Rock On

Luka: We've got another fiction that we are taking part in…

Miku: Who's the author?

Luka: Guess?

Miku: Nate!

Faith: Hi you two. Nate and Miki are only partially to blame.

Luka: Huh?

Faith: There friend is also responsible. Also meet your costars!

*Cannonball smashes the ground a foot away from Faith.*

BRS: Darn missed.

Disclaimer: I own no one. My friend owns Dusk Hunter. (She appears later).

Chapter 0

"Hey Mato you here about some new students arriving today?" Yomi asks as she looks at Mato.

"I've heard. But why does this concern us?" Mato replies.

"We could pick up a new friend or two!" Yomi squeals as she begins to run off.

"Aren't I supposed to be the hyper one Yomi!" Mato calls after her.

As Mato follows after Yomi she notices two girls leaning against one of the walls. One of the girls looks uncomfortable with the school uniform while the other one is trying to get her to leave it alone. The girl finally gives up and looks away and at the same time almost directly at Yomi. Her face whitens for a second.

"Hey Yomi did you notice those two girls." Mato asks as she catches up with Yomi.

"What about them? Besides them being new." Yomi replies calmly.

"Don't they seem a little off? Like we know them from somewhere." Mato offers.

"Now that you mention it they do seem familiar, almost too… familiar…" Yomi says.

"I think I know who they are. Let's go find out if I'm right." Mato says as she starts to walk over towards the girls. Upon seeing the motion both girls look up and visible tense.

"Hello… What do you want?" One of the girls growls as the two friends get close.

"Just want to know what you two are doing here. I mean you don't do a good job of hiding it Black." Mato says as she walks up with Yomi not far behind.

"What tipped you off? The fact that I can't stand the uniform?" BRS says as she fixes the shirt.

"That and how similar you two seem." Mato says. BRS just looks at the ground while Dead Master laughs.

"Hey Mato what about the new students. Weren't there supposed to be six new people? And I doubt these two were counted in it." Yomi says as she looks at the two other selves.

Before anyone can say a word two girls walk by. One has two long teal ponytails while the other has long pink hair.

"Talk about long pony tails…" BRS comments.

"You're the one to talk." Dead Master responds.

"Dude is that who I think it is Mato?" Yomi asks as she stares.

"That is Miku and Luka! Sweet they are here!" Matos quells.

"Who?" Is all BRS and Dead Master say before following after their human selves.