Yugi ran to school as fast as his legs would carry him. "It's got to be with Joey, he was the last one holding the box," Yugi thought out loud. He shut his eyes and a few tears escaped from them.

"Stop right there Yugi," shouted Chiara. Yugi stopped and looked up at the head cheerleader.

Yugi felt a strange power leak from his almost complete Millennium Puzzle. Before he knew what was going on, he growled, "What do you want?"

Chiara put her hands on her hips and glared down at Yugi. "That's not a very nice thing to say to a girl Yugi. Maybe you should think-"

"Get out of my way," Yugi hissed. He looked down at his hands with fear, but it was gone within a few seconds as Chiara's fist met his face.

"I don't feel very good Tristan," Joey sighed.

"I told you not to eat Mrs. Chrono's erasers," Tristan lectured.

Joey lightly hit Tristan on the shoulder. "I didn't mean it like that," he shouted.

"Oh… You meant that you feel guilty for stealing a piece of Yugi's puzzle," Tristan asked.

Joey looked down at the small, leaf with two stems shaped puzzle piece in his hand. "We've got to find Yugi," Joey whispered.

Tristan crossed his arms, "Yeah and you've got to make it up to him. I won't let you leave without saying something to Yugi."

"Fine mother," Joey replied with his tongue out.

"What are you-"

"Five more minutes Yugi, and then we'll move onto kicking you," Chiara's voice echoed throughout the school yard.

Joey pointed down towards the back of the school, "Come on! Yugi's in trouble!"

Tristan nodded and they both took off in a run. Once they reached behind the school, Yugi's cries grew and so did Chiara's laughter. They watched as she planted blow after blow into Yugi's body. Joey ran to catch Yugi as he fell.

"What do you think you're doing," Tristan exclaimed.

"I'm giving the little boy what he deserves," Chiara replied while laughing.

"Yugi I am so sorry," Joey whispered. He placed the final piece of the puzzle into Yugi's small, scratched and bloody hand.

"You're going to pay for that," Joey growled.

Chiara smiled, "Come at me bro."

Tristan ran to hit her from behind, but Chiara jumped aside and he ended up hitting Joey. He crashed into the wall and moments later he jumped back on to his feet. Joey ran to Chiara and kicked as hard as he could. Chiara dropped to the ground and kicked her leg up at Joey's. There was a spine chilling snap and Joey fell to ground head first. Chiara charged at Tristan and he soon lay unconscious on the ground too.

"Y-u-gi," a deep voice called.

Yugi blinked slowly and opened his eyes to a blurred world. Chiara slowly walked towards him. Her right foot got closer and closer to Yugi's head. Yugi rolled onto his back and a sharp pain crawled up his leg. It had landed on the Millennium Puzzle.

The voice returned, "You have to complete the Millennium puzzle Yugi."

Yugi leaned up very slowly. He opened his hand and examined the puzzle piece lying on his palm. Yugi reached for the puzzle and placed in the final part. An evil laugh spread through the alley and a chill crawled up Yugi's back.

"I'm finally free," the voice laughed. "After five thousand years, I'm free!"

Chiara stopped walking and starred in horror at the shadow behind Yugi. It grew and grew until it reached the top of the building. A golden eye appeared on the shadow's forehead and with it came another cruel and cold laugh.

"Yugi, you bastard, what's going on," Chiara whimpered. Suddenly a rope circled around her tiny waist and she hung from a giant building. Chiara grabbed her brown hair with one hand and used the other to grab the rope as she let out a horrified scream.

"Chiara you had better let go of your hair, otherwise you might pull it all out," someone called.

Chiara let go of her hair with a gasp. She looked all around her, but no one was in view. Her eyes slowly followed the rope up to the top of the building she was hanging from. She could see her attacker, but his face was covered in the shadows.

"Show yourself," she demanded.

"You're so full of demands," he shouted. The man jumped off the building. Chiara's rope was snagged and she went up as he fell down. "You had better be careful Chiara; you have no idea what you're up against."

'What's happening to me? I've never seen Chiara so scared,' Yugi said to the darkness in front of him.

'I happened to you Yugi,' the darkness replied. Slowly a door appeared in front of Yugi. Then a room closed in around him and toys from Yugi's childhood appeared around the floor. 'This is your mind's room. It shows you as an innocent little boy, but the walls are painted black for hatred and the one by the door is painted purple because you want revenge.'

'Then what are you doing here? Why are you in my room,' Yugi questioned.

The voice laughed. 'No mind rooms should have a door, unless it leads to something,' he replied.

'So my mind is connected to yours?'

'No, it's more like my mind is in yours. You set me free from that puzzle and know we are forever connected,' he laughed.

Yugi walked forward towards his door. He pulled it open without hesitation and walked through into a black hallway. He examined the walls and then said, 'So your mind is connected to mine by hatred?'

'Hmm… Yes. They are connected by your anger and your fear from Chiara. The way you watched your friends take a beating added to it all. I'll… We'll have to thank them.'

'You won't even get near my friends,' Yugi shouted.

'Relax Yugi. I don't want to hurt them. Your friends will be my friends, your body will be my body, our minds are connected and we will soon think as one, but only if you agree to it.'

Yugi's heart began beating faster. He heard Chiara's laughter in his head once again. He could feel her boots crush against his ribs. Before he knew what was going on, his hand was holding the handle to the second room in his mind. He opened the door and walked inside. The walls were all black in an ancient Egyptian themed room. Old tablets and cards from Duel Monsters were neatly lined up against the walls and a staircase that leads down was in the back left corner.

'Welcome to my room Yugi,' said a voice from directly behind him. Yugi turned around and watched as a man hidden in the shadows slowly closed his door.

Yugi stepped forward, 'What is your name and why are you hiding from me?'

'My name is Atem.' The man stepped forward as an eighteen year old version of Yugi. Atem examined Yugi head to toe and Yugi did the same.

'Why do you look so much like me?'

Yugi blinked hard. The only different between him and Atem were the golden streaks in his hair and the look in their eyes. Atem's hair was longer and had three golden streaks following the longer points in his hair. His eyes were more pointed than Yugi's and had a kind of angry death stare that came naturally. He was taller than Yugi altogether.

Atem reached for Yugi, but he back away. 'I am not going to hurt you,' he growled. Yugi jumped, but stopped moving back. He watched Atem come further out of the shadows and grab the puzzle around Yugi's neck.

'What are you doing,' Yugi gasped. There was a long silence. Atem was still holding the puzzle and slowly turning it to one side in order to examine it. 'Atem!'

Almost immediately, Atem turned his attention to Yugi. He blinked, 'You haven't got a clue as to how long it's been since I've heard my own name, or how long it's been since I've seen this puzzle complete. It must have been your destiny to complete it. Yugi, you were meant to meet me and set me free, but for some reason you seem scared.'

'Why wouldn't I be scared? I'm talking to a five thousand years old spirit who's living inside of my head,' Yugi whimpered. He grabbed his head and turned away, but got caught by the puzzle's chain and Atem's firm grip. Yugi couldn't move anything but his arm. He grabbed the chain around his neck and gasped, 'I put this thing together and somehow it grew a chain and ended up around my neck. If you're the one who lived inside the puzzle, why isn't this thing around your neck?'

Atem pulled on Yugi's arm and turned him around. 'We have to work together Yugi,' he said through his teeth, 'I can't wear the puzzle because it's not my body we're in, but you can't use its power because you don't know how.'

Yugi looked down at the Millennium Puzzle and sighed. 'If I set you free, then do you promise not to hurt Téa, Tristan or Joey,' he asked.

'We'll be working together, so I won't have much of a choice,' Atem replied.

Yugi smiled, 'Okay, then let's go!'

Him and Atem each shook hands then everything went black.