Jeff climbed on the top bunk of his bed. "Mind if I call this?" He said looking down at the man who had the bottom bunk. "Sure man... I'm Edge." He said holding out his hand. "Nice to meet you, I'm Jeff."

"Jeff.... Hardy?" Edge said raising a brow.

"You know me? Jeff replied, obviously surprised.

"You're Major Hardy's little brother. I heard you were coming." Edge nodded.

"To me, his name is just Matt. No offense, I can't see how he even likes it here. Every one is he same, and I have to be too or else I will ruin 'Major Hardy's' image." Jeff said rolling his eyes.

"If you don't like it here, why do you come?"

"Family thing. Whenever you turn 16 in my family, you go to military school. Matt did it, my dad did it ... now, I have to do it." Jeff sighed. He pulled out a little black notebook he used to his poetry.

"Just warning you, if Major McMahon sees that, he'll take it, " Edge let out a slight grin knowing what Jeff was gonna ask next.

"Who is Major McMahon?"

"Major Shane McMahon. The platoon leader here. Everybody knows that he only got that position because his dad is the principal. Coincidence, there is another platoon leader called Major McMahon. Platoon leader of the girls cabin. Major Stephanie McMahon, Shane's brother." Edge scoffed at the thought of her.

Major McMahon, and his sister happened to walk in. "Attention!" Shane screamed, as if he was commanding an army. All of the boys in the cabin, hurriedly ran to the foot of their beds, some slower than others, Jeff in particular. They each saluted both of the majors as they checked each bed.

Shane stopped in front of Jeff. "Well, Cadet Hardy, we've been awaiting for your arrival for quite some time now. We hope you will be an even bigger asset to this school than Your brother is." Shane grabbed a piece of Jeff's hair between his index and middle finger and rolled his eyes. "Cadet Hardy, you will be aware that this school, works together as one. No one person should stand out. You will learn to follow rules and this ... hair..." Shane scoffed at Jeff's dyed blue and purple hairstyle "this hair, will either be dyed a NORMAL color or will be covered by a hat at all times during school hours or cabin checks such as this one. I shall not see it in my barracks again, do your understand me?" Shane said, almost yelling.

Jeff sighed. "Yeah, yeah..." He muttered.

Shane eyed the younger Hardy. "YOU WILL ADDRESS ME AS SIR!!" Shane said yelling again.

Jeff was no fool, and did as he was told. "Yes, sir!" He said, saluting like a normal student would to a person of upper rank.

Shane looked at Jeff's street clothes. "See to it that you are in uniform."

Jeff already hated it there. "is he serious?" Jeff whispered to Edge after Shane left to the next people.

"Yeah, you should see Stephanie. She's just like him too. You'll see. She is going to yell at Private Jericho." Edge pointed out who private Jericho was. "She always yells at him. EVERY day."

Just as Edge predicted, Stephanie stopped at Chris Jericho's bunk. She glared at him. "I thought I told you, private Jericho, to get that piece of shit out of this cabin." She said pointing to his electric guitar.

He grinned at her and shrugged. "I like it, and I'm not getting rid of it."

Major McMahon gasped and her eyes widened. "You will LEARN to respect me for I do proceed you in rank, IS THAT CLEAR?" She yelled.

He grinned at her again. "Crystal ... sir."

She gave a cocky grin back. "As for this, I told you to get rid of it twice. You will learn to do as I say next time. I will get rid of this for you." She grabbed the guitar and threw it out a nearby open window. "You will do I say next time Private, or you will regret it."

Jeff was suddenly very happy that Shane hadn't seen his book of poems.

"I don't understand the McMahons. You watch, Shane will hate your guts, but no one else will have a problem with you. It's like that with Major Stephanie McMahon and Private Jericho." Edge whispered.

Stephanie and Shane started leaving To go check on the girls cabin. "As your were!" Stephanie yelled.

All the boys went back to their bunks and were talking happily again.

Jeff knew he was gonna hate it here. He walked over to Chris Jericho. "Hey, I'm new. Jeff."

Chris smiled. "Yes, I see we already have something in common. We both have a problem with a Major McMahon. Follow me."

Jeff did as he was told. "How come she hates you so much?"

Chris shrugged. "don't know, she just does." He lead Chris outside to where his guitar lay. No real harm was done since it was in its case. "Major McMahon doesn't understand that no one really cares if you call them sir, or ma'am or not. The Military handbook states that you must call an officer with a superior rank, with respect. Here, it means address that by ma'am or sir."

Jeff tried not to laugh. "That's so boring. We have names for a reason."

"And I agree, that's why, you can call me Chris. Not Private Jericho, not sir, just Chris. Since your only a cadet, you would have to call me by a name with respect. Bull shit."

Jeff smiled. "I think you and I are going to get along great." Jeff smiled.

Matt walked up.

"Major Hardy sir!" Chris said, despite what he thinks. Matt nodded a little then looked to Jeff, waiting for him to do the same. He saluted the same.

"Cadet Hardy, just because I am your brother, does not mean I will bend the rules for you. I was send here by Sergeant McMahon to fit you for a uniform, and find you a hat." Matt said, looking down at his little brother.

Jeff eyed Matt, not surprised one bit. "Matt... I mean, Major Hardy, Sir, there is another McMahon besides the two platoon leaders?"

"Yes, you will address your teachers as Sergeants, in this case, Sergeant McMahon refers to the principle here. Sergeant Vince McMahon. His wife is the vice principle and you will address her as Lady McMahon, or ma'am. She has the highest honor for a female in this school. Please follow me so I may follow out my orders in getting your


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