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Chapter 1:

Back to the motherland!

Chibi Trunks walked through the long dark corridor, looking around in awe. He had never seen anything like it before. He was in a very large room decorated in gold and red and his eyes widened in amazement as he watched his surroundings. There were exquisitely decorated walls, and the floor was a strange polished golden surface. There was a long red carpet in the middle of the room leading to a large chair with a strange design, on top of three-step stairs. He was running his shoes along the soft carpet and all of a sudden he jolted up after sensing several strong kis approaching his position. He looked around frantically for the way he had come, never reveling in the idea that these kis were nowhere near his own. He was still an impressionable kid. And he had been told to stay on sight.

The gates opened to reveal a dozen or more high muscular individuals. They had dark hair and eyes and feral expressions on their faces. All clad in brown and black armor, they bared a strange sign in blood red on the breastplate, green and red crystals covering their left eyes.

The child just stood there, arms slightly raised to brace him. He was still shocked by the sudden appearance of those people, and the hostile expression on their faces turned his blood to ice, as his small tail instinctively curled around his leg.

The intruders' expression changed from hostile expectance to hostile curiosity as they realized the source of such power was a mere child, and a very strange child at that, as none of them yet had ever seen a saiyajin brat with his features. The obvious leader of the party stepped closer to the child and took in every noticeable detail he might possess. When he saw no movement whatsoever, he noticed the child's shocked gaze and reached out to grab him and fling him outside the throne room before the king found out. This was enough to have the child back off a few feet before his knees gave up on him. The commander could not believe his luck. Such a fuss for a mere brat who's too afraid to oblige a superior's command. The commander tried a hold again, at the same time saying something in a language the boy didn't understand. The brat backed off again, but this time he yelled with all his heart:


But of course, the people around him couldn't understand him. It wasn't roughly three seconds later that their scouters caught a reading of a very strong, very fast power level approaching; and in an instant, the boy was nowhere to be seen in front of them. The scouters stopped beeping and displayed the reading and the location of the power level. It was above. They all looked up and gasped as they saw the descending figure with a protective grip around the brat's little body while he clung to the man's neck.

When the man touched the ground, they all recognized him as their long lost prince, who mysteriously disappeared in the middle of an ambush to one of their purging missions by the tyrant Frieza and his henchmen.

"Oujisama!" They said while bowing before him on one knee, right fists to their chests, gazes down.

"You may rise" was Vejiita's response after an appreciating look.

They all did as ordered and stood in amazement as he knelt down placing the boy on the floor and dusted him as he said in the language they didn't understand:

"Now, didn't I tell you to stay on sight?" The boy nodded cringing a little at the calmness with which his usually temperamental father was speaking. "Why are you afraid anyway?"

"I'm not afraid!" Saiyajin pride kicked in. "It's just that they're so ugly, that even the bravest warrior would get startled" He said with a pout.

"Uh huh. And what were you gonna do about it?" He asked enticingly, cocking an eyebrow.

"Beat the crap out of them!"

"Yeah, and when was that gonna be? The new millennium? Let me tell you something boy, and listen good. You never attack the Royal Guard. Now, we should go; and don't even think of sneaking away again."

"Hai, otousan."

They began to head for the doors when they (the doors) suddenly flew open to reveal a concerned Bulma, panting. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the fleet of saiyajin. Then she spotted Vejiita and Trunks at the back of the room, and without thinking, ran through the crowd and crouched in front of her son, hugging him.

"Oh, honey, I was so worried!! Where were you? And why were you screaming? Are you hurt?"

"Gomen, okaasan. I got lost. And I'm not hurt." Bulma sighed and brushed his locks out of his face. "Now, young man, don't you ever do that again, got it!"

"Hai, okaasan." He said looking down in shame.

Then, Vejiita took a step towards the soldiers and spoke in their native language. One of them took off through the door and returned some minutes later to find Trunks running around Vejiita while he played with Bulma. The shock in the soldiers' faces was plainly evident, as they didn't know what to expect of their long lost prince actually tolerating a weak onna and a brat. Of course, they all refused to admit those could be his mate and offspring. The soldier handed a couple of tiny chips from a case to Vejiita. He went behind Bulma and pushed her hair to the side to place the chip in the back of her nape. She let out a yelp and yelled at him:

"Ouch! You jerk! That hurt!" And she playfully punched him in the chest. He chuckled.

"Weakling" he said. Then he placed Trunks' chip and said to them:

"Those are universal translator chips that will help you understand the saiyajin language and speak it without you even realizing it."

"Really? Can I take it home? I want to analyze such an interesting piece of technology" Bulma said taking a look at Trunks' attached chip.

"Sugoi, otousan!! We can get to speak it too!! Let's go get the others. I want to show it to Goten-kun.

"Iie. We must do something else first." He turned to the soldiers. "I want to know where my father is."

"He's in the royal chambers, Prince Vejiita."

"Is he ill?" He asked all of a sudden.

The soldiers were taken aback by the concern Vejiita was showing. He was known for being proud, arrogant and indifferent to any kind of emotion at all, not to mention not caring for anybody.

"Not physically, your highness. He hasn't been the same ever since you disappeared all those years ago."

"Well. I think he'll be getting a big surprise" he said with his trademark smirk.

"I have another ojiisan, otousan?"

"Hai, Trunks. And you shall meet him very soon. There's a lot explaining to do, not only to him, but also to my people."

"Don't you think we should get the others? They could get in trouble, you know."

"Well, yeah, I supposed they could. Let's go get them." Then he turned to the soldiers. "Follow me."

He walked outside the throne room and into the courtyard where he carried Bulma in his arms to fly to the East Side of the palace. Trunks was by his side and the soldiers not far behind. They flew towards the gardens behind the palace and landed in the entrance of the maze. It wasn't long before Goku, Gohan, Goten, Videl and Chichi came out of it. The soldiers stared rudely, wondering whom those people might be to relate to their prince. Maybe his servants Then, chibi Trunks ran out to meet the wildly spiked haired boy who was waiting near the group.

"Look, Goten!! A have a universal translator chip" and he showed it to the other boy "And my mom too! We can speak saiyajin without even having to learn it!"

"Sugoi!! Can I have one, too?"

"You'll have to ask my otousan" Goten ran out towards Vejiita and began jumping up and down in front of him.

"Can I have one Vejiita ojisan? Can I? Can I?"

"Hai. Now stop it. You're starting to annoy me." He turns to the soldier who gave him the chips and spoke in saiyajin. Then everybody had the chips attached.

"Now take me to my father" Vejiita inquired before anyone could say a word.

They took off, Bulma and Chichi in Vejiita's and Goku's arms and Videl never leaving Gohan's side. They came to the outer courtyard they had left some minutes ago and started through a long corridor. After many twists, turns and stairs, Vejiita finally said:

"I remember the way" his voice was above a whisper, distant, as if recalling a vague memory.

Vejiita took the lead, heading straight for the corridor on the right. Then, he stopped in front of a couple of large golden doors, exquisitely carved in strange designs. He placed one hand on it, without opening it and lowered his head. Bulma could see his hesitation and stepped closer. She placed a comforting hand on his back and surrounding him came to hug him tight, placing her head on his muscular chest.

"Don't worry" she said "It will be okay. Your father will be most happy about seeing his long lost, only son after so many years."

He responded by taking her beautiful face in his hands and looking deeply straight in her eyes. He gave her a sincere smile and turned to the soldiers.

"Which one of you is in charge?"

"I am, your highness" the commander stepped forward. "I am first commander Lettusu."

"Well, then, first commander. Announce my presence to the king."

"Hai, sire."

Commander Lettusu walked in the royal chambers. He was met by an empty waiting room and advanced towards the study. There was the Saiyajin no Ou, sprawled on a comfortable, rather large seat in front of what looked to be a fireplace. He had a silvery cup in his hand and absently stared at the shapes the dancing flames produced in front of him.

"Gomen, my king. I have extremely good news to announce to you."

"What is it, first commander?" The sovereign asked in a bored tone without tearing his eyes off the fire.

"It's the Prince, your majesty, he has returned."

King Vejiita jumped from his seat to face the first commander, an unfathomable expression on his face. He was clutching the cup hard in his hand and asked in a low voice:

"Where is he?"

"He's just outside, your majesty. He wished to be announced first."

"Send him in."

"Hai, sire."

Commander Lettusu returned outside and motioned for the Ouji to come in. Vejiita made the others follow him and told them to stay in the waiting room until he was finished. He then proceeded to enter the study, where he saw his father standing by the fire, his left side facing him. Vejiita approached and bowed before his father. Vejiita Ou saw this and turned to his front. He stood there, watching his son. How he has grown, well, as much as he could. The expression on his face: experience. And in his eyes that small hint of something I have never seen in him.

"Won't you tell me to You may rise, otousama?" Ouji asked.

"Hai, You may rise" and Ouji obliged.

They both stayed silent, waiting for the other to say the first word. The father and the son were both stubborn men. Vejiita knew that his father would remain silent. He hasn't changed, he thought.

"You think I might be an impostor" he stated more than questioned. Vejiita Ou just grunted.

It was true. He still wanted to refuse to believe his only son to be alive and that he had returned. That he looked powerful enough to overthrow him. But most of all, that he had been wrong in thinking Ouji would never return. He hated to be wrong.

"Sit, otousama. It's a long story the one I'm going to tell you."

"Nande?" Vejiita Ou asked confused.

"My life, otousama, since that damn day in Frieza's purge. I have to explain why I hadn't returned up until now."

Vejiita Ou sat on the same comfortable cushioned seat he had been before. Vejiita Ouji stayed put, just in front of the fire. He looked back at his father, only to find him scrutinizing him. He smirked lightly and looked back at the fire, starting his story

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