There is a room within this casino that few know of, and even fewer choose to enter. Whispers of what the room contained were more of less inaccurate. Few said that treasure existed there. A more accurate couple guessed it was a room to be feared, as most people who enter never come out unchanged (there were few exceptions, of course, but there always are). And a select couple said nothing, for upon entering they had been sworn to secrecy. And if that did happen, there were other more efficient ways to ensure the secret never got out.

The concept of this room was simple - to invoke curiosity, yet never provide them with the information. It was sort of their way of torturing those who knew of it - to exert the last of their power by shoving it in their faces. Usually those who knew of it were too curious, too hungry for knowledge. That is why it stands there. The untouchable room, they say. A room no one enters.

Only that's not true. a woman enters in and out of it with ease - out of sight and out of mind. She simple does not exist for half of the casino population. And those who do know her only know of her, and do not know of her appearance. She takes caution of these matters, for if she wanted to inspect her casino, she could not have people in her way, asking questions and putting on a front to impress her.

There are only two people that could possibly recognize her. One that pledges unquestionable loyalty to her (in a sense, anyways. She was much more a friend than a subordinate), and the other who had probably already forgotten about her. Body guards were over-rated for her. Who needed them when she could defend and take care of herself? Plus, they cost so much money and could never truly be trusted. And she found they limited her freedom to walk about the casino as a gambler, or to work in any of the various games.

That was the case today. In all honesty, she just wanted to observe. There had been an impossible amount of strings pulled today, all just to rig an already rigged roulette wheel. A bit of cash exchanged between hands and a whisper of a certain number was all it took. She could have very well said she owned the place and have done without the cash exchanged, but that would reveal her identity to undesirables.

A certain tealette was not amused by her actions. So when she went back to her special little room, it was no surprise that a certain roulette player followed her there.

"Rin-sama." The girl who followed her in bowed. It was hard for the younger girl to hold back her grimace at the formality. Was their relationship really this... distant?

"Miku." Rin looked at her quizzically. "How many times do I have to say that I am not your superior!?"

"But Rin-sa-" She corrected herself when the blond sent her a glare. "Rin-chan. What was that stunt you pulled?"

"Miku-nee, are you sad that you lost? But it was such a necessary step - he has to win." It was the twin-tailed girl's turn to send a stern look at Rin. She had too much childish glee in this sort of thing, it was almost impossible. "He has to be build up high before he falls, or his spirit won't be completely crushed."

These things were necessary for the casino, on occasion there would be slow spots when the casino wasn't gaining as much money as it should. Giving someone a winning streak boosts their confidence, all the way up until they decide to bet all their precious money - and that was how the casino funded itself. "But Miku-nee, I was thinking that we don't do it - after all, a casino needs a beacon of light. Top inspire others that they too could win as much money and climb up in the social latter. Not to mention, earn more money. Though - they wouldn't be able to do that so easily."

"What makes this boy so special?" Was that a hint of jealousy? Rin could not tell, despite being pleased with herself for being able to elicit a response out of Miku as such.

"He might remember me." Even if she was this owner of the illustrious casino, Rin's eyes sparkled. She was just thinking, maybe, just maybe... After all these years. Yet when she had gone out earlier, to see him and confirm it for herself, obviously he had not seen her. Then again, he had been concentrating on the game, and it would have been absolutely horrid if she had broken his concentration. Sure, he would have won, but the psychology in this wouldn't quite fit as she would like it. At the same time, if he had really remembered, wouldn't he have known just as immediately as she had? For years she did not even give him a passing though, but when the blurry face appeared on the security cameras, recognition was almost immediate. "But he doesn't, does he?"

Even as she said this, the words fell heavy on her heart. There was that flickering hope, even though she was more than certain that he did not remember. After all, he had gone through all of that... and she had never been quick a significant person. It was of her own doing that... he wasn't supposed to remember her.

Rin supposed that maybe this was for the best. He had always been the innocent one of the family, despite his own beliefs. It was better that he not know about the family business. Yet she found herself missing him more and more, and craving the comfort that he once brought her. She had Miku now, though. Sure, it wasn't the same, but she gave her familiarity and comfort she wasn't sure she would have when her parents told her that she was the one who would be inheriting this business. The business was a lonely one, they had said. A path that would have to be trodden on alone.

Of course, they told her this when she was only five or six years old. And it just so happened to stick in her mind. The prospect of living a life in loneliness wasn't the most appealing thing to be told at such a young age, when touch and company was longed for so. She begged and pleaded. Someone else could do it in her stead! They... they had to. She couldn't do it, it just wasn't possible. How was she supposed to survive like that? Miku... if she couldn't have him, she needed Miku.

"I honestly don't know what you're thinking, doing this. To yourself." Miku was right. Rin hadn't thought it out through very much. She could see that, and she still couldn't help herself. Miku... Miku didn't even comment on Len. It had been so long ago when Len had left. "Oh... was that him?"

"Miku-nee." Miku-nee. Miku-nee. "Thank you. For being here, that's all."

She wondered who was more important. Miku-nee or Len-kun. But... who was in front of her now? And who... who was the one that she had banished from her side?

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