"Aw man! This is alot of work, but if it helps me get stronger I could take anything!" Resolved Goku. The tournament was to start soon, and Master Roshi was working both Krillin and him to death. Goku was now just getting back from training, which was rowing a field with his bare hands. He was dirty and tired, and he could barely wait to eat some of Launch's delicious food. "Launch! I'm here and hungry!" He said as he walked into the kitchen. He spotted Launch cooking and grinned. "Hey Launch. Is the food almost done?" He was grateful it wasn't bad Launch. He shuddered at the thought. She was humming a pleasant tune when she heard him. She turned to him a game a pleasant smile.

"Hi Goku! How was your training today? Oh I'm sure you're hungry. Where's Krillin and Master Roshi?" she asked.

"They're off shopping. Master Roshi said he had to get some more exercise tapes. I don't see why he's perfectly healthy and fit. It must be an old man thing." Said Goku.

"Well the food should be done in just… about…. now! Get ready to…" she paused as she sniffed the air. She smelled something foul and looked at Goku, who she just noticed was covered in dirt and was grinning. "Pee-uuu you stink! Come on follow me to the bath tub I'll prepare it for you." She took off her apron and guided Goku to the bathroom, who was humorously sulking. The food was RIGHT THERE and he had to take a stupid bath! This sucks! So he decided to be as fast as he could while making sure he was clean. He didn't want to come out thinking he was done, only for Launch to force him back to the bath.

They arrived to their… Launch's destination, the bathtub. "Ok, just let me turn on the water and I'll be back to bring you your clothes. I don't want you touching them since your so dirty." She reached down and began to turn the water on, of course she had to bend over to do so. This allowed Goku to get a good few of her ass… and well… you get the idea. His heart began to beat faster and his pee-pee began to get hard. The pheromones began to radiate off of his body, and they hit Launch. She felt herself get warm, so she began to fan herself with her hand. It wasn't working as she began to sweat. She went from being warm to getting hot. She also felt herself getting wet as her breathing became heavier. 'Wha-what's going on? Why do I feel so hot all of a sudden?'

She was scared because she never felt this way before. You're probably wondering how the hell not? She's hot! Well let's remember this is sweet and innocent Launch were talking about here, meaning the nice side of her never really thought about lust and dirty things. She was just too nice for it. Whenever she sneezes, she doesn't remember what her bad side has done. So these feelings of lust are all new to her. All she knew was that she was really hot, so without thinking she took off her shirt. She only got hotter as Goku released more pheromones at the sight off seeing such nice assets. Not knowing what was going on, she figured she just needed to get in some water. But then she remembered Goku, who was standing there with a mesmerized look on his face. She somehow didn't notice the bulge in his pants. 'The tub looks big enough to fit us both. I'm sure it'll be fine.' So poor little Launch sealed her mentally virgin fate by asking "Goku, let's bath together. We both need it, anyway." She suggested.

Goku grinned and nodded his head. So both of them took of their clothes with the exception of the cloth tying Launch's hair. They both got in and sat on opposite ends of the tub. Goku relaxed himself and slid his whole body in the water, with the obvious exception of the upper half of his head. Launch was once again humming a pleasant tune as she bath herself. She liked to keep her whole body clean, but she could never get her back until now. "Goku, can you wash my back?"

"Yep! Okie-dokie!" said Goku. So Launch turned her back towards him, allowing Goku a full view of her back. Goku took the small towel and began to gently wash her back. Grandpa said whatever you do, you should always be gentle with girls, unless they said otherwise. Launch let out a moan of bless. It felt good to have a good back cleaning! And Goku does it ever so gently, just like her mother use to. She was glad to have a friend like Goku. After a while Goku exclaimed "Done!" much to her disappointment. She sighed and turned to Goku and said "I think we're…" she stopped when she saw Goku was dirty. He didn't even try to clean himself!

"Goku, why aren't you clean, yet?"

"Well, I'm use to bathing in rivers and lakes, so whenever I get in a bathtub, I just like to relax for a while since you can choose between hot, cold, or warm, which is pretty much hot and cold." Said Goku. Launch just shook her head disapprovingly.

"Well since you aren't finish yet, I'll just have to wash you. Come on." She said as she reached for a scrub brush on the shower rack. She knew would all the hair on Goku's head she'd need it. Goku positioned himself between Launch's legs with his back turned. Launch began to scrub and scrub, dirt was coming out quickly. Goku had an easygoing look on his face as the brushing felt good to him. He also liked that her chest was pressed against his back. "Goku, I'm going to dunk your head in the water to rinse your hair, so get ready. Signal me when you need air, ok?" He nodded, and Launch slowly lowered his head in the water and began to scrub. Goku had above average stamina, so it was a while before he signaled her. She bring back above water and he came up with a gasp and was breathing hard. Launch looked scared and said, "I'm sorry Goku! I didn't mean to hold you down there for long! I'm sorry!" Goku just waved it off while saying,

"It's ok. There's nothing to be sorry about. Let's keep going." Said Goku. After assuring Launch, who still blamed herself over the small incident, they proceeded with the washing. Launch took a small towel and began to wash him thoroughly, getting every inch of his body. Goku was really enjoying himself, so much in fact that he was steadily releasing pheromones. Launch figured when she got in the water, she'd cool down. But now she's feeling hot again. That's when she saw something sticking out of the water in front of Goku. 'What is that? Is that... so that's what one looks like. I wonder what it feels like.' Thought Launch. She slow reached for it and gently grabbed it. She was slightly startled at Goku's reaction, which was a moan of pleasure. She decided she liked the sound and thought of a way to hear it again. So she hesitantly began to slowly stroke his dick. She was happy to hear his moans. She started to go faster with it, and Goku was having a great time. Combine the warm water with getting a handjob, well let's just say Goku is a really happy boy right now. It wasn't before long when Goku gave a grunt and shot his load. Goku released a sigh of relief. Launch was glad let to help out Goku, she herself only got hornier.

Thats when she heard it. A loud angry voice deep in her subconscious yelled 'FUCK HIM ALREADY, DAMMIT!' Launch was startled at the sudden voice and whipped her head around. She didn't see anything, but the sudden movement caused hair to brush her face, specifically hee nose, and well...

"Ah-Chu!" She sneezed.

Goku heard the sneeze and his eyes widened in fear. 'Please don't be what I think it is! Please don't be what I think it is!' Hoped a scared Goku. He slowly turned around, afriad to comfirm the awaiting horror he was about to face. When he finally did turn completely around, he almost screamed in terror. Launch's hair was blond.

"Hey. I saw youu havin fun with goody goody-2-shoes, so I was going to give her some advice, but she sneezed and now I'm here. You should be glad. I know exactly what to do and I'm really horny right now. So come on and show me what ya got!" Said an excited Launch. The only time crazy Launch can say anything while in sub-consciousness and vise-versa is when the other half displays a trait the other would. And in any case, lust was definitely not a trait of nice Launch. Goku gave an unsure nod, he hoped she didn't randomly pull out a gun and start shooting him. He turned around so he was facing her, and Launch looked happy at the size. "Not bad for a kid. Not bad at all." She said. Goku's fear was slowly being replaced with anticipation. Launch raised herself so she was hovering over Goku's throbbing dick. She slowly lowersd herself on, adjusting to the size, not that she wasn't use to it, she just didn't have any sex in a while. She postioned the headbof his dick at her pussy, but didn't go any further. With a devious smile began to grind her pussy against his dick. Goku enjoyed the feeling, but he was impatient. He let out a whining moan and said,

"Come on already! Hurry up!" Rushed Goku.


Goku stared at Launch in surprise at the sudden attack. He was glad he was being trained by Master Roshi on discipline, or he would have reflexively smacked the shit out of her. "Let me tell you something. I'M the one who's in control here. That means what I say goes, ya got that, punk?" Goku nodded like the good boy he was. He was also told by his Grandpa to never get on a woman's bad side or make them angry; bad things would happen if such a thing occurred. He didn't know how something bad could happen, but he decided to listen to his Grandpa and try his best to heed his warning. "Now just for rushing me, you're gonna have to wait for the main course. Instead you'll have to pleasure me. And none of that taking it slow crap! Just get straight to the point, got it?" Goku once again nodded his head. So with a smirk, she turned around and got on her knees. She bent over and she spread her pussy lips with her hands, giving Goku a clear view. He got harder and wanted so bad to stick his dick inside of her, but he knew he should listen to his Grandpa. He proceeded to Launch and began to lick her pussy greedily, earning him a few moans. Launch placed her hands on the tub to support herself. Goku grabbed Launch's ass and with his thumb begans to spread Launch's pussy lips. He started to rub her ass as he plunged his tongue into her pussy, causing Launch to moan louder. He was licking and he went in deeper in order to reach her clitoris. He knew she'd like it since Bulma did and he was right.

"Oh fuck yea, kid! How'd you learn to be-oh- this good?" moaned out Launch. Goku didn't reply, rather liking the taste of Launch. Launch shook as she felt herself about to cum. Goku knew what this meant, and he prepared himself. He licked even more and Launch let out one final scream before she came. Goku opened his mouth to catch it, but he couldn't get it all as some fell down his chin. He licked his lips and said,

"Emm…tasty." He said with a grin. Launch herself grinned and pushed him back into the water on his ass and positioned herself on top of Goku. She came down on him roughly since there wasn't much resistance.

"Oh shit! I haven't had any in a while! I almost forgot how this felt!" She began to up and down on him, both of them moaning in pleasure. Goku grabbed her ass and began to suck on her right press, giving Launch further pleasure.

"Oh! Oh YES THAT"S THE STUFF! KEEP AT IT!" screamed Launch. She went from just going up and down to all-out bouncing. Around 5 minutes later Goku felt himself about to cum.

"Oh-oh! I'm about to cum!" Launch just went faster in response and with a growl Goku unleashed his load inside of Launch. Both of them were breathing heavily.

" 'breath'…That was fun…'breath'…we should that 'breath'… again sometime. What do ya say?" asked Launch. Goku's only response was a fool-hearted grin.

A/N: Well, there you have it, chapter 2. I hoped you guys like it, and expect a chapter 3. This time it'll be between Goku and that girl who strips in the tournament in order to win, though she loses to Nam. No they won't have sex in the middle of the stadium (though I'm sure Goku wouldn't mind). That part will have to be figured out.

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