Stephanie, Lita, Shane, Chris, Molly, and Spike all graduated with honors that same year. Everyone decided to go one to college as well, with the exception of Chris.

Shortly after graduation of college, Chris and Stephanie had a huge wedding. Stephanie's father eventually approved of Chris, when him and Stephanie decided to start a family together. Chris, got into a band and got a record deal. He became famous and had 3 platinum albums and went nation wide before his retirement at the early age of 35. Him and Stephanie moved to Canada and bought a grand estate for raise a family in. Stephanie decided to go to medical school and became a pediatrician. After college, she had her first child, Shane Christopher McMahon Jericho. 3 years later she had a baby girl, which is her youngest child, named Melody Linda McMahon Jericho.

Shane and Lita also got married during college. Shane studied to be a business man while Lita, had her own studies to become a veterinarian. They moved to California, and bought a vineyard which Shane ran. Lita started out with pets, but eventually she had her and Shane's only child, Miaka Stephanie McMahon. They also decided to get their vow renewed at their 15th year of being married.

Spike decided to become an optometrist, while Molly studied and became a marine biologist. They moved to Maine, and owned a large estate on the ocean. They had their first child their first year of being married. Damian William Dudley. He died of birth complications only a week after being born. They had their second, and last child, 5 years later. Kyle James Dudley.

Only a month after high school, Jeff and Trish had a small wedding under the stars. Jeff studied to become an architect. Trish became a journalist, but after a few years she ended up becoming a novelist and a New York's best seller. They lived on a farm in North Carolina. She and Jeff decided to have lots of kids, 4 to be exact. The oldest, was a boy. Matthew Andrew Hardy. 3 years after, they had twins, Haley Lynn Hardy and Megan Audrey Hardy. The youngest was also a girl, Alexis Taylor Hardy.