Rock On

Chapter 3

"Well here we are. Now what did you four want?" Miku says as she walks off. She is literally dragging a very ticked off Luka behind her.

"Just wondering if you had gotten a group to hang out in?" Mato says. She then looks at the very upset Luka. "Why don't you let go of her?"

"She'll split almost instantly." Miku says as she glares at Luka. "And no we hadn't gotten a group yet."

"You want to join our group?" Mato says slightly timidly.

"I'll talk with the other Vocaloids and see if they will accept." Miku says as she smiles.

"Does that mean I can be let go off?" Luka asks while trying her best to not sound annoyed.

"Yes you can." Miku says as she let's go off Luka. Luka goes running off and ends up diving into one of the fountains in the park. She also knocked over a blond girl roller-skating but that doesn't really matter all that much.

"You weren't kidding about her splitting." Yuu says as she looks off to where Luka ran off to.

"This would be so funny if anyone had a camera." Yomi comments.

"It's hard to believe Trix and Nec had no clue who the vocaloids were." Mato says calmly. An apple core quickly bonks her head. "Aria? Why did you throw an apple core at me?"

"I was aiming for the trash bin." Is all Aria says.

"Oh. Okay. That makes sense. Especially when the nearest trash can is twenty feet that way!" Mato squeals as she points towards the trash can.

Other World

"I wish we had a video camera Rock. This would make a perfect video." Dusk says as she watches the scene in front of her and Rock. Not sure how it happened but Strength's tail had gotten tangled in Master's horns. The resulting thing was them trying to get untangled from each other only to get even more tangled together.

"I know it would." Rock comments happily.

"Shut up and help us get untangled!" Both of the tangled up otherselfs shout at the same time.

""it's like something like this has never happened to you before, right Master?" Rock says playful. Masters response is to fire a chain at Rock.

"Shut up that was one time!" Master shouts at Rock.

"You know I think we should just leave you two to get untangled while we check on the Trueselfs. What do you think Rock?" Dusk says as she looks at the two girls.

"That's and idea. And pick up popcorn while we're at it." Rock replies.