows furrowed in aggravation. The day had been a trying one, what with the hectic preparation to host boththe Senju and Uchiha delegations. And as the heiress of the Uzumaki family, she had of course been pressed to oversee the proceedings. She snorted inelegantly. Ordinary mortals thought that being a clan's heiress meant lying about and doing nothing. Ha. Nothing so simple. And she was rather peeved that she had to play host – more like babysitter– to the four men. Granted, they were war heroes and powerhouses in their own rights, but to her, they were mannerless brats who wanted their toys, and they wanted them NOW: or else… there would be blood.

Unremarkable features melted away into another set of lines and curves – the change was subtle, but still there. When the eyes opened again, they were bright, stunning green emerald ones.

"Uzumaki Mito Saya…" the person groaned out as he freed his hair from the tight buns, "You so owe me for this." The voice of the speaker was a smooth, mellow tenor with a hint of a rasp - a voice that undoubtedly belonged to a young man.

The man looked at the sky, dotted with tiny stars. By now, the real Mito should have been far enough away for any pursuers to give up on tracking her.

The foolish girl had fallen in love, and not wanting to miss her rendezvous with her beau, she had conned Ren to cosplay as her while she sneaked out.

Once again, the green – eyed teen cursed his weakness for Mito's puppy dog eyes.

3) Roar

Madara was bored. The negotiations hadn't even begun, and tension was already in the air. So… He began a new bout of Senju baiting –

"SIT DOWN, ALL OF YOU! OR, SO HELP ME KAMI, I WILL PUT ENOUGH SUPPRESSION SEALS ON YOU THAT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO MOVE FOR A MONTH!" A woman's voice boomed out over their heads, making them freeze at the suppressed fury in it. Four pairs of wide eyes turned to the irate girl. Finally, Tobirama summed up the situation in one word.


Madara blinked. The negotiations just became a whole lot more interesting.

4) Intrigued

They found out that the… spirited girl was Uzumaki Mito, the seals prodigy and heiress of the Uzumaki clan. She wasn't particularly beautiful – and her character left much to be desired, but to be brave – or suicidal– enough to yell at the leaders of the Uchiha and Senju clans… it intrigued them.

5) Confused

Izuna was puzzled. The spitfire had apparently changed to a mild –mannered, easily overlooked wallflower that lurked in the shadows. She was graceful and polite, while the last time he had seen her, she was a little awkward and a whole lot more opinionated.

6) Meeting

Dark eyes narrowed as she contemplated the placement of the particular set of runes. She was so deeply in thought that she didn't notice Hashirama until she literally bumped into the man.

7) Fifth

Strangely, the negotiations unexpectedly included a fifth party - one Uzumaki Mito, and even stranger, it was at the request of both the Uchiha and Senju leaders.

8) Found

Red eyes stared at the petite woman. "That isn't you." The great tailed beast rumbled out, making the dark-haired girl blink. "You're right." She agreed easily. A red snout nudged at her gently, prompting her to pet him and making her laugh in delight, making the fox purr with satisfaction.

9) Stupid.

"Are you fucking stupid?" Mito demanded, staring at the taken–aback Hashirama. "Bijuu are NOT play toys to be given away on a whim!"

In the end, they consulted the Bijuu themselves, and surprisingly enough, all of them decided to stay in Hi no Kuni.

10) Self-defense

Ren casually blocked a strike from some no-name Uchiha before switching the stance and crashing the end of his bo-staff into the attacker's stubborn skull, knocking the attacker unconscious.

11) Power

Madara was curious. Those symbols were unlike any other he had seen –awkward and jagged, but even he felt the power which they contained.

12) Eyes

Mito's eyes were the most expressive part of her, Tobirama concluded. So it baffled them that on some days, they were flat… like polished Go stones.

13) Refreshing

It was refreshing to talk with someone that neither feared nor worshipped him, Hashirama mused thoughtfully. Even if the girl in question lacked beauty, her spirit more than made up for this minuscule flaw.

14) Courting

"Don't you understand?" Mito demanded of Ren, her dark eyes flashing with aggravation. "They are trying to court you!" Green eyes rolled heavenward. "Key word: Trying." Then, the man spluttered. "What!"

15) Dispose

Some days, Ren mused, just weren't good enough to get out of bed. Especially if he had to dispose of a pervert named Tobirama before he even had a breakfast.

16) Courting

Uzumaki Taro coughed in surprise. "You want to court my granddaughter?" He asked incredulously.

All four young men nodded firmly.

17) Refusal

It was funny in a sense, watchingthe Uchiha brothers trying to out–court the Senju siblings. It didn't help that Mito absolutely refused to cooperate with their offers.

18) Revelation

The fight had shattered the green crystal, making 'Mito' change back into 'Ren', much to Madara's and Hashirama's surprise.

19) Reeling

Reeling. That was what their feelings were doing. Izuna was safe, thanks to 'Mito's' timely intervention, but 'her' appearance opened a whole new can of worms, so to speak.

20) Spark

They stared at the 'real' Mito as the girl defended her best friend. No matter what, they couldn't see the spark the false 'Mito' had in the girl that stood in front of them.

21) Greeting

The first thing Ren saw when he came back to the consciousness chilled him to his very bones. The four leaders were staring at him, before Madara spoke. "We need to talk." The Uchiha clan leader ground out.

22) Tail-ends

Green eyes stared at the Senju leaders. "Didn't we agree for you all to leave me alone?" he asked dryly, making Hashirama duck his head in embarrassment, while Tobirama chuckled with nervousness. "Well, you see…"

23) Bush-sitting

"The stars are bright tonight." Ren muttered out. "And really, just who do you think you are fooling with your bush-sitting?" he looked at Izuna's sheepish face for a moment, before he turned his attention back to the sky.

24) Conundrum

The Uzumaki clan was in a quite a conundrum now, what with Mito being already married, while officially, she was being courted by the four leaders of the Uchiha and Senju clans.

25) Cookies

Hashirama closed his eyes tiredly. "Bad day?" A familiar voice asked him. He nodded wearily. "Yeah." She made a sympathetic noise. "Ren told me to give you this," Mito's voice was quiet, as she passed to him a small satchel. "Oh, and he says to take your medicine beforeyou sleep." Grunting, Hashirama accepted the gift, his mouth quirking a little at the scent of ginger cookies. "Thank you."

26) Housewife

Really, Madara pondered, Ren was more of a housewife than a warrior. His cooking was by far superior than that of those – he shuddered – fan girls of his. The only fault of his was that Ren was a male, but even that began to fade into obscurity in light of Ren's sheer force of personality.

27) Insistent

Gracelessly, he stumbled away from the duo, his green eyes wide with horrified disbelief. To think that both Izuna and Tobirama would accost him for the sole purpose of … deepening their intimate relations was just too much for Ren to comprehend.

28) Assets

He never thought to look ata male body as something … sexual. However, he couldn't help but be curious of Ren's … assets.

29) Intruder

Soon, it was a usual sight to see Ren either amongthe Uchihas or Senju. Even if the two clans were wary of the intruder at first, they soon got used to his presence until they couldn't imagine their lives without that strange Uzumaki in it.

30) Pool

Funnily enough, both clans had a betting pool on who would snag Ren first. Of course, Ren knew nothing about them, nor did his four suitors. None of the bettors wanted to incur their wrath, after all.

31) Genocide

The good times didn't last long; Iwa and Kumo attacked, almost wiping the entire Uzumaki clan out of existence. The Uchihas and Senju also suffered losses, but not to the extent the Uzumaki had.

32) Leader

As Mito was too shaken up to take the leadership of the remaining Uzumaki clan, the survivors elected Ren as the Acting Head in her stead. When he was told of the council's decision, the witnesses saw Ren's face age by at least ten years.

33) Warrior

When they saw him on the battlefield, the two clan leaders were understandably concerned. However, their concern changed into amazement at the green-eyed man's fighting skills.

To Be Continued