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In the presumably distant future, the vast majority of Earth's population is wiped out by a cataclysmic war known as the Great Destruction. The harsh conditions that result force the few remaining survivors to live underground for fifty years. After this long period, the people of Earth rebuild the world and call it Layered. During which, corporations come to power. The three main Corporations are Mirage, Crest Industries, and a relatively more minor one, Kisaragi, all vie for dominance and control over the new land and its assets.

What new assets, you ask?

Armored Cores, or AC for short which is a giant mecha robot, capable of endless customization and power. It takes a skilled pilot to successfully control and master an AC.

A fourth powerful Corporation known as Navis also rose, who became more powerful than the other three. An all-out war ensued, with Crest, Mirage, and Kisaragi realizing that alone they did not have the willpower to defeat Navis, but together, they were unstoppable. In the wake of Navis's defeat, the world has been left in tatters. Looking to consolidate power, the Corporations (Crest, Mirage, and Kisaragi) have merged into one super-corporation known as "The Alliance" swearing to protect Layered through "necessary and proper" means.

But not all agree with this change:

The Ravens.

Ravens - These are the mercenaries affiliated with a underground mercenary network know only as the Raven's Ark. Once one registers as a Raven with the Ark, their private computer network is used to dispatch missions, buy or sell AC parts and the like. This affiliation to the Ark, however, places no restrictions on the Ravens.

Fed up with corporate rule and oppression, and seeing a newfound threat in The Alliance, The Ravens launch all-out attacks against The Alliance.

A certain pilot will tip the balance of the war and power and create a new futureā€¦but not struggle and sacrifice. No one know what or who will be lost in the coming events, but one thing is certain:

War is Coming