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Love for Thunder Thighs Final

One month has passed since Naruto and the warrior Akuma had fought. Within a month's time Naruto was back to his normal self, though it took a bit longer than normal (for him, at least) to fully heal all of his wounds and broken bones. After that, Naruto was left in the care of Kakashi Hatake, Kirabi, and of course, his girlfriend Chun-Li.


"You're due December twenty-fifth Ms. Li," a female doctor told the beautiful Asian woman.

Chun-Li frowned slightly, feeling happy and sad at the same time.

"What's wrong Ms. Li?" the doctor asked.

"Oh, it's nothing," Chun-Li shook her head.

"Ms. Li, if there's anything bothering you, please speak of it, especially if it effects your health." Chun-Li sighed and nodded.

"Today my boyfriend is leaving," Chun-Li explained. "He's heading back home. I want to tell him before he leaves, but I'm not sure how will he handle it. He's young, about eighteen, I believe."

"I would say just tell him before it too late," the doctor said, smiling. " He should be happy at the news. Ms. Li, you're perfectly healthy, especially for a woman of your age. What is the name of this young man?"

"Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki."

"Ah, Mr. Uzumaki, wow, I didn't know that. Why don't you go with him, see how his life is? Meet his friends or family? You're his girlfriend so why not?"

Chun-Li blushed. "I know, I'll tell my boss about this, too. I know he'll understand." She smiled.

A few hours later: The Docks

Naruto Uzumaki stood at the docks, a frown on his whiskered face and ignoring Kakashi and Kirabi, who were loading their things onto the ship. He was going back soon, and he really wanted Chun-Li to come with him. He loved her and she loved him. But he couldn't find her after searching for the lovely maiden all day.

"Naruto!" A familiar voice called out.

Naruto turned to see his beautiful girlfriend, who was holding a large suitcase. Chun-Li wore a beautiful dark blue dress that showed off her luscious curves very nicely.

"Li, where've you been?" he asked. Chun-Li set her suitcase down and kissed Naruto on the lips. Kakashi and Kirabi looked at one another and nodded.

"Hey Naruto, we're gonna take a ten-minute break," Kakashi said. "I forgot something at the hotel and need to get it before we leave."

"You forgot your book again, didn't you?" Naruto smirked. Kakashi laugh nervously and nodded.

The two ninjas left, leaving Naruto and Chun-Li to spend time with one another.

"I'm going with you," Chun-Li said with a beautiful smile.

"Really? That's great!" Naruto said excitedly, but then paused. "But what about everything here? What did your boss say?"

"Guile said it's okay; I'm taking an eleven-month break from work." Chun-Li grinned.

"What a big break. You sure? I mean, we're just going back to my home. Make it sound like you're-"

Naruto paused when he saw Chun-Li look at him with her 'I love you' eyes. Her beautiful smile told him everything she wanted him to know.

"When?" he asked, his tone now very serious.

"She'll be born on Christmas day," was the reply.

"I'm going to be a dad. I'm going to be a dad." Naruto let out a chuckle.

"I love you Naruto," she told him.

"I love you too Chun-Li. I'm sure everyone would love to meet my wonderful girlfriend. I'm sure Baa-chan will have a heart attack when she's find out she gonna be a grandmother." Naruto laughed.

"Chun-Li!" A voice cried.

Chun-Li and Naruto turned to see a long blonde woman with blue eyes. She was very short compared to Chun-Li's height level, and maybe an inch taller than naruto. She wore a pair of light brown pants with a tight green top. Her hair was long and tied in a ponytail. There was a long scar on the left side of her beautiful face.

"Cammy, what are doing here?" Chun-Li asked .

"I'm going with you," the woman, Cammy, said with a friendly smile.

"Li, who is this?" Naruto asked.

"This is my best friend Cammy White. Cammy this is my boyfriend Naruto Uzumaki."

Naruto and Cammy stared at one another for a moment.

"So you're the one who survived Chun-Li's thighs." Cammy laughed.

"Cammy!" Chun-Li pouted, blushing.


"You're PREGNANT?!" Guile and Cammy shouted.

"Why so surprised? I told you I have a boyfriend." Chun-Li chuckled.

"That's true, but still kind of hard to believe," Guile said.

"It's not like I was gonna be single forever," Chun-Li pouted.

"Who's the lucky guy?" Cammy asked, gently poke her left elbow against Chun-Li's side.

"A guy I met, we've been together for a month now. He's really sweet and strong, but he's returning home today. I want to go with him. So Guile, would you mind giving me a break? The baby won't be born until Christmas."

"Sure, why not. I'll give you eleven months. You'll need to heal after the baby is born."

"What makes you say that?" Cammy asked.

"Bein' married for thirty years." Guile chuckled.

End of Flashback:

After a three-day travel by sea, everyone finally arrived at the Land of Waves.

"Man, it's been awhile since we've been here Kakashi-sensei," Naruto said.

"Yeah, it's been a while," Kakashi said, chuckling.

"Yo Naruto, look who coming to see us," the rapping Jinchuuriki said. Naruto looked to his right and saw some familiar faces. It was young Inari and his mother Tsunami, with Tazuna, a bottle in his hand, as usual.

"Old man!" Naruto yelled.

"Hey Naruto, how was your break?" Tazuna smiled.

"Let's just say the encounters were worth it." He smiled at Chun-Li. Tazuna smirked.

"It was pleasure seeing you all again, but we have to get back to the village," Kakashi said.

"And I need to get back to my village, ya know bro?" The eight-tailed Jinchuuriki said.

"I guess this is where we depart?" Naruto said to his fellow Jinchuuriki.

"Hey don't frown, we have only begun. We'll see how all this end before we even begun. Keep your head up in the sky or in this case between thighs of the fine lady behind." Both Chun-Li and Naruto blushed at his horrible rhymes.

"Oh dear," Cammy sighed.

After parting with Kirabi, the group headed for Konoha.

Konoha: Tsunade's office

"So Naruto has a girlfriend, eh? Where are they now? I would like to meet the lucky lady." The busty blonde Kage chuckled.

"She's settling in. Her friend Cammy has settled in as well."

"Surely they're not staying at Naruto's apartment?" Tsunade raised an eyebrow.

"I'm not sure, but since Chun-Li is his girlfriend I don't see why not. But right now they're relaxing at the hot springs."

"And Naruto?" she asked.

Konoha: Hot Springs

"Wow, these hot springs are amazing-so much better than the ones back home," Chun-Li said. Both she and Cammy slowly waded into the warm water.

"Where is Naruto? I thought your boyfriend would be joining us," Cammy said, grinning.

"I heard today isn't mixed day, so he's over at the male side. Naruto! Can you hear me?" Chun-Li yelled.

"I can hear you loud and clear!" he yelled from the other side.

"Just don't do anything funny!" Cammy shouted.

"Oh, like what? I'm home now!" He laughed.

"Knowing you Naruto, you'll try something funny! You were Jiraiya's student, after all!" Tsunade called out, surprising everyone.

Cammy and Chun-Li turned to see Tsunade and Shizune, along with Tonton, enter the hot springs.

"You must be Chun-Li." Tsunade looked at the beautiful Asian woman. "And you must be Cammy." She looked at the short blonde woman.

"Baa-chan, what are you doing here?" Naruto asked from the other side.

"Relax! I'm just taking a break from all the paper work!" Tsunade shouted.

"Well I'm done! See ya!" He replied. Naruto quickly left his side of the hot springs.

"He seems to be in a rush," Cammy noted.

"Naruto needs to visit a few of his 'friends'," the busty Kage sighed.

"Friends?" Cammy raised an eyebrow.

"Before Naruto took his holiday, there was a war here," Shizune explained. "A lot of people died on his behalf, and some of the survivors retired from ninja life.

"Wow, I had no idea," Chun-Li said. "Naruto doesn't really tell me much about his life besides him being an orphan and his relationship with you Miss Tsunade."

"Please call me Tsunade, and that's how Naruto is," the Fifth Hokage said. "He's a troubled child but has his reasons. If you have a relationship with him, he'll do his best to keep that relationship alive and well." She waded a bit closer to Chun-Li. "So, I hear you're pregnant.

"H-how did you know?" Chun-Li asked.

"Kakashi is a ninja and as you know ninja are keepers of information." Tsunade grinned.

"It's a girl," Chun-Li admitted.

"Have you two thought of a name?" Shizune asked.


"Mito, huh?" Tsunade looked bit surprised. "It's a good name."

"We were thinking of a name, when suddenly Naruto said Mito. I don't know what gave him the idea. But we agrede our baby will be Mito Li Uzumaki." Chun-Li smiled as she pictured of herself giving her daughter the love and wonderful memories of a happy childhood.

"I've decided Cammy would be the Godmother of our daughter." Chun-Li chuckled. Cammy's eyes widened and she looked at her friend.

"What wrong Cammy?" Shizune asked.

"I…really don't see myself as the motherly type. I'm only twenty-five." Cammy felt really embarrassed at being given such an honor.

"That's a good age Cammy, don't think that keep you down. I'm fifty-four years old. Long as you keep your body healthy, age doesn't mean a thing." Tsunade smiled. Chun-Li and Cammy stared at Tsunade's large bust.

'Healthy…yeah we can clearly see that,' they thought.

"Well this is enough hot springs for me." Chun-Li rose out. Once she did, Tsunade's eyes widened when she saw how thick and big Chun-Li's thighs were. This was the woman who would give birth to Naruto's daughter?

'With thighs like those, how will Naruto survive?' Tsunade sweat-dropped.

"I'll join you, will you be alright Shizune, Cammy?" Tsunade asked.

"We'll be fine," Cammy and Shizune said together.

Once Chun-Li and Tsunade left together, Shizune and Cammy sighed together.

"Why can't my breasts/thighs be that big/large?" they lamented.

Women's dressing room:

"Do Konoha have laws against young men like Naruto marrying a woman like me?" Chun-Li asked as she dried herself off. Tsunade looked at Chun-Li for a moment.

"Naruto can marry any woman he wants. I was surprised he decided to name your daughter after my grandmother." Tsunade smiled.

"Your grandmother?"

Tsunade nodded. "Mito Uzumaki, she married my grandfather, who was one of the founders of our village. I guess Naruto knows about his clan more than I thought. Anyway, there's nothing against the age difference between you two. Once you become a ninja you are viewed as an adult. Naruto has been doing this ever since he became a Genin. Fighting danger, facing life threatening situations on a daily basis. Even when Naruto gets married, he still has his job as a ninja to protect and serve his village."

"So…any mission on any day may be his last." Chun-Li frowned at this.

"I know you really care for him. I will say this Chun-Li: don't let it keep you from sharing every moment with him. If there's anything you want to say to him, now would be a good time. I know how it is to lose someone you love right before your eyes." Boy, did she.

"I have nothing to hide, I love Naruto. I want him to be there when Mito is born. But I don't want him…" She sighed.

"Live this life forever? You want him to a quiet life, eh?" Tsunade asked, but Chun-Li remain silence. "Honey, no matter where you go or how you live, tragedy will strike. It's how you deal with it that matters. Naruto is a tough bastard who won't go down without fighting; if it's all the same, Naruto is more worried about you." She smiled.

"Well, where I'm from, I'm the strongest woman but here I wouldn't come close to your strength from what Naruto told me." Chun-Li shook her head and sighed.

"Being the strongest, faster, or toughest. None of those titles mean shit unless you can prove it. Right now all I want is for you and Naruto to have a wonderful future together. You have my blessing, and if Naruto's parents were alive and here I'm sure they would support their son's choice. Now you need to relax; if you stress too much it's going to hurt the baby. I'm not only the villager's Hokage, but I'm also a medic ninja."

Elsewhere: Konoha Graveyard

"And that's what happen," Naruto said. "I really love Chun-Li. I think you'll all like her. We even named the baby." Naruto rubbed the back of his head. "Man, it feels good, I bet you felt the same way huh dad?" He looked at his father's tombstone, not that there was a body to be buried, and sighed.

"I missed you guys," he said, glancing at his mother's tombstone. "I really wish I had more time to talk with you." A sad smile spread across his face. Suddenly a pair of hands wrapped around his neck and he was pulled into a hug.

"So this is where they're buried?" Chun-Li asked.

"No," was the reply, making her raise an eyebrow. "Shinobi don't get buried. Too much of a risk of grave robbers, so their bodies get destroyed. This is a memorial, if anything at all."

Chun-Li's eyes widened in shock.

"I just finished telling them about you and the baby," Naruto continued, deciding to change the subject. "I really think they would be happy to know they're gonna be grandparents." He turned around and kissed his girlfriend.

"Mmm, Naruto," she moaned, melting into the kiss. She gasped when she felt Naruto gripping her lovely round rear. She broke the kiss and glared at him.

"Not here. What if someone or a family spots us?" she asked.

"Right, right, sorry," Naruto said. He could just imagine Jiraiya watching this from wherever he was. He wished he could hide, but Jiraiya would be able to watch no matter where they hid. Damn pervert.

"I had a talk with Tsunade," Chun-Li said, eliciting a frown on her boyfriend's face.

"I know." He sighed.

"You were listening?" She looked surprise.

"The walls are very thin. Look Li, I don't want to make you or the baby worry about my lifestyle. I'm actually okay living in the modern world with you." He smiled at his girlfriend and held her hands.

"But we both have dangerous jobs," she said. "It won't be long before I go back to work, even after Mito is born."

"I'll retire from being a ninja," he told her, but Chun-Li shook her head.

"No don't. We'll think of something but we'll do it together." Naruto sighed, but nodded.

Later that night:

That night, a festival was going on. The occasion was lost on Chun-Li, but frankly, she did not care.

Chun-Li had met Naruto's friends that survived the war. They had all liked Chun-Li but many of Naruto's male friends really doubted him having a girlfriend like her. Everyone mostly had their eyes on the thighs of Ms. Li and had questioned her on how Naruto had survived.

Kiba had tried to put some moves on Cammy.

"Sorry, I'm more of a cat person," she had told him.

Funny enough Cammy beat Shikamaru in a game of chess, was friendly enough to teach Hinata Hyuga-a good friend of Naruto-a few moves from her years of knowing CQC (close quarter combat) since the Hyuga fighting style was very close to the actions of CQC to a degree.

Naruto and Chun-Li both wore kimonos; Naruto wore orange while Chun-Li wore dark blue. Chun-Li had her hair pinned up.

The couple enjoyed the night together, playing games the festival had to offer. During one of the games, Naruto won a toy doll for Chun-Li.

"Mine!" a voice yelled. Suddenly, a young Genin came from nowhere and stole the doll from Chun-Li.

"Hey! Give that back!" Naruto shouted, chasing after the thief.

"Naruto!" Chun-Li followed her boyfriend.

He chased after the thief into the empty alleyway. However Naruto lost the thief halfway.

"Damn," he cursed.

"Naruto, it's just a doll," Chun-Li told him.

"Yeah I know, but I won it for you." He looked at her. Chun-Li chuckled but kissed him to cheer him up. It started with one kiss, but then they looked at each other and kissed again. Then they kissed again, this time more passionately. Naruto placed his right hand on the left side of her face.

On the fourth kiss he felt her tongue enter his mouth. His left hand reached for her kimono to expose her right breast, which he gently stroked. Hearing her moan, he mentally smiled, and he broke the kiss only to kiss her right neckline.

Chun-Li leaned her head back and moaned. She reached her right hand between Naruto's legs. She gasps when she felt his hard manhood, a bit surprised that he was naked underneath his kimono.

'Good thing it's not windy,' he thought. He felt Chun-Li holding his penis and groaned as she began to stroke it. Naruto grabbed Chun-Li kimono and pull down her top, exposing her breasts. She went down on her knees, opened her mouth, and took in his cock.

Naruto closed his eyes and moaned. Chun-Li bobbed her head, pleasuring her Naruto-kun. Naruto placed his hands on today of Chun-Li's head, thrusting his penis a bit deeper into her mouth.

"Ah! Li, I'm gonna cum!" He warned her. Chun-Li stopped and he let go of her head.

"I want you inside me." She looked at him with lusty eyes.

"Turn around," he said. Chun-Li stood up, turned around, and placed her hands against the wall. Naruto grabbed her hips and lifted her kimono, exposing her large round rear. He licked his lips as he thrust his penis inside her entrance.

"Ah! Yes, yes!" she moaned.

Naruto held her hips as he thrust his into her. Suddenly a little revenge idea popped in his head.

He chuckled.

"Now for all the spankings you gave me." Chun-Li gasped.


"AH GOD! OH! AH, AH! YES! YES! YES!" She cried.

He slapped her ass again, with it becoming redder with each slap. Her moans became louder as a result.

"Who's been a bad girl?" he asked.

"Me! I have!" She moaned.

"Who? Tell me!"

"Me! Oh I've been a bad girl! Oh Naruto! Spank me more! Spank your baby's mommy!" She moaned loudly.

Naruto took his penis out of her back entrance and smash it right up her pussy which made Chun-Li scream. Naruto felt Chun-Li's pussy instantly grip his penis, not letting go. Naruto grabbed her left breast and he could feel milk leak out.

"Hmm…yummy." He took his penis out of her pussy only to turn her to face him before he thrust his cock back inside her pussy. Chun-Li was lifted off her feet as he pinned her back against the wall. Chun-Li wrapped her legs around his hips.

"Ah God! Naruto fuck me! Fuck me! Come on baby! You love this older pussy don't ya?" Chun-Li's dirty talk made him even harder. "Ah so big! Ah! Hard! Keep fucking me just like that!"

"Ah! I'm gonna cum! Think Mito doesn't mind if I give her another sibling to play with?" He chuckled.

"None at (ahn) all! We can have many babies if you want! AH! I would love to have them because they're your-no, our babies!"

Chun-Li kissed him, and single kiss marked the final push he needed.

Naruto shut his eyes as he came inside his girlfriend's pussy.

"I love you Chun-Li," he said, slowly pulling his member out of her.

"I love you too Naruto," she replied, panting.

"Li, marry me," he gasped out. His words made her heart skip a beat.

"I will," she said. He kissed her again.

"My word," an elderly voice said. "I know the stamina of a young man is wonderful but I didn't expect this. My, how things have changed since my day."

The couple looked up to see an old woman with a small black cat on top of her head.

"Oh, hi Mrs. Zin. You heard us, huh?" Naruto chuckled while sweat-dropping.

"You know her?" Chun-Li asked.

"Yeah, she's my landlady." He smirked.

"Back in my day we're weren't so open," Mrs. Zin said. "Naruto, would you and your lady of the night not be so loud. My grandson is trying to asleep and all your moaning isn't helping. If you're going to fuck her, do it somewhere else."

"Lady of the night?" Chun-Li asked, looking confused.

"She thought you were a hooker." Naruto sweat-dropped while Chun-Li blushed.

"But…I'm not," she mumbled.

"It's okay Li, you do looked pretty hot after what we did." He smiled.

"The night has only begun. Maybe a few clones can make it even hotter." He laughed as Chun-Li felt her getting horny again from the idea.

"But we should do it somewhere else," she mumbled. "I think gang-banging me will draw a crowd.

"Okay," he said. Picking her up bridal style, he headed home. He was really looking forward to their next session. Who knows? They might have triplets through this, maybe quadruplets.

One month later:

"Do you, Chun-Li, take Naruto Uzumaki to be your lawful wedded husband? Remain faithful, to hold from this day forward, for better or worse. To love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?" The Priest said.

Chun-Li stood in front of husband, dressed in a beautiful weddig dress. Naruto wore a black suit, although he was still wearing his Konoha headband on his head.

In the rows of seats watching were thousands of people. Naruto's friends and love ones came, those who knew him from the fourth great ninja war also came. And those who knew and were friends of Chun-Li also came.

Cammy, Sakura Haruno and Sakura Kasugano were Chun-Li's bride maids, while Naruto's best man was Kakashi Hatake.

Konohamaru was the ring keeper and Moegi was the flower girl.

Guile and his family were there, Ken Master and his family were there also. Ryu was there even though he was the only one there not dress in a suit. He only had a tie around his neck.

"I do," Chun-Li said and smiled at her husband to be.

"Do you Naruto Uzumaki-"

"I do," he said.

"Then by the power invested in me, you may now kiss the bride." The Priest said.

The couple kissed as they were now husband and wife. Everyone cheered. Chun-Li threw the bouquet of flowers into the air, not caring who caught them.

During the wedding party, Chun-Li and Naruto were out in the garden of the church as they were opening everyone's gifts. But there was one gift that caught them off guard.

The gift was a stone, but not just any stone; it was a stone with kanji on it. Naruto believed it was a gift from Ryu but it wasn't. Ryu told them that the stone had the kanji for 'wishful luck', a stone that gives couples endless good luck as long their love is strong.

Unaware to the couple and everyone else, standing on top of the bell tower of the church was a dark figure with red eyes and dark red hair, wearing a black karate outfit.

"Hmph." That was the only thing he said before taking off.

Eight months later:

Naruto was waiting in Konoha hospital, a look of worry on his face. Standing beside him were Kakashi, Shizune, and Cammy.

The door opened and Tsunade enterd the room with a big smile on her face.

Well?" he asked.

"Why don't you come inside and see." She grinned.

Naruto entered the room to see Chun-Li with her hair down, a beautiful baby girl clutched in her arms. Their daughter, Mito Li Uzumaki.

"Mito, look; there's your daddy." Chun-Li giggled.

Naruto went over to his wife's side. Their daughter opened her eyes for the very first time to see her parents looking at her. Naruto couldn't help but smile as he beheld the sight of the child who bore his genes.

While the couple was busy with their little joy, someone was watching them from a far off rooftop. She was a tall woman with long red hair braided into a ponytail, and her attire consisted of yellow sunglasses and a rather modified business suit. In her left hand was a cell phone, which was currently pressed against her ear, indicating that she was talking to someone.

"It's Viper," she said. "Yes the baby was just born. It's a girl. Don't worry I'll keep an eye on them. I really don't think we need to worry about him."

She sighed.

"If that ever comes we can always use the baby. But I really doubt it since that would be needed. I do believe he can help us end Bison for good. He has skills, and from the video we recorded he can even help us look for Juri also." She listened to the response, then said, "Yes of course. All right, I'll return to base soon. Over and out." She hung up.

After sparing a glance at the couple and their newborn daughter, Viper dialed a different number. This was a special call.

"Hi honey," she said enthusiastically. "How was school? Oh, Mommy just went to see a friend who just had a baby. Yes, I'll let you see it someday."

Meanwhile inside the building Viper was standing on top of, another woman was speaking into a cell phone.

"Yeah she just had the baby. Chun-Li is a Milf," the person, a dark-haired woman, said with a laugh.

"Hey I'm just joking around; no need to be a tight ass. Don't worry, I won't lose sight of the target. I'll keep close real close to him. Besides, for a husband, he sure is a stud." The dark-haired woman licked her lips.

"What's the matter? Jealous?" She laughed. "Yes I think he can take out Bison for good, a better pick then Ryu I believe. Maybe he can take out S.I.N also. Well, this will be an interesting year for me. I can already taste it." The woman known as Juri Han had found her target.

Naruto Uzumaki…


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