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"Rue!" Katniss yelled and swiftly turned around. She had shot an arrow at Marvel immediately after he threw a spear in her direction. A canon shot meaning that he had died.

"That was so close. I dodged it so quickly, but the spear skinned my flesh…" Rue whispered in horror. Rue held onto her arm.

Rue winced while Katniss examined her arm. Blood was trickling down her arm.

"It's not that bad…just some healing plants will do…"Katniss said softly. "Let's get back to the cave first.' She directed. Rue just nodded. As they were walking back Katniss shot their dinner for that night. A deer.

"Another dead?" Cato shook his head.

"Pathetic…" Clove agreed.

"Shit, plus our supplies are all gone." He cursed.

"Not all!" Clove piped up and held two bags that included food, water, and other helpful supplies.

"I swear when I find that bitch, she'll pay." Cato cracked his knuckles.

"But there is still that girl from District 5, both from 11, and both from 12." Clove counted, "Oh! And that little girl from 11 she's in alliance with that fire girl." She added.

"Lover boy isn't going to survive and I can finish the ones from 11, while you take care of the one from 5." Cato was furious and eyes were shown ready to kill. He's a Career. He can't be beaten by a rat from District 12.

Clove started a fire and cooked some broth.


Another gone. 'Who's that going to be… Clover wondered.

As they got ready to sleep the faces of dead tributes showed with the Panem's anthem. First was Marvel, then lover boy's face showed. "I told you lover boy wouldn't survive." Cato smirked.

To Clove's surprise, she felt sorry for him and fire girl. She didn't know why, she just did. As she tried to brush those feelings away she fell asleep.

Katniss and Rue walked out of the cave to see who have passed on today. Rue had counted two canons that shot. First was the boy from District 1, the one that Katniss killed, and then Peeta's face showed. Rue blinked a few times to make sure she wasn't seeing things, but she knew it wasn't a joke. He died.

Katniss had silent tears streaming down her face. Rue grabbed her hand and gripped it and led her back to the cave.

As the night when on, Katniss cried herself to sleep. Rue was cuddling beside her the whole time. Rue didn't know much about love, except her love for her family back at District 11. To her, Katniss was like a older sister that she will never have. She didn't know how to comfort Katniss besides staying by her side. She just hope that was enough.

"Wake up Katniss…" Rue nudged her gently.

"Mmm…"Katniss finally woke up. She rubbed her eyes and looked at herself with a small mirror she stole. "My eyes are so red… and my face is a mess…" Katniss sighed.

"That's why I brought fresh water from the river in the bucket." Rue indicated to the bucket.

"Thanks Rue," she splashed herself with water a couple of times. Then wiped it with a piece of cloth.

"How about breakfast?" Katniss asked and her grumbling stomach spoke for itself.

"We still have some left over broth and some berries I found." Rue replied. One of Katniss's brow rose. "Don't worry, I'm positive that these berries are edible," She reassured Katniss. They ate and decide to stay low for now.

"Hey Katniss do you still…like…love…umm…" Rue couldn't finish the sentence.

"Peeta?" Katniss softly finished. Rue nodded. Katniss's eyes became distance and Rue noticed.

"OH… I'm sorry… you don't have to tell me…" Rue fidgeted.

"It's ok…' Katniss smiled weakly. "Well… I didn't know him very well…He saved me…he gave me hope…" Katniss began.

"I guess his love for me wasn't real… it was an act…" Katniss whispered distantly. She didn't care if she was losing sponsors. She just wanted these feelings to come out. She wanted someone to tell this to.

"I don't think it was an act." Rue claimed. Katniss was surprised by those words.

"The way he looks at you. He probably always liked you. Those words he said at the interview, they were probably all true. If he didn't care about you at all he wouldn't saved you from those tracker jackers. He told you to run didn't he? Peeta joined the careers to protect you. I bet that when he died he was thinking about you. Hoping that you were safe and hoping you would win. Don't doubt it Katniss. You may not notice his love for you is real and true, but I do." Rue finished her soft rant. Katniss blinked at Rue.

"Really?" Katniss whispered.

"Really." Rue stated.

"Thanks Rue." Katniss hugged her. "It means a lot to me." Katniss had a few tears trickling down her face. Rue was glad she could help. All she said was completely true.

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