I am good.

I am evil.

These are the words tattooed on our shoulders. That's the general premise. According to it, we should never overlap. Then why do we always follow each other?

They say many things. About us, about fairytales, about angels and demons, heavens and hells, but mostly about us. Catharsis is just a word; we are who we are and nothing can change that, they say. In our hearts, we hold two entirely different worlds. One of slowly fading hope that hides in shadows, the other of chronicles untold and long forgotten that manifest and run out in the open in the strong legs of a wild mustang on the prairie, never to be tamed.

We fight and we clash as if that were our only eternal fate. Everyone has endings, good and bad, but we don't; we're destined to fly high in the sky forever - of course, one with the eagles and one with the ravens. One opens the doors, the other closes them. It's exhausting and in the end, all we are is rough ink on smooth skin.

But what lies beneath it? We can't wait to leave the lone islands of our souls, in all honesty; even if that means drowning and falling into darkness. So long as the sun stays up, we are not afraid. What if we're not just two worlds, but infinite more? What if we jump from one to another? What if we're a galaxy? Galaxies, that is - we do not intertwine. We have nothing in common. Still, if we have our own worlds - if there are numerous strange dimensions - we could just as well carry something unearthly in our hearts, couldn't we?

Why can I see the magic in hers but not my own?

Worn down after years of meaningless struggle, maybe we'll realize that although we never speak, although we always walk right past, although we always turn the corner and don't look back - maybe one day we will. Maybe one day, in the middle of the road, we'll stop and think about what's left of us. The true us.

Maybe one day, when the church bells chime a melancholic tune, we'll realize that even though we never should have met, we cannot exist without each other, because we hold the golden keys to our hearts.

Hopefully, we won't be scared to see what lies inside then, and open the door to our sanctuary that can never be closed.