A/N: I was rereading Breaking Dawn the other day and this idea came to me so fast I had to write it down. I ended up writing pages of what I wanted to do that day. So I hope you like it and continue to read it and come on a journey I'm creating for the world of Twilight

Summary: During Bella's transformation from human to vampire, she loses years of her memory, causing her to forget moving in with Charlie, the Cullens, the existence of vampires and werewolves, and most importantly, Edward.

Bella's eyes shot open. Everything was so clear, so bright. She didn't know what was going on or where she even was. Her head began to look around, too fast for any normal person. Bella's eyes looked around the room curiously, seeing six people standing in the room, too beautiful to describe. One was a girl with short with dark, pixie-cut hair; another a huge man with big, buldging muscles with a menacing face even when he didn't seem to be fearing anything; another dark haired woman who looked to be older than the first two but not by much; a man who looked a little older too with blonde hair; another blond male with a very worried look on his face.

Bella looked over to her left and saw the last face more clearly – a beautiful auburn haired male, one who's looks could take your breath away. Maybe they did. Bella didn't seem to feel any need for breathing and it scared her more than anyone had in her short life.

"Bella?" the beautiful boy asked as she stared him, worry creasing her eyes.

Bella sat up so fast that she was surprised she wasn't dizzy right after. "Where am I?" Her voice sounded wrong. This was not how she usually talked. She heard the bell-like ringing that came out of her mouth but didn't believe she said the words.

"You're home," the blond older man answered. Bella's head whipped around to look at where the voice had come from. She couldn't stare too long for she was worried about so much. Who were these people – that was the question she could have asked when she spoke.

She was about to when she was cut off. "Bella, are you allright?"

Bella's head whipped back around to see the beautiful one had spoken again. How did he know her name? "Who are you – all of you?"

She watched them all form a look of shock on their beautiful faces and turned back to the one on her left. She was most curious about him, for he had the most beautiful face she'd ever seen.

"I'm Alice," the tiny one with the pixie hair exclaimed as she danced forward to the table where Bella sat. "This is Emmett, Esme, Carlisle, and of course, Edward." Alice pointed out each one as she said their names. Bella learned the beautiful boy was named Edward.

"Hi," Bella whispered though it seemed much louder in her ears. It was all so weird. "What am I doing here?"

The one named Edward walked towards Bella but hesitantly. "We're your family," he said, the sadness in his voice came through. "Don't you remember?"

"No," Bella shook her head, too fast again. "I don't know any of you. What's going on?"

The one Alice called Carlisle stepped forward this time. "You were sick," he said to her. "I'm a doctor. I was helping take care of you."

Bella was unsure whether or not to believe him. He was leaving out some facts, though. Carlisle decided it was best if he didn't tell her she had been pregnant for just a month and died only to be saved by vampire venom and now she was one too.

He didn't think it was best to say it as soon as she wakes up.

Alice beamed at Bella. "I'm your sister!" she grabbed her and tugged her closer until they were in a huge hug.

"I'm an only child," Bella said. She thought it was going to be a mumble as she spoke but the words were as clear as anything else. "How can you be my sister?"

"Well, not exactly, silly," Alice smiled. "Sister-in-law. But we were so much like a family already!"

"Alice," Edward said through his teeth. He didn't like her telling her at this moment. He wanted to hear more from Bella to know what she remembered but felt unable to ask the questions himself.

"What?" the little pixie said. "I'm not doing anything wrong. Edward." The words were meant to be a whisper but everyone in the room heard them as if she had shouted them. "She should know."

"Know what?"

"You're a married woman, Bella," Alice beamed even brighter.

Bella did not know what to say. Married? Why would she be married? How old was she even? What year is this? She decided to ask those questions first.

"What's the date?" she asked to the unfamiliar people in the room even though the tiny one named Alice said they were family.

"It's September 12, 2006, honey." The one Alice had named Esme answered this time.

2006? How did that happen? The last thing Bella remembered was hanging out with her mother in Phoenix, three years earlier than what they said.

"What year did you think it was?" Carlisle asked her.

Bella took an unneeded gulp and replied. "2003."

Emmett made a small smile and had to try not to laugh. "Emmett…" Edward warned.

Emmett just gave an innocent look before answering. "What? It's kind of funny!" he laughed this time. "You have to make her fall in love with you all over again."

Edward made a grimace. He didn't even think of that part. He was too busy thinking about how to break it to her that she was now a vampire. The new worries got to him faster than any normal person. He didn't know how to do this besides just be there for her and help her through this.

Bella looked at Edward, who's eyes were now facing the floor, not letting her read anything off of his face. She stands up off the table and walks over to him. "We were married?"

He half nods. "Are."

She takes a minute to process that and tries to smile. "Well, you were the one I payed most attention to when I woke up."

Edward half-smiled. "What do we do now?"

She tried to think of anything. But there was something she needed to know. "Where are we?"



Edward nodded. This could work, Bella thought. Her father lives in Forks, or at least he did when she last remembered.

"I can't stay here," Bella whispered. "I'm so sorry. I know we're married but I just can't stay here. Do you understand that? I don't know this place."

Her words began to break Edward's heart. He didn't want to force her to stay but he didn't want her to go either. But he wanted her to listen to her heart and mind.

"I do," Edward answered her finally. "I understand that. But it's better if you stay here. If you leave, I want you to be absolutely sure that is the right decision."

Bella thought about it for a what should have took a minute but took much less. "I want to stay with my father," she nodded her head. "He lives in Forks. He can take care of me and fill in any blanks."

"We can do that, too," Esme chimed in. "If you'd like us to."

"No," Bella shook her head slightly. "Please don't be offended, but I don't remember any of you. I need to be with someone I know and can trust."

The five of them nodded in agreement. Edward just stood there, feeling the last pieces of his heart pull apart, just waiting for whenever Bella went the door.

"We'll make sure you get there okay," the one named Jasper finally spoke. "We know the way and you're not sure of where we are so it might be helpful."

Jasper looked to Edward, telling him "It'll help you a little bit if you know she makes it there all right." Edward nodded, understanding part of the offer's reason.

Bella nodded, not fully able to trust the new people in her life but hoping she could. "Thank you, that'd be nice."

Jasper and Edward moved first, leading Bella to the window. She didn't know if she wanted to follow her husband but decided he must love her so he wouldn't do anything to hurt her.

She stopped at the window, scared. "What are we doing?"

Jasper grinned. "Jumping."

He jumped out the window, flat on his heels. Bella was stunned to silence and didn't know what to say. She knew she couldn't do that. She was never much of a graceful person.

"Jumping?" Bella whispered, but somehow Emmett had heard her and chuckled lightly. She knew it was him without turning around.

"It's easy," Edward responded. "Just watch me then follow after."

Edward went out the window like a bird would, like he knew he was going to be okay and land however he wanted to land. Bella took a deep breath, feeling weird as she did so, and leapt forward.

Gasping and laughing as she hit the ground, Bella saw she did it the exact same way Edward and Jasper had before her. She didn't know what was going on or what had made her like this, what made them like this but she knew whatever it was, she liked it.

They ran so fast that Bella didn't think she could catch up. When she started running, she realized how fast she, herself, could go and began racing with them. She laughed freely, not understanding but accepting this kind of life. She still needed more than just this but somehow, she felt like everything would work out.

Within what felt like seconds, maybe even minutes, they were in front of her father, Charlie's house. Bella looked it as if something would be new to it. But it was the same house she remembered. She turned back to Jasper and Edward. "I think I'm okay from here," she said to them, giving a short smile.

"You sure?" Edward's face was more pained than Jasper had ever seen him, even all those months he was apart from Bella when he left. This was a new kind of pain for him. He never had Bella face to face with him telling him she didn't need him.

"Yes," she nodded. "I know my own father. I will be fine here."

Edward reached into his pocket and pulled a silver object out. It was a cell phone. "If you need anything, anything at all, call us. All of our numbers are in there."

Bella took the phone out of his warm hands and looked up at him again with a smile. "Thank you, Edward." Hearing his name from her lips broke the pain even more.

She turned to leave and jump up to the window since she didn't exactly have a key on her but suddenly turned around. Edward was hoping she was going to shout "I remember you! Haha, I was just joking! Lets' go home." But she didn't.

Instead, she said something else. "Here," Bella slipped off her wedding ring from her left hand and placed in Edward's palm. "I don't think I should wear this if I can't remember you. It wouldn't be fair to you."

"That's not what I care about," he whispered, louder than most whispers in Bella's new ears.

"I think somewhere in me, I know that," she said sadly. "But it's not fair of me to go on wearing your ring, living somewhere else and not knowing my husband is. And I don't think I can be married to a stranger."

The last, final piece that was already so small of Edward's heart broke into a million pieces. He just nodded, not knowing how to answer her without letting some of the heartbreak through.

Bella crouched, looking towards the window and in an instant, was inside her old room. It was completely empty besides a bed and a night table. She gasped, wondering what happened because even getting married, she must have planned on seeing her own father, right?

She sat down on the bed and waited. She didn't feel tired at all and it seemed like maybe she should but the feeling wouldn't come.

Time passed, and Jasper finally turned to Edward and spoke. "She seems fine," he whispered, knowing the newborn vampire up there might hear him. "She's not even thirsty," he thought.

All Edward could do was nod. Still. He was staring up at that window like she would suddenly come to it and invite him in. Like old times.

"We should get back," Jasper said more loudly this time. "There's nothing we can do here."

"I can't leave her," Edward said. "I don't want to." He looked down from the window to his closed fist, opening it to see Bella's wedding ring clenched inside.

"Come on," Jasper said, pulling him away and getting Edward into the woods with him.

"I love you, Bella," Edward whispered low yet loud enough he knew she could hear him. They broke into a run and left the backyard. Bella looked to the yard where she knew she heard him but decided to not think about that. She just couldn't.

Finally, after a long while, Charlie came home. He hung up his jacket and gun like a usual day. He was going to the kitchen to heat some dinner Sue left for him when he heard noises from upstairs.

Panicked, he picked his gun back up and walked up the stairs. The noises were coming from Bella's old room, making him worry even more. He thought maybe someone broke in looking for her. For the first time it seemed, he was glad his daughter was married and out of the house. She wasn't here if intruders came.

He swung the door to her room open, seeing a different type of Bella. She had bright, red eyes, milky-white skin and this different kind of beauty to her. He wasn't even sure it was Bella at first.

"Dad," she smiled.

The words proved to Charlie it was her. She looked so relieved to see him but he didn't see much else. He fainted.