I know, I know I'm starting on my third story but I've had this idea for a awhile and it was just begging to be written. I ususally always have a title ready to go with every story but this one has been hard to come up with, nothing seeming just quite right. oh well just one step along the way. This is a double shot with chapter one uploaded along with this because this is a teaser prologue, i know you just love those. As always my darling readers REVIEW to let me know you love me! on with the show!

Violet Goddess

Seduction. To entice. To lure. To tempt. Seduction, a word that floats through the
language on sighs of longing, on vows of vengeance and the perfumed air of mystery. It is
a word for dark, moonless nights and sweet passions that sweep one away on a flood of
desire and sensation. Literature abounds with the image of the seductress, there to tempt
the unwary, to entice the ready and lure innocence away from its gilded cage of virtue.
The vixen, the femme fatal are really the seductress at heart and they never seemed to
disappear no matter the moral ideals of the time. Seduction a word of power and Usagi
knew that that was a power she desperately needed and so she let her mind clear and her
body relax. Soon it would all begin.