Arashi: For this oneshot Daisuke and Dark will have the same last name. A beginning of friendship in away that starts with something that may be great but that may be implied.

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Promise over Ponta

Summary-Dark Mousy is new in town along with his younger brother Daisuke to meet Ryoma in town. He manages to get the boy a can of Ponta asking a single thing as a favor, a friend in a new place so he won't feel as an outcast. What will the normally quiet boy do?

"So this is our new home?" A soft voice of Daisuke Mousy asks his older brother who runs a hand through his purple hair glancing at his younger sibling nodding.

A smirk graze his lips at the thought of the ladies around he could flirt with maybe some guys since it be a nice change. Daisuke groans seeing Dark does sly smirk know he's up to something. He shakes his head seeing there is nothing can be done about it. One of these days Dark's playboy attitude may bite him in the ass. The two brothers leave the train station walking in the direction of their new home bumping into a green-black hair boy with golden cat eyes glaring at them with annoyance.

"Watch it," The boy growls only to scowl even more so looking at the can of Ponta in his hands know on the floor emptying out the soda.

A sulking look appears after picking up the can getting Dark to feel a bit guilty for this stranger to lose his drink. He coughs with slight embarrassment replying, "Sorry about that. I'm Dark Mousy and this is my twin brother Daisuke. We are new in town. What's your name?"

"Ryoma Echizen," Ryoma answers sighing as he tosses the can in the basket feeling a bit miserable since he doesn't have anymore money on him to buy another can.

"Dark go see if you can by another soda as an apology," Daisuke tells his twin who hums going to the nearest vending machine getting a variety of flavors much to Ryoma's surprise which cause his eyes to widen a margin which the two brothers notice seeing he's the type to be reserve.

"Here you go," Dark hands a random flavor can earning a hint of blush forming on the stoic boy's cheeks who stares at the rather handsome teen before him.

"Thanks," He answer not wanting to think of Dark's good looks since right now he's not on the road to look for someone to date since tennis is rather important to him.

"Say Ryoma can my brother and I make a deal with you?" Dark question knowing what he's doing is a gamble which has to be taken.


"Will you promise to be our friend and help us get more settle here?" Dark continues trying not to grin too much seeing the look of interest appearing in those golden eyes.

"Will there be Ponta involve?" Ryoma ask almost hopefully earning several nods which he quickly agrees. "Sure."

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