On the battlefield...

"Have it your way." RoJin said and attacked the Z


Earth's protectors held their own against the evil

fighter until RoJin used his Rolling Triple Kick

attack against them, swatting them away like flies.

"Is it just me or did he just do a rolling kick attack

that looked a lot like my father-in-law's?" Gohan

asked as he and the others quickly got to their feet.

RoJin laughed. "It should be. You see, the later Mr.

Satan was kind enough to let me absorb him. He gave me

what knowledge he had of you. Well, he didn't exactly

let me absorb him. But, what can I say? He, like the

rest of the population of Satan city were very

generous to forfeit their lives to help me."

"You bastard!! How could you do that?! They were

innocent people!" Goku yelled.

"Innocent? My dear boy, in times of war, no one is

innocent. And by the way, if you're thinking of using

the dragonballs to bring them back to life it won't

work." RoJin told them.

"What are you saying?" Piccolo asked.

"Well, my power exceeds that of your so called

dragonballs and even if you then still use them. The

dragon will deny your wish because he will sense that

they died of natural causes and not killed off. Even

eternal dragons have their limitations. I'm afraid

that the Satan city is now a bona fide ghost town."

RoJin smiled evilly.

"You're lying!" Trunks said angrily.

"I lie about a great many things, but not this. Ask

Valis if you do not believe me. She will confirm that

what I have told you is true. If she was here that

is." RoJin told them. "Now then, I believe we have a

fight to finish."

RoJin's body began to glow brightly and suddenly,

there was not one, not two, but three RoJins! The Z

senshi were caught off guard by this and began to feel

overwhelmed even more. RoJin reminded them of Super

Buu. The ground shook violently beneath their feet as

all three RoJins continued to power-up, his evil

laughter ringing in their ears.

"This is not happening!" Kuririn shouted as the wind

picked up speed.

"Sis, wherever you are, we really need you." Goku said

to himself as he and the others watched and waited for

RoJin's upcoming attack.


Arista Realm, the Room of Enlightenment, Valis

meditates as memories filled her head. Memories of

planet Vegetasei, her loving relationship with her

father and brothers, Vegeta, the truth of her father's

death and Vegetasei's destruction, her time on Aeon,

her adoptive father and his death, the destruction of

Aeon, her arrival on Earth, when she met and fell in

love with Piccolo, the reunion with Goku, and the

battle with Tonfa. These and other moments in her life

crossed her mind.

She was happy with the directions life was leading

her. Even though, it had some painful moments, in the

end they too, only made her a stronger person. Then,

she remember what her father told her, two days before

her departure from Vegetasei


Nightfall on Vegetasei. At Bardock's house, four year

old Valis was in bed when her father came in and sat

on her bed when he was able to come home.

"Still awake, I see." Bardock said, when saw his

daughter wide awake smiling up at him.

"I always stay up when I know your coming home daddy."

Bardock knew this. Ever since, she was one, Valis

always forced herself to stay awake on the day her

father was coming home from a mission, no matter how

late it was. He patted her head.

"Are you ready to leave Vegetasei?"

Valis turned her back to him.

"Now, kitten, You knew this day had to come."

"I know. " She turned back to face him. "But, I don't

want to leave you, Raditz, Kakarott, Prince Vegeta, or

Vegetasei. I love all of you too much daddy." She

hugged him.

"I know you do, kitten. But, don't you wanna be a

great fighter like us. Don't you want to see the


"Sure I do. But, do I have to go with RoJin? I don't

like him daddy. He looks at me funny. He gives me the

creeps." She told him.

Bardock didn't like the lustful stares RoJin had been

giving his little girl ever since he first saw her. If

he had the power, he would not let Valis near, much

less go off world, with RoJin. But, Freeza had given

his son his choice of saiya-jins to recruit and he

singled out Valis. His little girl, his kitten.

"Don't worry, Kitten. Just remember what I taught you

and you'll be just fine." He tightened his embrace.

"Yes, daddy."

He stroked his daughter's incredibly long, lovely

hair. "Always remember not to let yourself be

overwhelmed by your opponent."

He laid her back down and tucked her in.

"You're right, daddy. I'm ready to leave now."

"Good girl. And remember, you're a saiya-jin and your

blood will strike fear in the hearts of even the most

powerful warriors." He kissed her on her forehead.

"Goodnight, kitten."

"Goodnight, daddy." She yawned. "I love you."

(End of flashback)


At Kame's house, Master Roushi and the others are

watching the Z senshi face off against RoJin.

"Man! This doesn't look good at all, does it?" Oolong

said worriedly.

"Now, let's not panic. Goku and the others have never

failed us and they're not about to start now." Bulma


"I'm not so sure about that." Master Roushi disagreed.

"Huh?" They said in unison.

"Roushi's right. RoJin is ten times more powerful than

before. Our friends a fighting a losing battle. RoJin

is no longer a man, but a god. All we can do is hope

and pray that they win." Rowan stated, watching the


Everyone except Master Roushi gasped and looked back

at the television with fear and worry.


Back on the battlefield, RoJin was whole again and

powered up.

"Let's see? Who gets to perish by my hand first?"

RoJin said, looking from one Z senshi to the next when

Tien caught his eye. "Ahhh. Say goodbye, three-eyes."

He fired his Eraser Gun at Tien. Tien managed to dodge

the blast that dispersed after missing its target.

Goku fired his Chou-Kamahama-ha at RoJin.

"Direct hit!" Yamcha yelled when the blast hit RoJin

in the chest and a large explosion occurred.

"Way to go dad!" Goten shouted.

"Yes. Very impressive." A voice said from above.

"No way?!" Chao-zu exclaimed.

"Impossible!" Piccolo couldn't believe what he and the

others were seeing.

The smoke cleared and there was RoJin still floating

above them with an evil smile on his face.

"There's not a scratch on him!" Gohan said in shock.

"Is that the best you can do? Pathetic. Hahahahahaha!"

Goku and Vegeta quickly fused and became super

saiya-jin four Gogeta while Goten and Trunks fused to

become super saiya-jin three Gotenks. Gotenks fired

his Renzoku Super Donuts at RoJin that held him long

enough for Gogeta and Piccolo to use their Galick Ho

and Mankakosappo attacks. RoJin laughed as the blasts

neared him. He broke free of the rings and caught both

blasts in his right hand, absorbing them.

"NANI?!!" Gogeta was really scared now, as were the

other Z senshi. They were running low on energy and

running out of ideas.

"Nice try. My turn." RoJin dived at Gogeta and nailed

him in the stomach with the RoJin Satan Punch that

sent him flying backwards and skidding to the ground.

"DAD!!" Gotenks and Gohan cried out as he and the

others ran to where Gogeta, in the fetal position, was

and in obvious pain.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did that hurt?" RoJin said mockingly.

Gogeta split back into his separate identities of Goku

and Vegeta, still moaning in obvious pain.

"Sis...? Where are..you?" Goku groaned.


Valis gasped and her eyes snapped open from her

mediation in the Room of Enlightenment when she felt

and heard her brother's plea.

"Ni-chan...Minna-chan!!" She quickly ran out of the

Room of Enlightenment and into the main hall.


"I know, princess. You want to go help you friends.

Even though, you training isn't complete yet, they

need really need you. So, I give you permission to

leave and I will call you when you need to return to

complete your training." Chalice answered her.

In a sudden flash of light, Valis was dressed in the

outfit Piccolo had given her when she first started

training with him. Valis smiled as she looked at her


"That outfit repels attacks, but only small ones."

Chalice said, then open a portal to Earth.

"Go now and good luck, your highness." Chalice told


"Ja ne and arigoto." Valis said and jumped into the


"Are you sure that letting her leave before completing

her training was wise?" Koko asked.

"The Solar Princess will have no problems defeated

RoJin with what she has learned now. Besides, the

princess is the most powerful Valis warrior in

existence even though, she doesn't remember anything

about her former life. But, when she does, the

universe will enter a utopia that will last for

decades with her as its ruler." Chalice told her.


Meanwhile, The Z senshi are in really deep trouble.

They had no idea how to stop RoJin. They used their

most powerful attacks on him, but the attacks proved


"Listen weaklings. This would be a lot less painful if

you would just hand Valis over to me. I promise I

won't destroy you or your weak planet."

Silence was his answer.

"Nothing to say? Maybe you need to be persuaded."

RoJin fired hand blasts at the warriors and before

they could move out of the way, the blasts hit all of

them. Goku and the others were seriously hurt and were

lying on the ground, trying vainly to get to their


"Now, where is princess Valis?"

"We..don't know. And even if...we did..we wouldn't

tell you." Piccolo managed to reply.

"That's too bad..for you and this planet. Goodbye,

defenders of Egetasei."

"Egetasei?" Goku said confused.

RoJin fired his Crescent Moon blast. The blast was

almost upon them when a small, flat disc appeared in

front of it and stopped and destroyed the blast in


"You are such a bakayaro, RoJin. Do really think I'd

let you do that?" A familiar voice said aloud.

Everyone turned their heads and looked up. Standing

only six feet away was Valis. And the first thing they

all felt was the massive increase in her power level.

It was almost as overwhelming as RoJin's. RoJin sensed

this and was worried, but didn't let it show.

"So, you finally decided to show up. You're just in

time for a funeral. Yours." RoJin said as he watched

Valis walked towards her bloody and beaten comrades.

"Sis? Is-is it really you?" Goku asked, managing to

sit up to look at her.

Valis knelt down beside her brother and looked around

at the other Z senshi. They were her family now and

that filled her with unspeakable pride and joy. She

looked back at Goku.

"You look like hell, ni-chan. Are you gonna be okay?"

she asked.

"Yeah, I'm tough. I'll be alright." Goku answered


Valis looked at him then at the others then back to

him. "Yeah, right. Here."

She held out her hand and in it were enough senzu

beans to restore every one of the Z senshi's strength.

She gave all of them one and immediately the Z senshi

were on the feet with huge smiles on their faces. They

were back to normal. Valis stood up and faced RoJin.

"Well, you certainly gave my family quite a workout.

Ready to really fight? Just you and me, no holds

barred." She said with a huge smile on her face.

RoJin didn't like the pride and satisfaction he heard

in her voice. This bothered him even more.

Valis turned to her family once more. "You guys did an

great job, but you can sit this one out. I'll take

care of this personally."

"Sis, are you sure you can do this on your own?" Goku

asked her.

She smiled at her baby brother and hugged him. "But,

I'm not doing this alone. My family is here. All of

you are my family now and that gives me more

determination and strength than ever before."

She released Goku, smiled at the other Z senshi and

turned and started toward RoJin when she stopped and

slightly turned her head.

"Hey, Piccolo?"

Piccolo looked at her. "Yes?"

"When this is over, you and I need to talk." She told

him and proceeded on her way to face off against


"What was that about, Piccolo-san?" Gohan asked

standing beside him, watching his aunt stop a few feet

away from RoJin and Beamer.

Piccolo said nothing. He just smiled.

RoJin's eyes narrowed as he watched Valis approach

him. He was caught off guard by something he saw in

her that her father, Bardock, had. Saiya-jin pride and

confidence. But, hers was more..focused. Beamer was

more concerned about why Valis hadn't gone to ultra

super mode to fight her master. Valis must have more

power than she or her master could detect.

"Well, son of Freeza. Let's see how you do against

your better." She smiled up at him brightly. Then,

here smile disappeared and she attacked RoJin.

RoJin barely blocked most of her standard kicks and

punches, but got hit enough by the ones he couldn't to

know that she meant business. He fired his

Chou-Dodon-pa at her. Valis smiled and vanished from

sight. RoJin couldn't feel the energy her body was

giving off.

"Surprise." Valis suddenly appeared in front of him

and placed a heel kick underneath his chin that sent

him crashing into the ground.

"Come on, RoJin. You can do better than that." she



At Master Roushi's house.

"Wow! Did you see what she did, Roushi?!" My princess

has returned and by the looks of it, she's stronger

than ever." Rowan said happily, seeing Valis alive and

well on the television.

"Looks like RoJin's met his match this time." Ox King

said looking on as well.

"I wonder where she was this past week and why she

didn't let Goku and the others know that she was

okay?" Bulma pondered.

"I don't know, Bulma. But, I'm sure she'll explain

everything to us when its over." Master Roushi said.

Rowan smiled at that remark, leaned over and put her

head on his shoulder. Master Roushi blushed a few

moments then paid close attention to her and the



Back on the battlefield, RoJin attacked Valis. She

effectively dodged his kicks and punches easily. Valis

applied a roundhouse, side, and split kicks to various

parts of his body, sending him to the ground on his

back. Valis performed three back flips and jumped into

the air and fired her Tophytophytophyfiyah Dan. RoJin

screamed in pain as the blasts hit him directly in the

chest, ripping his armor and the shirt underneath it

to pieces. Valis returned to the ground with a sweet

smile on her face.

"Give up yet or do you still want to play some more?"

She asked him.

RoJin got his feet and wiped the blood from the corner

of his mouth the back of his hand. He was really

pissed off. Valis had humiliated him in front of her

friends, proving to them that he was beatable. He

looked at the Z senshi and growled at their smiling

faces and their words of encouragement. That pissed

him off even more.

"Beamer!!" He shouted. The android computer appeared

behind him. RoJin grabbed Beamer and absorbed her,

giving him an even greater power boost. His appearance

changed as well. He now stood 7'3" and looked like a

jet-black ice-jin with a monkey tail. The increase in

RoJin's power level impressed Valis and spooked the Z

senshi. Valis waited, knowing that RoJin was not done


And sure enough, RoJin went super saiya-jin to the

surprise of the Z senshi.

"There's just...no way?!" Kuririn managed to get out

as he and the others stood there in total shock at

what they saw.

Valis, on the other hand, smirked. "Since you finally

decided to get serious, so will I."

Valis started charging her Ki. Everyone eyes went to

her immediately. Her power level was reaching

unbelievable levels. Dark clouds gathered, thunder and

lightening flashed violently in the sky, the winds

picked up with the force of a hurricane and the entire

ground shook violently under their feet. This

continued a few minutes more when suddenly everything

stopped. The sky cleared revealing the sun and blue

sky, the wind stopped blowing as well as the ground

ceased its shaking.

What really set everyone on edge was the silence.

Nothing moved or made a sound. No wind and no animals.

As if whatever was about to happen was going to happen


Valis smiled and *FLASH* she was in ultra super

saiya-jin mode. Her aura flared around her when out of

no where a rainbow appeared out of then air and

wrapped around her and encased her from head to toe

like a mummy then shattered, revealing Valis. She was

now dressed in a black bandeau top with matching black

tennis skirt, black, vinyl, knee-high boots adorned

her feet. Her hair was now in two braided ponytails

with a white bow on each one and the rainbow colored

ribbons entwined in the braids and on her ears were

rainbow-shaped studs. She was now the Ultra Super

Solar Saiya-jin.

RoJin couldn't believe his eyes. He had failed to

prevent Valis from going solar and ultimately,

becoming the future queen of Egetasei, the universe,

and mother of the new saiya-jin race. Maybe there was

still a chance to defeat her, to prevent the happy

future she would create. He knew he had to go all out,

now that Valis went solar. He has to kill her, to stop

her from fulfilling her destiny. RoJin charged his Ki

and fired the largest blast the Z senshi had ever seen

at her.

Valis watched the blast approach her with a blank

expression on her face.

"Emmy-chan, look out!" Vegeta yelled.

But, she didn't move. Just then, a smile appeared on

her face. When they blast within two feet of her, an

invisible force field surround her and absorbed the


"WHAT THE?!" RoJin was terrified now. He has used up

all his energy into throwing that blast and Valis

simply absorbed it.

Valis vanished. No one could locate her or feel the

incredible energy level her body was emanating.


RoJin turned around to see the blast before is struck

him in the chest. The blast sent him flying backwards,

skidding through the ground to a stop. He was

clutching his chest in terrible pain when Valis

reappeared in the sky up above him with two fingers,

charged with energy, on her forehead.

"Solar Mankakosappo!" Valis shouted and fired the

rainbow-colored screw blast at him. RoJin screamed as

it drills through his chest and into the ground,

leaving a large hole in is wake. Valis landed beside

her dying enemy.

"You think..you've won..don't you.well...you haven't."

The Z senshi joined Valis as Rojin coughed up blood

and continued.

"This is only..the..beginning...of your

troubles..princess. This...is not.....o..o.v-er..."

Valis and the special team looked at RoJin's corpse a

brief moment before Vegeta used a ki blast to burn it.

Valis released a relieved breath.

"Its over, for now." She said.

"You did it, auntie. You beat RoJin." Goten said

hugging her.

"Yeah and welcome back. We missed you." Goku said

hugging her from behind.

She giggled. "Okay. I glad to be back with all you

too. And I really did become solar huh?" She looked at

herself in ultra super solar mode before returning to


"You sure did." Yamcha said.

"That now means you're the stronger than-"

"Don't say it, Ni-chan." Sliding an arm around his

waist and took hold of Piccolo's hand. "Come on,

minna-chan. Let's go home."

*Valis? Didn't you want to talk to me?* Piccolo asked

her mentally.

*I'll tell you when we're only, okay?* She answered

without breaking stride.


"Sooo, Coppertop. Where were you all this time? I

mean, you were gone for a week. What were you doing

all that time? Trying to think of an awesome

entrance?" Kuririn teasingly asked as they all went

airborne with Master Roushi house in mind.

"I was receiving special training." she told him.

"Special training, huh? So, I take it this training

help you to get stronger?" Vegeta asked flying beside


"That is correct." Valis replied.

"And help you go solar?" Vegeta asked.

"That is correct."

"What kind of training was it, where did you training

and who trained you?" He asked.

"I ain't gotta tell you everything." She said with a


Vegeta growled and everyone laughed just as they

arrived at Master Roushi's house where everyone was

waiting outside to welcome them back warmly.


Somewhere in space, an evil voice is heard.

"You may have won this round, future Universal Queen

Valis. But, as Rojin said, this is not over."