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"Where do you think the old coon is?" Bellatrix Lestrange asked Draco and looked around in disgust, as if the mere sight of Hogwarts disgusted her.

"I'm not sure," Draco said his voice low and rough. Harry was still fresh in his mind. He wanted nothing more than to go back to Harry and burry himself in his arms, but he knew that he couldn't. They were enemies now. The thought alone made Draco's heart stop beating momentarily. He shouldn't be thinking about him now. It wasn't safe.

"Maybe he is in his office?" one of the Death Eaters asked. His voice was creepily familiar, but Draco didn't think about it now. He had to find a way out of this. But deep down he knew he couldn't.

Bellatrix didn't answer.

They walked down the stairs towards where Dumbledore's office was hidden. Bellatrix waved her wand but she sharply took steps back as if burnt. "What the hell was that?" she moved her wand once again and was blasted to the wall. Draco looked at her in surprise, and then looked at the door. He couldn't help but sigh in relief under his nose. It was good that the old coot wasn't cooped up in his office. But that didn't mean that his Aunt wasn't going to find him, but what did she really want?

"Aunt Bella?" asked Draco slowly and walked towards her. She turned around and faced him with an unreadable expression. "Why are we looking for him?"

"Because the Dark Lord has given you an assignment," whispered Bellatrix and smiled innocently.

"A what?" asked Draco, regret filling him instantly.

"An assignment Draco hasn't the Dark Lord talked with you?" asked Bella as they set off once again; heading towards the Astronomy Tower.

"No, he hasn't," whispered Draco.

"Well, you'll have to do it," said Bella.

"I have to do what?"

"You have to kill Dumbledore."

Draco stumbled upon his footing, but didn't say anything. He had to keep his mouth shut, face emotionless, but inside he was a wreck. What the hell has he got himself into?

As Harry watched Draco leave him he slumped back to the wall and slid down to the floor. Draco was going to have a baby? But he was a boy. He couldn't have it. He simply couldn't. When did it happen? Or how did it happen? It wasn't like he was a woman. He had everything that represented him to be a man.

Harry racked his hands in his hair and puffed out a breath. He didn't know what he was feeling. He was only sixteen and he was going to be a dad? Something clenched at his heart as the thought passed his mind. He was going to be a dad. He was going to have a family; a real family…if he had the chance. But he would, he thought fiercely, standing up and taking out his wand, he was going to come out of this war whole, without a single scratch on him. And he was going to make sure that Draco was at his side. He had to.

He ran out of the Room and down the stairs towards the Gryffindor Tower. He panted out the password and walked in through the portrait hole and up the stairs towards their dormitory.

"Harry! What are you doing here?" said Ron and sat up quickly in his bed, dropping his book on the floor. Harry didn't answer instead he walked straight to his bed and searched for the map. Where was it? He frantically searched around his bed and the bedside table but found nothing. Then he remembered.

"Where's Hermione?" he asked Ron already walking out of the dormitory.

"Maybe she is in her dormitory?" answered Ron questioningly, following Harry down the stairs.

"We need to find her, and quick."

"Why? Harry, what's happening?"

"I need to check it before I'll tell you anything. Hermione!" Harry yelled Hermione's name once he was in front of the entrance to the girl's dormitories. "Hermione!"

"Coming!" yelled back Hermione, and Harry waited impatiently for her to come down.

"Where is it?" Harry asked frantically as soon as he saw Hermione.

"Where is what?" asked Hermione with a frown.

"The map, Hermione, where is it?"

"Oh," Hermione took it out of her back pocket and handed it to Harry, "Here"

"Thanks," he walked into the Common Room, which was fairly deserted and placed it on the table in front of the fireplace. "I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good."

"Harry what's happening?" Ron asked as he kneeled beside Harry, Hermione on the other side of his.

"Find me Draco on this map then I'll tell you what's happening," he didn't even realize that he called Draco by his name, but right now, he didn't care.

"Malfoy, but why?" asked Hermione, emphasizing his name, and tugging lightly on Harry's arm.

But Harry didn't answer, he rapidly searched all the corridors, the un-used classrooms, the dungeons, very carefully the Slytherin's Common Room, but he wasn't there. He almost gave up when Ron said.

"There's the git, hold on-" Harry quickly looked at the place Ron was pointing and his heart skipped a beat. He wasn't alone. He saw not-so-familiar names hovering over with Draco's name, but one name caught his eyes; Bellatrix Lestrange. A hot raging anger licked at his nerves, making him see red.

"Get as many people from DA," said Harry to Ron and Hermione, still looking at their rapidly moving names. They were heading somewhere, but where? "We need as many people as possible." He searched the map again, looking for Dumbledore's. "Where the hell is Dumbledore?" he mumbled under his breath. Few seconds later he caught Dumbledore's name, right next to him was Severus Snape. He had to get there; he had to warn Dumbledore about the Death Eaters.

"Where are you going?" asked Hermione alarmed as Harry sprung up to his feet, his wand gripped in his hand.

"The Astronomy Tower."

"Harry!" but Harry was out of the Common Room in no time, leaving Hermione looking after him anxiously. She had a very bad feeling about this. Someone was going to get hurt, and she was hoping it wouldn't be one of them.

"Come on," Ron touched her arm softly, and she nodded. They had people to gather.

"Has it ever crossed your brilliant mind that I don't want to do this anymore?" Snape's voice echoed in the cold night.

Dumbledore was standing in front of the railing, looking out into the cloud filled sky. "I always think about that Severus, but you do realize that the boy cannot do it."

"Albus I-"

But Dumbledore held out a hand to prevent Snape from speaking and tensed up. "Hide, quickly."

Snape waved his wand and he vanished in a second.

Harry instantly knew why. There were people walking up the stairs. Harry's heart skipped a beat as he saw Draco. Harry moved quickly and hid himself under the table that was there. Thankfully nobody saw him. Harry held his breath as he heard what was happening above him.

"Well, well, well…what do we have here?" it was Bellatrix. Cold shivers run down Harry's spine.

"Bellatrix, always a pleasure of meeting you," Dumbledore's voice was calm and cool.

"I can't say the same about you Dumbledore," sneered back Bellatrix.

"You brought friends too?" Bellatrix only smiled at him. "And you brought Grayback too…hmm….I wouldn't want him this close to my students tonight."

"You are already in your dead bed and you think about of your students' safety. You are a very weird wizard Dumbledore. It's a shame."

"I'm always worried about them. They need protection from people like him," Dumbledore pointed at Grayback. "Though I'd really want you to leave, but it'd be rude of me to ask you to."

"No need to ask, I'm not going anywhere," rasped Grayback, "I'm not going to pass the chance to taste fresh meat."

Dumbledore didn't reply. Harry turned his head upright and slowly, without making a noise, walked closer to the slight opening that would give him a view of what was going on above. He saw Draco was standing at the very back, looking pale and very anxious. Harry fought the sudden surge of running to him and hugging him close, but he dismissed that thought. His wand hand was shaking, and he looked ill. Harry swallowed hard and looked at Bellatrix as she started to walk towards Draco. Dumbledore stayed unmoved.

Harry shifted his gaze back at Dumbledore who watched Bellatrix closely, then as if he could sense it, looked down and his gaze pierced Harry. Shivers run down his spine as he sees the look which Dumbledore was giving him; there was an apology there, and Harry didn't know what it meant.

Dumbledore broke the eye contact as Bellatrix moved again, Harry took a step back so he wouldn't be seen by them anymore, but he could still see them.

"Draco has a surprise for you, Albus," Bellatrix crooned, and Harry didn't like the sound of her voice at all.

"Oh I love surprises," Dumbledore replied cheerfully. He faced Draco fully, "And what would it be my dear boy?"

There was silence. Nobody moved and Harry thought if he didn't breathe now, he'd die. He blew out a soft breath and his heart stopped beating as Draco started to slowly walk towards where Dumbledore was standing. Harry's mouth dropped open in shock as Draco moved his wand-arm up and pointed it at Dumbledore.

His whole body was shaking, his eyes were glistening with unshed tears, and for a moment he looked like the Draco that Harry had seen him few months ago when he was talking about his childhood. Harry's heart clenched at the sight.

"Draco…" Dumbledore whispered softly and cocked his head to the side, looking anxiously at Draco, as if he was waiting for something.

"Draco, do it," Bellatrix hissed harshly and Draco's arm started to shake harder.

"I-I ca-" Draco's voice caught in his throat.

"Draco, you'll have to do it!"

Harry pointed his wand upward, and at Bellatrix. He didn't know what was happening, or what was going to happen, but he knew that it wasn't any good. He licked his lips and was about to fire a spell when he felt something poke at the back of his neck. He froze. Slowly he turned on his spot, and his eyes widened as he saw Snape standing right next to him wand pointed at him and a finger on his lips, telling him to stay silent, and then he turned around and walked up the stairs.

Harry quickly looked up and his breath caught as he saw Draco's face. He was sobbing freely now, and Bellatrix was screaming himself hoarse telling him to do it now, but what Harry had no idea. Draco's hand slacked on his wand slightly and he was about to give up when.

"NO!" Snape's cold voice boomed through the night and Draco with a gasp took a step back and turned to look at Snape.

Snape was standing seven feet away from Dumbledore, looking at him with without an expression. Harry's heart was beating so fast and hard that he thought his rib-cage was going to break. Snape looked at Dumbledore, and the tension was so high at the Tower that Harry could slice it with a knife if he could.

"Severus," Harry looked sharply at Dumbledore and he felt numbness surrounding him. "Please."

What was Dumbledore pleading for? He had to fight, but instead he was pleading? What was going on?

Harry looked with his heart in his mouth beating wilder then it ever did. The two men looked at each other and Harry thought they were having a silent conversation, but he dismissed that thought as soon as Snape opened his mouth.

"Avada Kedavra!" with a quick swish of his wand, Dumbledore toppled over the railing and dropped down the Tower; the force of the green light blinding Harry momentarily.

Harry's heart stopped beating. Dumbledore couldn't be dead. He simply couldn't. They still had to look for Horcruxes; they still had some works to do. But he was dead. Harry gasped for breath and seemed to come back to his senses as Bellatrix, Snape and Draco, and the other Death Eaters started to descent the stairs. Harry broke into a run after them.

He stunned the last person that was coming down the stairs, and he was glad that the others didn't notice it, because he was sure that he wouldn't be alive for a second now. He ran down the stairs and into the big fight. He didn't know that the school was in a big fight. Harry didn't know that there were still Death Eaters coming in from the Room of Requirement. He couldn't help but think; what have you done Draco?

He ran down more flight of stairs and managed to duck just in time as he a spell flew right at him, without thinking a cast a spell at the sender, and had seconds of satisfaction for hitting home, and then running after the main party.

As he rounded the corner he nearly collided with Hermione and Ron.

"Harry!" Hermione cried out. "What happened?"

"Dumbledore's dead," panted Harry, "I don't have much time; I have to go after Snape. He was the one who killed him." And Harry took off. But he didn't hear the words that left Hermione's lips. "He had done it."

Harry thought he'd never run this fast in his entire life. He took short-cuts to get to the Entrance Hall as soon as he could. He knew that they were heading out, he just knew. A small part of his emotions filled like they were being snatched away from him, and he didn't know what was happening to him, but he was suddenly started to feel number then he ever felt. But he forced himself to run faster. All thoughts of Draco flying out of his head as he focused on only one person; he had to get to Snape.

Finally he was out of the castle and he could see five dark figures walking fast towards the Hogwarts gates.

"SNAPE!" Harry screamed at the top of his lungs. "SNAAAAAAPE!"

The figures stopped and turned around. Draco's heart stopped as he saw Harry running at them, his eyes wide and blazing with hatred and unsuppressed anger. His heart stopped beating and he couldn't breathe properly. How could he do this to him? After all he had done to save him, after all the times they had shared together, cherishing each other, this was how he was thanking him? His heart broke into tiny pieces as he heard Harry's next words.


"Go." Snape's voice was low, commanding them to leave, but Draco wasn't going to move. The two Death Eaters that were with them, left quickly. A spell passed Draco's head smoothly and he took a fearful step back. He looked at one of the Death Eater who was now running at the full force, because the other one was unconscious at the ground. Draco turned around and saw Harry firing another spell at them. Snape blocked it.


"NO!" Snape bellowed.

"You filthy Half-Blood!" Draco heard Bellatrix mutter under her breath but then she whipped out her wand, murmured something unrecognizable under her breath and fired a spell at Harry.

"No…" Draco whispered under his breath as he saw Harry gasp for breath.

"No," this time it was Snape. Draco's heart beat faster. Harry was hurt and he had to get to him. Snape continued. "He belongs to the Dark Lord." Draco was about to sigh in relief, thinking that it was the end, but Bellatrix fired another unrecognizable spell at Harry and he toppled back and onto the ground.

"No," he whimpered out.

Snape took Bellatrix' hand in his and tugged her towards the gates. "Draco, come," Snape said ones, but Draco didn't listen to him. He started to fast walk towards where Harry lied on the ground. He didn't care that Snape or Bellatrix were going to witness what he was going to do but he didn't care. The only thing he was thinking about was 'Please don't be dead…'

He dropped to his knees as he was right next to Harry and took him into his arms. A broken sob left his lips and his mouth opened into a silent scream as he saw Harry's pale and bruised face. His head had been cracked open from the fall he just had and blood was pouring out of his head. Draco looked at his blood smeared hand, horrified, then looked down at Harry's face, his heart shuttering to pieces.

"Harry?" he called his name, gently shaking him. "Harry?" he leaned closer and kissed his lips softly. They were unmoving. He rested his forehead over Harry's, and murmured, "Please don't be dead…You promised Harry! You promised! You told me you were, we were, going to wait for each other at the end of this whole mess. You can't leave me! You can't leave US! Harry!" He cried out and clutched at Harry's body more desperately. "Please…"

Harry stirred. Draco cried out in shock and looked at Harry's fluttering eyes. "Harry? Talk to me, please…" Harry opened his eyes just a fraction and smiled dazedly at Draco, but Draco didn't have much time to smile at Harry because with a gurgling noise Harry went limp in Draco's arms. Draco looked at him numbly and then screamed at the top of his lungs. "NO!"

Harry was dead.

The mere thought was too much for Draco.

With one final look at Harry's face and then everything turned black for him.

Three people were surrounding an occupied bed in the hospital wing, looking anxiously at the person who was lying down on the bed, unmoving.

Hermione rubbed at her face tiredly and covered a yawn as she looked down at the watch she was wearing. It was now three am in the morning. She looked at Ron, who was dozing off at the chair next to her and then looked at the person sitting opposite her, on the other side of the bed, looking tired and disheveled.

Draco didn't once move from his place as soon as they brought Harry to the hospital. On the way here he silently walked with them, without uttering a single word, without answering anyone. He silently thanked Hermione for standing right next to him when they walked, because he was sure that he would've already punched Weasley's face off. And he would constantly ask Hermione why was he here, and he'd receive the same answer. Like right now.

"Why is he still here Hermione?" hissed Ron at Hermione heatedly.

"Because he's got to be here Ron, and besides, it isn't our place to tell him where to be," Hermione replied back, "And I'm sure Harry wants him here. Now shush."

Ron huffed and crossed his arms, looking away from all of them.

Draco nodded at Hermione, who gave him a small smile. Draco looked back at Harry and his heart stopped beating. He looked so peaceful, as if he had gone into a big slumber. Madam Pomfrey reassured him dozens of times that 'Mr. Potter is not injured. He is severely injured. He'll wake up in a few hours. Now, please stop shouting at me and calm down.'

And he indeed calmed down. He had exhausted himself to the point of no feelings. He couldn't even feel if someone would try to touch him; He only wanted Harry's touch, and that was it.

He sighed once again and ran a hand through his hair. He pulled his chair closer to Harry's bed and touched his hand softly. They were cold. With a small frown over his forehead he took Harry's other hand and gently placed it under the bed cloth. The other one, that was still clutched it his hand, he started to rub his hand over them slowly, to get some warmth back into them.

"What are you doing?" the Weasel asked him and he faltered. He had almost forgotten that he was still here.

"H-His hands are cold," his voice sounded hoarse, he cleared it once, and continued, "I'm getting them to warm up a bit."

"Why do you care anyway?"

"Ron-" Hermione tried to interject but Ron shut her off with a raised hand.

"Why are you even here? Tell me this instant what are you doing here or I'll personally lead you out of here."

"If Harry didn't tell you about it, then it's not place to tell you. I'm not going to break his promise," he looked down at Harry, his eyes starting to well up with tears. He closed his eyes and took a deep steadying breath.

"What the hell are you talking about?" asked Ron, sounding very confused. But before either Hermione, or Draco, could answer Harry stirred. Draco sprung up to his feet, causing his chair to scrap back and topple down.

The three of them surrounded him quickly and waited with ragged breath. Draco was still holding Harry's hand in his and he was waiting for some sort of reaction.

There was a squeeze.

"He squeezed my hand," he mumbled under his breath.

Hermione looked at his face sharply then snapped at Ron, "Get Madam Pomfrey, right now."

Thankfully Ron didn't ask anything, just took off towards Pomfrey's office. Draco licked his lips and got closer and quickly kissed Harry's forehead, just before Madam Pomfrey bustled towards them.

"Move back, move back," she barked at them and they took a step back. "When did he wake up?" she asked as she checked his eyes.

"Just a second ago," Hermione was unsure what to say, but then she added, her cheeks reddening, "He squeezed Draco's hand."

Pomfrey's fussing stopped for a second as she looked at Draco, who looked like a lost child, then turned back to her examining. "At least now we know for sure that he is still alive, but I can't say that he is whole."

"What do you mean?" asked Draco quickly.

"I will give more information when he wakes up, Mr. Malfoy," replied Pomfrey sternly.

Draco bit his lip to prevent himself from asking more questions. He wanted the best for his Harry.

Pomfrey waved her wand once again and Harry's eyes fluttered open. Draco gasped and his eyes went wide. His insides went overdrive, and his stomach dropped a few notches.

"Good to have you back Mr. Potter," said Pomfrey and waved her wand once again, checking him for any abnormal signs. Her frown deepened every second that passed. Draco's eyes were still focused on Harry's face. He was awake. And he was going to live. Draco allowed himself a sigh of relief. He looked at Hermione was looking at Harry too, her face full of anxiousness and relief.

Harry turned his head to the side and looked at Hermione; a small smile graced his lips as he looked at his best friend. "Hey," he rasped out.

"Oh Harry, you've scared me," Hermione took Harry's hand in hers and gave it a squeeze.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. Ron," he said as he looked over at Ron. "Alright there?"

"Never better, mate. Don't ever do that to us again,"

"I won't. I'm sorry."

"Mr. Potter?" Pomfrey said, and Harry slowly turned his face towards her. "How are you feeling?"

Harry frowned. "I don't really know. I just feel heavy and numb." His eyes closed for a second, but then he opened them and looked straight at Draco.

Draco couldn't help but shiver at the look Harry gave him. He couldn't point it out, but there was something weird there. And it didn't look any good. He was about to speak when Pomfrey spoke again.

"Do you remember Ron and Hermione?"

"What?" asked Hermione and Ron, Draco was simply stunned.

"Sure I do," Harry looked confused. "They are my best friends."

"What about him?" Pomfrey pulled Draco closer and waited for Harry to answer.

Harry's frown deepened, and he looked even more confused. "Um…" he started awkwardly. "Hi?"

"Harry," said Draco, "What are you doing? It's me, Draco."

"Like he-"

"Mr. Weasley kindly refrain yourself from speaking," said Pomfrey and looked at Harry and Draco.

Draco took a step closer to the bed and looked down at Harry.

"Draco?" asked Harry now looking puzzled.

"Yeah," breathed out Draco. Then a sudden and cold realization came over Draco and he went completely numb, "You don't remember me, do you?"

Harry looked at Draco apologetically and shook his head.

"What's wrong with him?" Draco asked Pomfrey and took a step back from the bed, not looking at anyone. He didn't know what he was feeling. All he knew was to leave the hospital and to never come back. Not when Harry was like this.

"Permanent brain and memory damage, Mr. Malfoy," Pomfrey sighed and looked at Harry, who was still looking at Draco oddly.

"Permanent? What do you mean by that?" now it was Hermione who asked the question.

"It means that he's brain does not remember some parts of his past. In this case, he doesn't remember Mr. Malfoy here."

"But why?" asked Hermione. Draco took another step back.

"Apparently Draco is the most memorized and the most important person in the world."

"And how -how long this will last?" asked Hermione, her voice catching on words.

"Months or maybe years, I can't give exact date."

And there was the silence. Ron looked like he was doing an extremely hard math, Hermione looked on the verge of tears, and Pomfrey was still fussing over Harry, and Draco was still standing there looking at Harry.

"You really don't remember me?" he asked, his voice a mere whisper, but loud for his ears. His throat was tight with emotions.

"I'm sorry, but I really don't," Harry looked genuinely sorry for it.

Draco shook his head, "No, it's fine. Don't worry about it."

He couldn't take it anymore he turned around and walked out of the hospital wing. He walked as fast as he could. He managed to reach the end of the corridor when someone tugged on his arm and he was engulfed into a tight embrace. He didn't care that it was Granger that was hugging him, he didn't care that every cell of his body was screaming at him to let go off her; he realized, that he needed to be hugged. So he wrapped his arms around her and tightened his hold on her.

Hermione didn't release him until he stopped from shaking. When he did she pulled back and looked at his crest-fallen face.

"Where are you going?" Hermione knew better then to ask him other questions for which neither of them had any answers, because she herself didn't know what she was feeling.

Draco gave her a small crooked smile, though it didn't reach his eyes. "I don't really know somewhere far from here."

Hermione's heart dropped a bit, "Oh…but, what about the baby? Can you afford it when the time comes?"

"Oh yes, I can. Don't worry about it," replied Draco, nodding while he said it.

"Do you have a place to go? Maybe Severus can-"

"He can't," said Draco quickly cutting her off.

"What do you mean he can't?" Hermione frowned.

"The Wizarding World is after his blood," when Hermione still looked confused, Draco sighed and said. "He has killed Dumbledore."

Hermione gasped and closed her mouth, "He actually did it." Her voice was muffled and Draco didn't know if he had heard her right.

"What?" he asked, eyes narrowing down.

"Nothing," answered Hermione quickly and hugged Draco close. "Promise me you'll write to me every single day and promise that you'll be safe and alright?"

Draco let out a shaky breath and said, "I'm not going to promise to write to you every day, but the other two's I can safely say, that yes, I'll be alright and will be safe."

Hermione pulled back and wiped at her eyes with the back of her hand. "Don't forget about him, Draco."

"I will never forget him, Hermione. Maybe someday we will meet again, but right now, I'll have to leave."

"You really have to?"

Draco nodded, "Yes, I have to Hermione."

And he turned around and walked down the stairs, without looking back at Hermione, without looking back at anything.

He had left the only person he had grown to…feel some weird emotions that he had never felt. He simply had to leave. Maybe someday he could find a better explanation to do, but for now, deep down he knew that this was the right choice.

He walked out of the Entrance Hall and towards the gates. He turned back ones and looked back at the castle. It was dark, and not as inviting as Draco had remembered it. He licked his lips, shook his head and walked out of the gates, but not before he looked at the Dark Mark at the sky above that was still glistening.

He placed his hands on his stomach and smiled as he thought about the journey he was about to begin.

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