I am so sorry. I said I would have a sequel but I haven't even posted it up yet. So far homework sucks and tumblr is ruining my life. I don't have that big of a motivation to currently write/type, and I'm afraid when I do update the sequel for this story, I won't have any time to update or won't be updating steadily. So... I have a plan.

I will pick 1-3 people that will co-write with me, formulate ideas and stuff for the sequel. So if you want to help me with writing the sequel, private message me! Or if you want, I will set up a forum for the applications to be submitted. to Do not fret! The application is pretty short.

The Application




Writing experience (i dunno if that makes sense..):

Strong points in writing (at lest 3):

Weak points in writing (at least 3):

How long you've been on this site:

How you found Pieces of Time:

3 or more reasons why I should pick you:

Someone quite a while ago wanted to collaborate with me, and at that time I did not really want to, so if this person wants to collaborate she/he MAY have a better chance BUT she/he still has to fill out the applications!

If there is no one who wants to collaborate, I will try my best to get out a sequel out soon.

I can't believe though so many of you are still reading this!

Love you all! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ* oh and I changed my username.. ehehee..