A/N: This is my first Beyond Belief fic. Inspired by my favorite story from the series, Curse (which happened to be FACT, for those who don't know). In this story, Dr. Maryen John lets Edie "trick" a troubled guy into their coven. Does Edie have her own purposes for her doing?

Another thing, I know this story actually happened but I have done no research on it, so the content produced in this fic is completely ficticious. Any resembelance to actual people or events is unintentional. Please review after reading... and if the members of the original New England coven, that inspired the story in Beyond Belief, read this, then my praises be to your High Priestess (HAHAHA, as if Doctor, get a life.) :) No seriously, if any witches read this, I completely respect you and honestly, I'm intrigued by what you people do.

Onto the story. Enjoy, my pretties!

Magic from the Heart

Chapter One: Fake Basket Case

A troubled, raven haired, bat faced boy walked clumsily into Dr. John's office. As he took a seat in front of a light oak wood desk, breathing a heavy sigh of boredom, Edie took one look at him and turned on her heels to the next room over, Maryen's office.

"Maryen, we've got one. Looks pretty serious." Her dazzling smile brought equal expression to the older woman's face. "I think you can handle this one dear." The doctor suggested

The action earned a comical state of shock from the younger witch. "Really, me, do you think I'm ready?" The doctor looked at her pupil with care. "Of course you're ready Edie, you've been with the coven now for almost three years. I trust you." She kissed Edie's hand softly before pushing her off. "Make me proud."

Okay I can do this, Edie thought as she turned and came eye to eye with the teenage boy again.

"Look, is someone gonna see me or not?" he asked, clearly impatient.

"Sure, right this way." Edie led him back into the small room. Being in this room brought back memories. "Okay now. What can I do for you?" The guy just shrugged. "Hell if I know. My parents were trippin' on some stupidity about me and vampire behavior. I don't know what they're upset about."

"Well, have you done anything out of character that may cause concern for them?" Edie asked "All I've done is set a few family portraits on fire and threatened to bite my little brother. It's not that big a deal really." His answers reminded Edie a bit of herself. "Tell me more. Why are you doing these things," Then came the answer Edie was hoping for, "I'm a vampire. They're totally freaked out." The boy gave an evil, deceitful grin.

"You're a vampire. Okay... then bite me." Edie said "Excuse me?" the boy asked

"You heard me. You're such a tough vampire right," Edie points to her neck, "Bite me then."

The boy loosened up, "Nah. I'm just screwing with you. Though the burning and threatening was true. Mom and Dad are still pissed." Edie began to get confused. "Then what are you doing here, this is a place for troubled people." The boy stood up and looked into Edie's , who was now 18, eyes. "Do you have a place I can stay for the night. With the problems I'm having, I don't think I ever wanna go back there." Edie's eyes shown questionable thinking.

"I know a place. Meet me back here after dark. I'll see what I can do." Edie assured him

As the guy turned to leave, Edie spoke, "Wait," He turned towards her, "I didn't catch your name."

"Chad. Chad Grey." The boy took off for the local park then, waiting for his second chance.

A/N: Okay. Maybe this fic is gonna be a bit different than I first imagined. I'll have another chapter up soon, maybe then things'll seem a little clearer. Until then, please read and review!