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Stolen Bride part 7




Sephiroth insisted that he must accompany Tifa inside, in order to make everything fine—the driver ran away as soon as he noticed that crazy master was busy checking the beloved mate, saving his daughter in the old castle. Some patients wondered why the driver ran so madly with the car, but of course, Sephiroth didn't give a damn. Tifa's condition was his priority, and he also didn't know why his instincts changed.

Looking at that fragile female with long dark hair, he felt somehow, he had to protect her. That was obviously insane, he's being over control, over-possessive. Fuck, he knew it already.

The gynecologist's office was quite luxurious, old styled but classic. The couple looked comfortable looking at the big orange couch in front of the big office table. The doctor also seemed normal whatsoever. Sephiroth stared at the young doctor, thinking that he was the one going down to check Tifa's condition. That's okay, besides, what could be happening with his woman?

Stop that kind of unhealthy thinking, Sephiroth. Sephiroth tried his best to stay calm, as if all he had done for years weren't enough disaster for all mankind.

"Excuse me, I'm your doctor, my name is…" The young gynecologist kept on talking, introducing himself to Sephiroth and Tifa. He told them about the importance of checking the pregnancy regularly, how to prevent the terrible mood for young ages, and also how to be young parents.

"Cut it out, just check her condition, am I making it clear? Sephiroth stated arrogantly. He himself was rather great in taking blood samples and experiments, since he was once experiment too. Yet, he knew nothing about baby. He didn't have any idea how to handle Tifa's condition. That was so frustrating.

"Ah, here you are." The doctor took few samples of Tifa's blood, giving it to brunette nurse. The nurse, somehow, threw her catty eyes toward Sephiroth—which was completely ignored.

"Are you okay?"

Sephiroth slowly tapped Tifa's shoulder, looking how pale she was. Her dark eyes looked so big, and her pale skin reminded all of us to such vampire movies long ago in dark ages. "Do you need me to kill that imbecile moron that took too much blood of yours?"

The doctor squirted a bit on his chair.

Tifa had imagined, yes, she had imagined many times checking in gynecologist together with Cloud, happy eyes, and all would have been wonderful. She had imagined Cloud would have stressed, waited for her with puppy eyes on his face. Their first child had to be as pretty as Cloud. Yet, this madness had happened. Sephiroth kidnapped her, raped her, and probably—

"Congratulations, new mommy and daddy," the doctor showed the result to them, showing his white perfect teeth. "From the blood sample, it seems you are around 5-7 weeks pregnant, Mrs..."

"Ti-Tifa, my name is Tifa..." Tifa answered as quick as she could. She bit her lips, didn't know what to do or to say. She was having his baby—Sephiroth's baby. She was so emotionally shattered. Of course, she had guessed and considered many things but as the doctor confirmed… it was too much.

It was… heartbreaking.

Tears slowly fell from her eyes, while her mind was rather empty. Sadness filled her heart like . Oh, no, no way, why… this is must be dream, nightmare… all of these things are fake. Sephiroth is nightmare. I can't be having his baby.

"No, it just…"

Sephiroth, in the other hands, realized that Tifa was shocked although he was quite unsure why that woman seemed so surprised to carry the best, perfectly unborn ever in her womb. That was the best thing ever, chosen to be his woman. Oh, all right, perhaps she cried because she was so happy?

"Mind if I carry you home?"

Without further warning he took Tifa into his hands, taking both—Tifa and his baby back to the castle. Mission complete, he got baby he had wanted all along. Mother, I'll bring you back, just wait…



That night Tifa was very confused, her mind was torn into countless numbers. Well, that should have been good news, perhaps after she had given birth the baby, Sephiroth would have released her. Besides, she was pregnant, there's no more unbearable sex, no more kisses… and no more pain.

Cloud, have you ever thought this would happen to us? I'm losing you, and you are somewhere I don't know. All I have now is Sephiroth, and I couldn't say it's my damn luck or what but I'm having baby, one should have been ours. Tifa sobbed, biting her lips miserably. Damnit, I miss you so much, Cloud, I miss you so much…

There was multiply knocking on the door. Tifa rolled her eyes lazily, she wasn't in the mood for eating. Perhaps it was the baby, she just lost her appetite. "I don't want to eat," she said softly, "please, bring the food…"

It was him, Sephiroth with a big bowl of soup in his hands.

"You stopped eating for hours, eat some." Sephiroth commanded, looking Tifa straight into her eyes. "Those maids said this is good for pregnant woman."

"I don't want to eat any, my head is spinning…" she whined, acted as if she would vomit. Looking at Sephiroth and his silver eyes, they tortured her heart. There's no place for Sephiroth in her mind, and everything. If she had ever had him in mind, that was just because he was so evil, so lecherous, so sly and so ruthless. He was the worst in this universe.

Sometimes, really, sometimes Tifa secretly hoped Sephiroth had killed her straight away in her bride room. She secretly believed that her death was better option than stayed alive, and pregnant.

The handsome silver man smiled, and suddenly hugged Tifa closely. He smiled so warm it seemed that Sephiroth was out of his character. "Is it what they say pregnant woman becoming spoiled?"

"I'm not spoiled, how can you—"

"No matter how you feel, you have to swallow few spoons. You look terrible." Sephiroth whispered his words. He sounded as if he really cared, as if he…

Tifa shuddered, didn't know what to say.

"Come on, have some…"

"Hmmm, Sephy…"

Tifa smelled the soup, and suddenly she felt really sick. It was vegetable soup combined with sausages, which was her favorite, but she wasn't in the mood for eating. She had no appetite and it was so hard to do something with that. "I'm sorry, but I—"

"Fuck you, eat something before we spend tonight, woman, or you'll be too weak for replying anything I'll do." Sephiroth ordered harshly, insisted Tifa to swallow the soup he brought with him.

Tifa's big eyes suddenly became bigger than ever. She was so surprised how Sephiroth could think that idea… how Sephiroth could demand that to her… how Sephiroth could request that…


"Sephiroth, if all you want is baby, well, I'm pregnant already!" Tifa shouted as hard as she could, pale, cold, and weak. "Never ever think that you'll get chance to… to have sex with me! Just die!"

"You are pregnant, true, it doesn't mean we can't spend night together." Sephiroth grabbed her waist, kissing Tifa's neck. "And why are you so resistance about it?"

"N-no!" Tifa pushed Sephiroth, but damn it, she had less power. "Sephiroth, please, I… I just…" She couldn't help crying, she was too emotional and Sephiroth, that cruel bastard had no sympathy at all. "I'm sorry, but…"

He kissed her soft and tender, as if world went pink, and raindrops turned into candies. Sephiroth hugged her, made her worries and problems disappeared. Tifa didn't know what that could happen, but it was happening. His touch was gentle, treating her like precious gems.

"Fine, just eat this…" Sephiroth gave a spoonful of soup to her. Well, he actually shoved it. "Open your mouth."

"I said I—"

"You open your mouth or else, woman."

Tifa sighed, yet she swallowed it. And more, our beloved Sephiroth gave more and more to her, smiled when Tifa succeed in finishing her bowl. He did a wide-grin like-smile. No kidding, he obviously did.

"Okay, now let's spend this night together."



Months passed, and Tifa's belly was getting bigger and bigger. She hardly walked, ate, and did many things. Since she had big breasts from the very start, her body was becoming huge, like big plump balloon. Sephiroth enjoyed that very much, he liked the way she walked, and the way Tifa spent her days in the house, swearing at him.

"Don't you dare laughing at me, Sephiroth, damn you!" Tifa fumed, and she went to her room. Sephy followed her, smiled. "I told you, stop coming to me, what are you—"

Their staffs were also enjoying the scene, the young couple who looked happy and such. They barely imagined Sephiroth's treats months ago, and how the couple always fought like cat and dog yet still looked so happy. They had no idea what would happen next.





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