AN:Unfinished. I wanted to post this and see if anyone was actually interested in something like this. It is a Rin/Len fanfiction, and when I wrote this I was thinking about Hitoshizuku-P's and Yama's song Trickery Casino. This will be BASED off of that. I wanted to gather opinions before I wrote the thing, because the last couple of things I wrote, well, I got discouraged and they discontinued. This is the setting. No actual plot is revealed, unless you really skim and read between the lines (I've got some lovely plot hidden in there if you can see it). Leave a review if you want to read more~.

- 茶色目鼠 (brown eyed nezumi)


The underground casino was a beautiful place, for greedy gamblers and swindlers. It was popular for the stalwarts to frequent the place, looking for money and success in the world. However much they did search, how much hope they had from the place, they had to understand that it was an underground casino – illegal, in short. Whatever they had planned by what little money they could actually earn here would never be legitimate. Because the place was littered with betrayal, distrust, and people who will take them for all their money and drive them out.

Yet, there are always winners that triumph over others. Where did the swindlers and the gamblers actually come from? And the bartenders? The regulars? The casino would have died without the constant flow of customers and people. They simply won the game in the casino – the game of life. They have betrayed, they have closed their hearts off, they have killed. That's the price of the casino. To surrender heart and soul to the place, and let it take them captive for the rest of their life. An outer façade may say otherwise – that they ruled the casino with their power. And in a sense, they did. They won – not without some underhanded deals, but that was gambling, wasn't it? It took years and years of skill to perfect the practice.

But not exactly. What they lead people to believe is different from what actually is true. They have their hearts and souls held captive by the casino. Whether they are aware of it or not is on them, but they cannot leave the grasps. Whatever they were in for, the money or the success, they cannot chose to leave the casino. Their ties keep them here. Soon they realize that it is death or service. And most people chose service.

But as one might expect, there are always exceptions to this rule. Some new-comers make their way to the top without getting so much as in trouble with others. They're usually kicked out by the experienced people in the casino, but there are some people that come to the casino and gain their success without the actual casino meddling with their odds.

However, they all have to remember.

Being immoral always ends in tragedy.