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Stolen Bride part 6




Sephiroth entered Hojo's lab without any difficulties, found the old professor was doing some researches, watching two different species of newly-made rabbit monster fight inside big wooden cage. His face was still calm, but his eyes were fiery. Prof. Hojo knew Sephiroth was coming to him, but he had no idea why suddenly Sephiroth's fatal kick hit his body, sending him flying around 10 meters to the left side. Of course, even though Sephiroth kicked him within his humanly body, his power was still above all, superior indeed.

"What did you do with my body, old man?" Sephiroth came closer to his blood-related father. There was something evil in his voice. "Last week I mated 160 times with my woman, making all 1265 for the whole two months. I won't believe such nuisance like mating is addictive activity. You must have done something with my body, am I correct?"

"Why should you wait until 2 months to find me, son?" Prof. Hojo laughed a while, and then he wiped blood from his mouth. "That way I believe mating is an addictive activity."

Sephiroth closed his eyes in disgust. He sighed deeply, looking at the old, weak yet very, very annoying man in the whole universe. That got him. That was totally the reason why. He had known that something had been working very strange since he had his first mating. He couldn't control himself. All he wanted was mating and mating, nothing else.

Shit, he wanted his woman very much, much more than his desire to kill lowly-class people and absorb their energies. He wanted his woman more than his desire to torture Cloud Strife. He wanted his woman more than his wish of being immortal. He wanted that terribly unimportant woman creature more than anything did.

Tifa's face appeared in his mind, bare-naked. Her delicious curves, lovely legs, let aside her cute but tough face. One more, how could he forget her sexy voice? Yes, she was super cute and sexy when she called his name madly everywhere.

A flash of red color showed up on his cheeks.

"Your blushing face answers all, son." Prof. Hojo stated, as if he didn't see Masamune in Sephiroth's hand, and the cruel look upon his son's eyes. He stood up, continued. "Very well, have you produced any babies by now? I believe with the best quality sperm of yours, there's no problem in fertilization, unless your woman is a total wreck-package."

"Nothing wrong with my woman, old man." Sephiroth himself doubted his ears when he said that. He defended that mere woman, Cloud's ex-soon-to-be wife. He said nice words about her. Fuck, he came to that damned lab for one reason and defending Tifa was simply not it. "Answer my question, have you done something with my body?"

"Did you finally notice?" Prof. Hojo released a smirk. "I had modified your gene, reconstructed your traits."


Masamune was slicing Hojo's neck, tearing it apart very slowly. Damn, Sephiroth didn't even warn him before he did.

"Yo-you wouldn't need your old body once you gave me baby, I would give you anything you wanted, including Je-jenova, which had reached new level—she would reborn in this lifetime, having new life."

"I'll take your filthy life, old man—"

"Sto-stop wasting your time here, perhaps yo-your woman is running away when she realizes you left her for days, or her friends probably locate her and take her away—"

"Like I care."

"She could be anywhere, looking for his past lover—" Prof. Hojo was babbling, trying hard feeding so much bullshit to his currently-sex-addictive-son. When lust had overcome someone's mind, clouding his sanity, he or she was easy to be controlled. His researched told so. Why it showed different result with his son? "No one would—"

"Damn, I'll slay you for sure."

"KILL ME AND YOU WON'T EVEN RETURN TO YOUR PREVIOUS BODY! YOU'LL DIE SOON!" Prof. Hojo was holding Masamune with his hands, which were barely hacked off. Bastard, what the heck is happening with Sephiroth, why he acts so harsh? Why he… damn, is the side effect of Zack Fair's gene working already? Is he getting all emotional by now?

"I hate someone threatening me."




Then, magically, Sephiroth stopped. He definitely stopped. Prof. Hojo fell motionless to the floor, his blood colored his white scientist jacket red.

"Sephiroth… part of me…"

"Mother?" Sephiroth was looking at the big tank near the connecting doors. Jenova, with the perfect head and half-reconstructed body, was looking back at him. He walked toward the tank, gazed lovingly at his mother. "Mother?"

"Bring me back to live…"

"Ah, I will mother, I will, as soon as I…" Sephiroth curved his mouth. He hated that fucking old man. Seriously. It had been a while until he finally stated. "I'll let you alive, I'll give whatever you wish, but bring my mother back."



Prof. Hojo was lying weakly in the hospital, hugging small radio in his hands. He was somehow similar with mummified man, especially with bandage all over his thin, tall body. What a fool, a blinded fool. Slowly, he played the tune. A smirk appeared in his face. He had overcome one big problem as he had predicted before, and he had managed to overcome it. He was very, very genius.

"Sephiroth… part of me… bring me back to live…"

Great, he couldn't wait until he get Sephiroth's baby. That would be the best part of his life, creating a perfect human being ever. Yes, for the name of science, he had to.

No matter how many souls might get victimized.



Tifa couldn't think anything straight when she heard that one of the maids considered her pregnant. No fucking way, that is impossible, how could I have that bastard's child in my womb? I won't! I prefer die to have his child! I'd better kill myself and—

Wait, who said I'm pregnant?

Well, Sephiroth and she mostly had sex more than 30 times a day like wild horses in their mating season, beating chimpanzee's record. They didn't wear any contraception, and both of them were completely healthy. But still, she didn't want to be pregnant!

Even though the syndromes were similar with pregnancy in the early stage like what stated in the book, The Basic Manual of Pregnant Mother for Young Couples, Tifa still didn't want to be pregnant!

No way, her dream was having Cloud's baby, raising it together in their heavenly story house. She even had imagined she would have shown her baby to Yuffie, telling her how happy she had been living with Cloud as his beloved wife. That way, there's no way she was pregnant, right?

Damn, she vomited once more, throwing all her lunch into the toilet. Her stomach felt like hell and it seemed got worse from day to day. Fine, anything could be worst, Tifa. At least Sephiroth won't kill you if you had his baby… perhaps he would treat you better than that annoying head, perhaps he would lov—


Tifa shrugged, she shouldn't think about Sephiroth! That damn rapist should be killed viciously, tortured maniacally before he died. That superior asshole that had no guilt of killing people should be sliced by anyone's hand, after that burned to death. Stoned to death. Raped to death. Hey, the last just came randomly in her mind.

"Are you okay?" Sephiroth was behind her, holding her body tightly. He was looking all handsome and godlike like usual, even though a bit thinner. There were black circles around his eyes. "Why are you keep vomiting?"

Surprised, Tifa widened her eyes, "Sephiroth?"

"I'll demolish those imbecile creatures, giving you bad food, making you sick." Sephiroth slowly released her, walking toward the opened door with long sword in his hand.

Of course, being merciless was part of Sephiroth's behavior. However, there was slight of pain in Tifa's chest when she noticed that. She didn't want Sephiroth to act recklessly. She couldn't bear seeing him torturing people. Wait, there's nothing wrong with that feeling! Besides, no one should get killed just because of me. Hell no, I don't care! He might do whatever he wants. Hold on, he said he wanted to kill who?

Tifa knew she couldn't let those innocent workers died just because of her vomiting nonstop.

"S-stop! Sephiroth, it's all my faults!" Tifa shouted, running toward her mating partner. The ex-first class soldier in Shin-Ra stopped walking as she reached him.

"It was me who couldn't swallow any food! I keep on vomiting them!"

Sephiroth turned his head, looking at her closely. His expression was still flat as usual, yet there was something warm in his eyes. At least that what Tifa saw from him. "What do you mean?"

"I'm the one who's sick…" Tifa added, taking Sephiroth's hand. "Don't kill them, they're all innocent!"

"Are you sick? And they let you sick without any fucking doctors?" Sephiroth raised his voice. "These garbage-ignorant-nothing-no-good helpers really dare to challenge me, even 7 days torturing to die steps won't be enough—"


Tifa bit her lips desperately. "N-no, I'm not sick, I'm just…"

"You're just—" Sephiroth repeated, looking her with certain emotions. His voice was soft and alluring. "You're just…?"

She could feel Sephiroth started touching her affectionately, taking her into his arms. She couldn't help moaning when he slowly cupped her face and kissed her mouth, softly caressing her lips with his tongue. His touch always felt so good, so amazing she could forget about anything. How much she missed his kisses, his touch, his body…

Tifa quickly threw her head back, pushing Sephiroth away from her. "I just vomited and I think we couldn't—"

"I don't give a damn, stupid woman." Sephiroth spun his body, and there, in their bedroom he went. "I went crazy these days…"

Tifa couldn't help smiling.



That morning Sephiroth had planned to take Tifa to the best doctor in Forgotten City, the licensed one, the most reliable doctor, who would help anyone with and without money. Tifa had warned him many times that he couldn't kidnap any doctors he liked, and amazingly he approved that silly, stupid request.

Tifa looked much paler, and she kept on vomiting. That was rather stressful event, even for magnificent godlike man like him. Sephiroth tried his best to control his killing mood whenever they met fucking people who drove their cars faster than their car, or stupid bitches who seduced him during the traffic light. Whatever, Tifa needed fresh air and opening the window was the only way.

Fuck that mere woman.

"Stop driving like fucking snail or I'll kill you." Sephiroth warned his driver. "We have to arrive in 5 minutes, less than that you'll have your head hacked, along with your daughter."

"Ye-yes sir!" the pitiful driver nodded obediently. "Please don't kill me! I'll anything you wish!"

Tifa's heart beat like drums. Here was the time, were she pregnant or just simply sick. Here was the point whether she could leave that maniac or stay beside him. Because, if she were pregnant, she doubted Sephiroth might let her go. Her instincts told her so. It didn't mean she wanted to be pregnant, but…

"What are you thinking?" Sephiroth smiled, kissing Tifa's hand lovingly. Tifa blushed, didn't know how to react in front of him. Recently, Sephiroth acted sweeter and nicer, just like someone she had known long ago. "Come on, here is the place."




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