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Stolen Bride




The room was as silent as death when both Sephiroth and Prof. Hojo were staring each other in certain level of misunderstanding. What the old man had told him probably one of the biggest lies on earth since the discovery of Charles Darwin's hypothesis for the origin and continuation of life, yet Sephiroth had no choice but believed in him. He had to. Even the headpiece of Jenova told him so.

"There's no way you can give me that order, old man." Sephiroth spoke coldly, placing his feet on the large dining table. His eyes were filled with hatred when he continued. "Even though you're my very own father."

"Of course I can, son." Prof. Hojo replied without fear. The one thing he feared most was the failure of his inventions, which only happened nearly 27 years ago. His insane son couldn't dominate him, scared him like what he had done so far with the rest of earth population. "Besides, it has nothing to do with your god complex syndrome and narcissistic behavior."

"What are you trying to pull…"

"Let aside your sadistic tendencies anyway." Prof Hojo told his son, completely ignoring the killing aura around Sephiroth. "So, who's the lucky girl?"

"There's no fucking way those lowlife creatures could mate with me… I'd prefer mutilate them with…"

"… I learn that you fancy beautiful young blonde-haired woman with big sword for years. I assume young woman like her would be perfectly fit to be ideal mother."

"That young blonde you mentioned is MAN." Sephiroth pressed his tone. His face was blushing with uncertain feelings. "The only thing fits with him IS slowly and painful death for interrupting my holy, graceful plans."

"Well, we could arrange some new details if you interested in man…"

"One more word and I don't care what you could have done with my real body. I'll slay you for sure."

"You are in your real body now, son." Prof Hojo said calmly. "I have resurrected the whole body and all functions, and drawn your wondering soul into it."

Sephiroth closed his eyes in desperation.

"This blonde man…" the old man continued. "Who will be in motherly side anyway?"

"I'll kill you and I meant it."

There was a long silence as Sephiroth unsheathed his long katana and put it on Prof. Hojo's neck. His eyes were as cruel as always, filled with hatred and insanity.

"Pretty girl with girlish clothes?" Prof. Hojo tried to get rid the katana from his neck. Fuck, he was bleeding. "She was once your love interest, if I'm not mistaken."

"I have no love interest in my life." Sephiroth glared at him. "I've killed her long ago."

"Oh? I see…"

Sephiroth moved his katana closer, slicing of Prof. Hojo's neck deeper. He gave a mocking smile. "I would love to send Aerith my regards, mind telling her?"

"How about the healthy guide girl with black hair and big… big eyes?" Prof Hojo recalled Sephiroth's mission in Nibelheim. Shit, he almost spurred his image by saying big tits. How could he think that way in critical situation like this?

Sephiroth smirked when he heard that. "You are pervert, old man."

"Like father like son." Prof Hojo laughed in high chirping voice like mad scientist would always do in such scientific movies. "I'm sure you like her."

"Like hell."

"Well, if you want me to return you to your earlier state and resurrect Jenova, that's the only way." Prof. Hojo said. "There's no use of threatening me that way, son. Whatever your response, you are still in benefits."

Sephiroth finally released his father. He huffed heavily, controlling his urge of killing Prof. Hojo. His father forced him to father a child, the next generation of Hojo's lineage. There was no fucking way Prof. Hojo cared with the lineage or family. Devil knew that he was only test subject for his father.

Sephiroth was sure his father lied about that part, but hell, he couldn't give a damn. He was trapped in his old body, which made him no longer powerful and immortal. The very idea made him sick. He could kill Hojo anytime, but there was no guarantee he would be back to his previous state. Darn, fuck that old human trash.

"Fine, I'll do it."



It might be the best day in her life. Tifa Lockhart was marrying Cloud Strife, finally. After so many years and many denials, Cloud had managed to kneel and ask her hand to marry her. Tifa had instantly approved, crying with happiness as Cloud had moved closer and kissed her. Oh, dear, she couldn't be happier than that, couldn't she?

They had invited many friends and many not-so-close friends for the wedding. They had prepared the best wedding gowns they could rent. Moreover, nothing could be more special than the one lingered on her beautiful finger. Cloud had bought the finest ring in Midgar, small but lovely. Yes, today would be the best day ever.

Tifa stared at her own reflection in the mirror. A lovely lady dressed in white gazed at her, looking all happy. Within hours, she would be Mrs. Strife, she noticed. Mrs. Cloud Strife, how melodious it sounds.

There was knocking on the door. Tifa wanted to open it, but suddenly she felt so worried. There was something not right happening to her, she could feel it. The knock repeated over and over.

"Who is it?" Tifa's voice was trembled with fear. "Is it you, Cloud?"

There was no answer.

"I told you the groom couldn't meet the bride before the wedding, don't you remember?" Tifa kept on talking while looking for her guns. Dammit, she found nothing there. "I suggest you…"


The door was opened forcefully. Tifa saw familiar figure who looked at her closely with his sparkling grayish eyes. His long silver hair waved gracefully as wind blew inside. There was something strange in his eyes, fierce and deadly. His handsome face curved a simple smile.

"Long time no see, Tifa Lockhart."

Her blood turned cold in seconds. She wanted to scream, but words stuck in her throat. Damn, damn. Why this thing could possibly happen in her wedding day?

Tifa shivered as Sephiroth stepped forward, coming to her. "Sephiroth? What are you…?"

"You look nice in your wedding gown."

"Oh…" Tifa gulped nervously. "Sephiroth…"

Sephiroth released his rich laugher. "I'm coming to take the bride."



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