I don't own Naruto if I did Naruto would've knew about his parents and inheritance when he returned after 3 years and the kyuubi would be a bit more co-operative Person talking Person thinking Tailed-beast or summoning or talking

Talking in the mindscape

Tailed-beast or summoning thinking

-Chapter 1 - meeting kyuubi, a doujutsu, and two summons- The hidden leaf village is the most friendly of the 5 great shinobi nations. That is unless unless your a 5 year old boy with 6 whisker marks 3 on each cheek and your name is Naruto Uzumaki. He always wore orange jumpsuit that screamed kill me he was at a dead end the mob of civilians caught up and started to beat up young Naruto with every weapon they could til he was unconscious from the pain. -Naruto's Mindscape- Naruto woke up in a sewer hearing a dripping sound and yelled will someone turn that bloody tap off!. A loud female voice yelled now you know what deal with every day follow my voice kit!. Naruto followed the voice to chamber full small foxes with 1-3 tails and a massive 9-tailed fox lay in the middle of the chamber. Hello kit its nice to finally meet my jinchuriki at last now I want to give you my

dojutsu Summoning contract and now I want you to push my chakra into this

metal Naruto did but the was red the started to shape into a sword designed

to focus the fox's chakra.

Now naruto I need you to sign your name in blood on this scroll and then

you can summon me or any kitsune you should only use a quarter and summon

my daughter ok now time to wake up kit.

-in the hospital-

Naruto woke up and noticed his new sword was near his bed

kyuubi said we'll start by getting you new clothes.

So naruto made his way to the shop ten-ten work with her uncle he walked into

the store.

He bought a black long sleeve with a red 9-tailed fox on it,

a blood red sleeveless zip-up hoodie, matching anbu style pants, blood red

steel toe combat boots and blood red fingerless gloves with a steel plate on


He then got a blood red sheath for his sword and decided to summon kyuubi's

daughter so went back to his apartment and managed to summon

kyuchi and she reverse summoned them to the kitsune summon realm where naruto

collapsed from the reverse summon.