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Bella sighed heavily as she shut her suitcase. She'd gone over a million times what she needed for her visit to Italy and yet she still felt so unprepared. She really didn't know what she was getting herself into and she was scared.

Looking around the her and Edward's bedroom, she smiled slightly. It finally felt more like home here. Bella had only gained a few memories, that of their first honeymoon, so far and she was trying to be happy something came back to her. It had been worrying Bella since she woke up that none of it might return. Having even the smallest bit made her feel better.

But then she started thinking what she was about to do and her stomach dropped. Edward had told Bella about the Volturi before.

"There's these vampires named the Volturi," Edward had said. "They're kind of the peacekeepers of our kind. And I went to them before because I had wanted to die but it's very hard for us to kill ourselves."

Thinking about Edward going to them, to ask them to kill him caused Bella to shiver. She wrapped her arms around herself, remembering that will never happen again. He believed the love of his life was dead but now that couldn't happen. She was one of his kind now.

At least that was what she kept telling herself. Believing she couldn't die now that she was a vampire was better than believing that going to see the Volturi and the chance they could kill her right there, without her family knowing. Without her daughter knowing. The thought caused another shiver inside her.

Then another part of that conversation came to Bella's mind.

"Is she safe?"

"As long as Aro only knows your thoughts, he won't find out."

As long as Aro only knows your thoughts. Your thoughts. Bella's. Not Edward or Alice's but Bella's. She had to face the unknown to keep her family safe.


"Is there any way Bella doesn't have to go to Italy?" Edward whispered in a low voice, far away from his parents' home and his.

"I'm not sure," Alice blinked. She was trying to get visions of the future and find out what would happen when Aro sees Bella as a vampire for the first time. It was blurry and she could barely tell what she saw. "It comes out all fuzzy. I guess I won't know until she goes."

"That's not good enough," Edward calmy said but felt like screaming. He tried to compose himself, not wanting anyone with supernatural hearing in the area to hear him. "I need to know she'll be safe. This Bella's never met them."

"I know," Alice answered. "And I'm looking. Just because I can't see anything right now doesn't mean she'll be in any danger."

"But you don't know what Aro might do."

"Neither do you."

Edward turned around, not wanting to face his sister as he spoke. "Remember last time? Aro would have been happy to kill Bella just for the sake of killing her."

Alice sighed. "But that's only because she was human."

"Do you think that means he won't find another reason?" He argued. "Do you think he won't come up with some out-of-the-air excuse to come after our family?"

"I don't doubt that at all," she replied, her answers faltering because she knew Edward was right. "But he has no logical reason to. He'd know we know she's there. If anything happens to her...we could come after Aro and the rest of them."

Edward shrugged and turned back around. "Maybe he'd just come kill us all before we know she's gone. He could tell us, try to get me to fight and just erase every one of us."

"Don't even joke about that."

"Who's joking? It could happen."

"Edward." His pixie sister put both hands on his arms, steadying him to look her in the eye. "It is not going to happen. Bella will be fine. I'll be watching everything. If anything happened to her, anything at all, I would see it. We could go there right as it happens and they wouldn't have the chance to come to us first."

"But we still wouldn't be able to save Bella," he whispered. His voice sounded like it was about to break. "It'd be too late either way. And that's why I can't let her go."

"Edward, you have to," Alice pleaded. "Think about Renesmee. If Bella doesn't go, then the Volturi could come here. And they'll see her. And we'll all be dead anyway."

Edward's voice sounded more confident when he spoke again. "Then I'm going with her."

"And what if Aro knows you're there?"

"He won't," he answered. His voice was different. Positive. Sure. "I'll be somewhere he won't know. It's not like he can read my thoughts from a distance like I can his."

Alice breathed easier, glad Edward wasn't being so morbid anymore. "Where will you go?"

"I'm not sure of that part, yet," he said back. "But I know Bella isn't going without me."


Esme got Bella's things together for the plane ride. She stuffed her passport and plane tickets in the purse Alice was letting Bella borrow. She had the same doubts as Edward but never spoke of them, hoping that if she kept them to herself, she wouldn't need to be so worried.

Carisle was in his office, working on cases like Bella's, hoping the pregnancy was something in their histories. He only found legends and myths, same as before. He needed something to give him a hint to any other half-human, half-vampire children out there. Renesmee's future had seemed like a big question mark without it.

Rosalie was feeding Renesmee some strained peas. Esme had tried to get her to eat some human baby food instead of blood all the time. Nessie didn't like too much of human food. She cringed the first time she sniffed any of it. But eventually, she gave in and tried the peas and now she loved them. It was the kind of thing Rose had always pictured. Sitting with an adorable baby on her lap, feeding her baby food. She just wished it had been possible for the baby to be her own.

Emmett watched Rosalie with Renesmee. He needed to find a way to give her a child. It was the thing his wife wanted more than anything in the world and he had no idea how to give to her. It was one of those moments where he'd give anything to help her. Rosalie smiled and laughed as her niece did, cleaning the peas off her face. She would be such a good mother, he thought to himself. But then he realized exactly what he could do.


Jasper walked up the path to the cottage, sensing worried and sad feelings. There was fright in them too and he knew just who they'd be coming from. He turned the front doorknob, knowing she was alone. Bella heard his footsteps the second he walked inside the house. She reconized each member of the family's sounds and scents by now that she knew just which Cullen family member it was.

"I guess I'm that obvious with how I feel, huh?" Bella chuckled as she emerged from the bedroom. "I should have known you'd know."

Jasper laughed lightly with her. "I was just coming to see if you're all right."

"I'm fine," she answered. Her brother-in-law gave her a face that told her he knew she was lying. "Okay, I'm not. I don't really know what's expected of my reaction to meeting the Volturi or being the only one who can do this. I guess I'm more scared than anything."

"You don't have to be," he said to her calmly. "The Volturi only do harm if they've been harmed first. Or if the secret has been."

"Edward told me part of your history," Bella began, slowly, not knowing how much she should say. "That the Volturi saved you in a way. I know you respect them."

"I only know what I've seen," Jasper answered her. "I saw what they did with the vampires of the South but I've heard of the last time you went there. They wanted Alice. No amount of respect would let me allow them to take her."

"I feel the same about Edward," she whispered. "Jasper. What do I do? I don't remember them. Do I tell them that? What if they ask what happened?"

"You tell them parts of the truth," he cooly responded. "You tell them you got a disease and were dying, that Edward had turned you into one of us but somewhere in those few days, something else changed. Bits of your memory left and that you can't remember the last time you were there."

"If they don't believe me?"

"They'll believe you," Jasper answered just as sure as anything else he said. "They'll have to. You're not that good of a liar, Bella."

He smiled at the end and she smiled back, hoping that she could pull this off even if she was a bad liar. Maybe she'd just get that one lie out.


Edward walked into the cottage. It was almost time for Bella to go and he wanted to pack some stuff for the trip. More specifically, his stuff. He took out the suitcase and threw some pairs of clothes in them and a few other things. He didn't need much as long as his family was all right.


Bella gathered all her things together, her luggage and her purse. Everyone was there, everyone but Edward. She began to wonder if what happened on Isle Esme changed his mind. Maybe what she said about possibly regretting him was why her memory altered got Edward thinking. Maybe he didn't want to be her husband anymore.

Before her doubts could led any further, Edward walked in the front door with a suitcase in hand. She gasped quietly but it was enough for him to hear. He looked at her, taking in her shock but all he saw was relief. That was a good sign.

The first voice to react to the suitcase was not the one Edward had expected. Or even Bella. "Edward, what the hell are you doing?" Rosalie's face came out of the crowd their family made, not accusing but curious.

It was not Edward who answered but Bella. "He's coming with me."

Bella's voice was barely a whisper but everyone still heard her. Carisle and Esme both looked at her, the same expression on their face - that she knew he was going to come. And there was also hurt that flashed across Edward's mother face before she recovered.

Edward smiled at Bella. He knew she'd understand the second he walked in. Alice smiled at the two of them. "Edward, you can't go! Aro will read your mind!"

"Rose," he said, tearing his face away from his wife's to look at his sister. "I'm not meeting with Aro. Just wherever Bella goes, I go."

His face was back on Bella's within seconds after he stopped speaking. "So this is real? You're coming to Italy with me?"

"Yes," he kept smiling. "I can't let you go alone."

"Thank God," she breathed and dropped her bags and went straight to her husband, wrapping her arms around him. "I don't know what I would have done without you there."

Esme looked worried. "Edward. Are you sure? Last time, Jane tried to kill you -"

"Mom," he held a hand up, wrapping the other arm around Bella as they separated. "I have to go. I know last time wasn't the best situation but I can't let Bella go up against them by herself."

"But she wouldn't be by herself," Emmett butt in. "Wasn't Carisle going with her?"

"I would never let anything happen to her, Edward," his father added. "You know that. Bella is a part of this family. She'll be safe."

"It's not that I don't trust you," Edward told him. He took a internal deep breath. "It's just I can't let her go somewhere dangerous without me right behind her. I'm sure you understand that."

Carisle looked at Esme. He knew he'd do the same thing if it was his wife in this sitation. "Yes, son, I understand."

Edward nodded. Bella looked between father and son, hoping this meant everything was fine and going to be fine.

"Okay," Carisle said after a few moments of silence. He heard Jacob's car pull into the driveway and turned to face his son and daughter-in-law. "Then I think it's time to go."

Everyone said good-bye to the three of them, Carisle kissed his wife and Bella and Edward both hugging their daughter tightly. This was her only chance, they had to remember that. It was what was going to keep her safe.


It didn't take long for them to reach the airport. There wasn't many people standing outside but that meant little to the three vampires and the one werewolf. They knew the plane would be full. Jacob pulled to the front entrance and put the Rabbit in park. "I guess there is where you guys get off."

"Thank you, Jacob," Carisle said in a soothing voice.

"It was just a ride," he chuckled.

"No," the eldest Cullen answered. "It's not just that. Thank you for protecting our family. Before when the newborns came, you risked your family for mine. And when Bella was pregnant, you came to us and turned your back on them. You don't know what that means to all of us."

"Oh," Jacob said. "I loved Bella and you're important to her. I couldn't let anything happen to all of you." He paused then chuckled again. "Besides, I got to discover you aren't all that bad."

Carisle and Jacob shook hands. It seemed awkward due to the fact that they were sitting in the front seat of a car. But the four still got out of the car, Edward walked up to him first. He echoed his father's sentiment. "Thank you," he said.

Jacob understood this time. "You're welcome." The two men nodded at each other then shook hands too. Bella walked up to him last, head down until she was right in front of him. "Aww, Bells, come on. You'll be back."

"I know," she replied. "Just, this me isn't used to saying good-bye to you. So instead I'll just say 'see you soon', all right?"

He nodded. "That sounds good to me."

Bella leaned up and wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tight. Edward remembered before how it was when Jacob hugged her and felt relief things were different now. "Take care of my little girl, Jacob."

They both pulled away and he moved a piece of hair from the side of her face. "You got it."

Bella nodded and walked away with her husband and father-in-law. She turned back around and waved after a few seconds but Jacob was gone.


"Do you think it's going to all be okay?" Rosalie questioned Alice. "Do you see anything yet?"

"Calm down," Alice sighed. "They didn't even get on the plane yet. I can't see what happens when they get there yet."

"Nothing at all?"

"Rose!" She turned to her sister with a playful smile and aggravation at the same time. "If you push me, I definitely won't be seeing anything."

"Ok, fine," the blonde said as she pulled her hair to one side. "I'll stop pestering. But the second you see something -"

"I will let you know," Alice finished for her.

Esme sat in the other room listening to them. It felt as if Rosalie was doing her job for her. Her worry for her husband and children was all over and through her. Listening to them fight felt normal, at least. She just took an uneccesary deep breath and returned to the room with them, hoping her worry in their conversation had faded from her face.


The plane ride was long. Bella had never been on a plane as a vampire. Without the nap, it seemed as if there was nothing to do. Edward had whispered to her about joining the mile high club and she shivered, knowing that as much as she'd want to, she couldn't when she was so scared. He understood and told her if she changes her mind, she knew where he was.

And she did know. The three of them were sitting right in the back of the plane, first class. They had hoped the people there were so distracted by their own world that nothing would seem so different about them. Carisle was next to a window seat, curtain down and scrolling something in a notebook. Bella had glanced at it once. She thought she saw more theories about her memory on there. She never looked again.

Edward held her hand for the hours long ride, squeezing it whenever she exhaled. He took it as a sign of worry or stress since she didn't need to do that anymore. Everytime he did it, Bella looked at her husband, expecting him to be staring at her but he looked straight ahead. He probably didn't want her think he was worrying, too.

Bella wished she could sleep. She would give anything to concentrate on her dreams for even just a little bit before facing this reality. Her thoughts wandered to possibilities of the Volturi, what they were like. Would they be nice now that she was one of them? Would they be angry the Cullens have another family member?

The ideas were endless but nothing Bella wanted to consider. Anything she thought about or a road she could go down, they could all scare her even more. The last thing she needed was something that made her not want to do this.

She knew she had to. For all of her family, Charlie included, and for Renesmee. She would not let Aro find out about her and kill her. Her daughter would not be harmed.

Before she knew it, they reached Italy. Her mind was so random that time had actually went faster than she'd expected. Edward squeezed her hand again. This time when she looked at him, he was looking at her. A small smile played on his lips but there was something behind it. He was scared, too. Neither of them knew what could happen when she went in there.

The three of them stood up, Edward still holding Bella's hand. They waited for the people around them to go first and Carisle got their luggage down. They made their way out, each wearing a hat just in case there was a lot of sun. The day was cool but they wore them anyway. If they had learned anything about life, it's that things can change in a second.


Jasper sat with Esme in the living room while the rest of them went to hunt. He had been sensing her feelings ever since the three of their family members walked out the door and he never had the chance to talk to her yet. Until now.

"You know," he started as soon as they were out of earshot. "I can tell exactly what you're feeling right now and yet you hide it from everyone else. Why is that?"

Esme sighed, looking at her son. "I didn't want everyone else know I'm thinking exactly what they're thinking. It might be a worse case of it, too."

"You can tell me about it, though."

"I know," she sighed and looked away from him. She didn't want to talk about it, though. She wanted to lock it up in a box inside her mind and protect her children and her family. If she couldn't stay strong for them, then who would?


Esme turned her head back to Jasper, and looked him straight in the eyes. "I'm trying to be strong for you."

"It's okay not to be," he answered her. "We just need you to be honest. As long as we have you with us, we're going to be fine."

She smiled for the first time in what seemed like years. "Thank you, sweetheart."


Bella walked into the hotel room amazed. She was stunned at the gorgeous room. She had never seen anyplace like this. She walked around staring at everything in the room, in some kind of trace.

"Do you like it?" Edward asked her, putting their bags on the floor.

Bella spun around and smiled a huge smile. For just a moment, she forgot where they were and why they were there. "Yeah. I do. It's beautiful."

"It's a honeymoon suite," he explained. "I thought it'd be nice that even though this vacation isn't for us as a couple, that we could enjoy going to another country as a married couple."

"I don't think we're supposed to be here for that," she whispered. "But maybe we could find some time for it after we go see -" Edward chuckled. "What?"

"I didn't mean just for that," he answered his wife. "You have such a dirty mind."

"Well, maybe," she started and moved closer to him. "If you hadn't been the one who introduced me to what it is to have a dirty mind, then it wouldn't be like this."

Edward put both hands on each side of her waist. "You know that if you ever had wanted anyone else, I would have let you go. Nothing else mattered to me beside that you were happy."

"Then you also knew that there was no way I could be happy any other way then with you," she replied simply.

He kissed her lightly, lips lingering over hers. Both of them felt the connection there and pushed it aside. They both had something big to deal with it while they were here.

"I should go talk to Carisle," Edward said after a moment. He unwrapped himself from Bella and took a step back. "Ask him about our plan and when to go."

"I thought we were going tomorrow?"

Edward swallowed softly and spoke again. "I just want to make sure that's still the plan."

"Okay," Bella whispered. "I'll take a shower then. The hours on the plane made me feel off so I'll just go in real quick."

"Maybe not too quick," he said. "If you're still in there when I get back, maybe I'll help you."

"Maybe," a smirk crawled on Bella's face. Edward kissed her quick before he left and shut the door behind him.

Bella sighed and walked over to the suitcase, looking through her clothes in there. She picked out a tank top and a pair of jeans then walked into the bathroom, hoping the shower might take away some of her worries too.


The hours seemed to go as fast as they did on the plane now that they were here. It was nighttime already and they had arrived in Italy in the afternoon. Everything was settled and they were going to the Volturi tomorrow morning. Aro didn't know they would be coming but he must have known they would be.

Bella laid down, praying for one more rest as she did on the plane. Her anxiety made her jumpy and she couldn't take it anymore. She was to go in there alone, Carisle waiting a block away. Edward would be with him and he would hear Aro's thoughts to know what is happening. Knowing they had a plan didn't make her feel any better though.

Edward closed the door behind him, coming out of his own shower. His hair shined and gleamed with little waterfalls on them and he had never looked more beautiful than that moment, Bella thought. He had no shirt on but was wearing loose pants and came to lay beside her on the bed.

"What are you thinking about?" he asked as he took her hand and played with her fingers.

"Tomorrow," she replied. "What I have to do." She glanced at their twined hands and stared at them when she spoke again. "What if I can't do it, Edward?"

"You can," he said without any doubt in his voice.

"But what if I can't?"

"Bella," he said, turning on his side and looking in his wife's eyes. "A long time ago, when we first met, I told you that you don't see yourself very clearly. And right now, I am going to tell you that again."

"Edward -"

"No," he cut her disagreement off. "You can do this. You just need to believe in yourself the way that I do, all right?"

"Okay," she whispered, still not agreeing.



"I know you still don't believe me."

"About what?" she tried to sound innocent but Jasper was right. She was a bad liar and that caused a lump in her throat.

"You know what," he answered. "Bella, listen to me. You can do this. I know you think you can't but you have no reason to doubt yourself. You're much more braver then you give yourself credit for."

She laughed. "Why do I feel like you're only saying this because you're my husband?"

"Because that's not why I'm saying it," he answered. His voice didn't have the same humor as hers had. It had confidence and trust. Most of all, it had love. It was hard for Bella to doubt when Edward had that voice.

She smiled this time. "Thank you."

Bella leaned her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes, relaxing in the moment. Edward kissed her head. "Anytime."


The next day came and it was almost time to go. Carisle was waiting for Bella in the hall. She stared at the bathroom mirror, thinking and rethinking what she would need to say to them. You can do this, she heard Edward's voice from last night in her head. She could trust Edward knew what he was saying and that she could talk to them. It was up to her, after all.

Edward peered into the room. "You ready to go?"

She nodded. "I have to be."

"We don't have to do this," he reassured her. "We can find another way -"

"No," she stopped him. "We don't have time, Edward. Let's just do this."

Bella put her hand in his and they walked out of the bathroom and out of the hotel room and to Carisle. "How are you doing today, Bella?"

"I'm good," she forced a smile. "Just have this big thing to do, you know. Save my family, same old."

She tried to keep it light but both men knew there was more to it than that. Her father-in-law tried to assure her. "It will be fine."

She just nodded and they walked to the front entrance. They took a taxi as far as they could and walked the rest of the way. Edward kissed Bella quick before she went on her way alone and told her he loved her and how she can do it. Carisle wished her luck and said that she didn't need it.

Bella sighed as she took one last glance behind her. Both males were smiling at her, encouraging her. She looked forward and kept walking on her way. She passed the fountain in front of a doorway. Something clicked in her mind but she pushed it aside. She needed to concentrate on the task ahead.

A man was waiting in the doorway. "We weren't expecting you."

Bella swallowed and hoped the man didn't notice her hesitation. "I wanted to surprise Aro."

She had on the necklace that had been in a box from Aro as a wedding present. Alice had told her it would be a nice sign to Aro if she wore it there.

The man guided Bella down a large, dark hallway. There was a tunnel she had to go down and he made her go first. She was scared but closed her eyes as she jumped and it was over before she realized. The man fell back in step behind her as he brought her to even larger doors.

The doors opened and what was before Bella was a huge ballroom type of room. The ceilings were high and she studied them all as if some type of flash would come of the last time they were there. The room was empty besides three men sitting in what looked like thrones. Bella was surprised, she thought there would be more of them there.

"Ah, Demetri," the dark haired one in the middle throne spoke in a high lullaby voice. He was excited to see Bella. That must be Aro, she thought. "I see you've found us a guest here." His eyes traveled to Bella and stayed on her. "And how are you, Isabella?"

She swallowed and tried to speak in her most clear, loud voice. "I'm very well, Aro. Thank you for asking."

He didn't correct her so that was a good sign. "Of course. And I heard you and Edward have gotten married?"

"Yes," she nodded. "In August."

"I'm a little sad to know you didn't visit me sooner, Isabella," Aro said in a heartbroken voice. Bella knew he'd play with her in this way. "What could have taken you so long?"

"Newlyweds," she fibbed. "You know how they are."

He chuckled. "Yes, I do." He stared at her eyes, his red eyes widening with excitement when he finally noticed the color. "So you have finally joined the side of the immortal, I see."

The blond man on the other side of him tried to see her eyes better while the darker hair man on the other side just sat there, barely noticing people were talking right in front of him. "Yes," Bella swallowed again. She really hoped no one noticed how many times she did that. "Edward was the one to turn me. Not too long after the wedding, actually. We spent a few weeks on a honeymoon, though."

Bella smiled at the end, remembering her only memories with Edward before her change. Aro noticed. "That sounds very nice, Isabella." He looked around and landed on the one he called Demetri. "And you came alone? I'm sure your groom would not want you be in Italy by yourself."

"I am...alone," she lied and hoped he didn't see through it. "It's only supposed to be a short trip. Edward knows I can be okay."

Another lie. He didn't know since he worried as much about her as she did about him. She worried Aro would notice a falter in her voice, something to call her out on her lies. But his face stayed the same. "Are you sure he didn't follow you here? He seemed very concerned about you the last time he visited."

Bella took a deep breath. What was happening? Did he know Edward was here? But before she could tell herself she was crazy, a tall man walked out of another doorway and he was holding Edward. His hand was underneath Edward's neck and Edward was straining to look around. He saw where he was and the fear on Bella's face as soon as he looked in her direction.

"Edward," she whispered. The shock on her face must have told Aro he thought wrong and that Bella did not know he was there.

"Felix found him not too far from here," Aro explained. "As soon as Demetri saw you coming, I had my people go look around for anyone that might be with you. Carisle is with Jane and Alec. So, yes, we found him, too."

Aro's words went right past Bella. She couldn't see or hear anything but Edward. She knew this could happen. She needed to save him.

"We're not going to hurt him," Aro told Bella. "This is just to make sure you don't lie to us again, Isabella. Are you going to tell the truth now?"

Bella nodded, not being able to find words. Edward looked like he was struggling to stand upright. What did Felix do to him?

"Very well," he said. Aro walked over to Edward and placed his hand in his. Bella gasped. She knew exactly what he was doing. Aro was going to find out about Renesmee. She wanted to run to him, to stop him, to do anything but arms held her back. Demetri.

"Oh," Aro said as he scanned through Edward's memories. A frown appeared on his face and then he chuckled. What was he seeing? He looked over to Bella a few seconds after then let go of Edward's hand. He composed himself and turned to face her now. "You have a daughter. Isn't that the type of news someone might tell a friend?"

"You didn't ask," Bella's voice faltered. She wasn't lying but the panic was coming through.

"Oh, I suppose I didn't think to ask of something like that," he smiled at her. "Is that what you didn't want me to know about?"

"I was scared you'd think she was an immortal child and want to hurt her."

Aro nodded thoughtfully. "You could have told me what she was and I would have believed you." He paused for a moment then spoke again. "Is she here? Maybe back at the hotel?"

"You saw my husband's thoughts," Bella spoke louder. "You'd know if she was there."

"Yes," he agreed. "I suppose I would. But I was asking you."

"No," Bella looked him right in the eyes. "She's not here."

"Very good!" Aro smiled. "That was a good job telling me the truth."

Despite his upbeat voice, he motioned his fingers to another door. In walked Carisle and behind him was two blondes, a male and a female. She assumed they were Jane and Alec.

Bella's panic rose. "What's going on? I thought you weren't going to hurt them."

"Oh, we won't," Aro answered. "But this a little test."

"A test?"

"Yes," he nodded. "To make sure you behave."

She swallowed. What else was there to do? Now both Edward and Carisle were going to get hurt because of her. She knew this was a mistake to come here. Bella wished to take it back for anything. She just wanted to be home with her family more than anything right now.

Aro smiled again. "What happened the last time you were here?"

"Um..." Bella stammered. She didn't know much about it. "You wanted to kill me."


In that second, two things happened. Felix let go of Edward and Jane turned her gaze on him. Before Edward could take a step, he was screaming in pain and crouched to the ground.

"Edward!" Bella screamed. Demetri held her back as Edward sank lower and Jane's smile grew more sinister. Bella turned to Aro. "What are you doing to him?! I told the truth!"

"No," he calmly answered. "The truth was that I was going to turn you into one of us and take the three of you to live here." She sank to the ground too as if if could help her comfort Edward. "I would have also accepted that you do not remember it."

Edward risked a glance in his wife's direction. His face was full of pain and the second her eyes met his, he made a sound of more pain. Bella couldn't take it anymore. But before she realized what was happening, flashes came before her eyes. They were fast and there were many of them coming all at once. Bella closed her eyes, trying to read each and every one.

Carisle wanted to come to either of his children but Alec held him back. He was much stronger than he looked, the eldest thought. He needed to comfort both of them.

Edward saw Bella on the ground with her closed eyes. He instantly thought Jane had done something to her, that somehow this time her powers had worked on her. He began to crawl towards his wife and Aro told Jane to stop. He was just as curious as Edward as to what was happening with Bella.

When Edward had finally reached Bella, Demetri backed up a step. He put his hands on his wife's face. "Bella. Bella, what's wrong? Bella!"

His voice was more panicked then she had ever heard. Bella's eyes shot open and he sighed in relief. "Oh, Bella. Thank God."

Her voice sounded low and almost dream-like. "I thought you didn't believe in God when it comes to us."

"What?" He was surprised that was the first thing she said. He didn't remember telling her that these past few weeks. Maybe Alice had. He hugged her to him and her limp arms tried to wrap around him. Aro watched them expectantly.

"You sound sad," she whispered. "Like at the ballet studio. You're reminding me of that right now."

He pulled out of the hug and held her face in his hands. "You know what I sounded like at the ballet studio?"

"Of course I do," Bella answered. Her voice was becoming stronger. "How could I ever forget anything about you?"

Edward sighed in even bigger relief this time and hugged her again. "Your memory - it's back?"

Bella paused. The last few weeks surfacing to her mind as he asked of her memory. "I think so. I remember all these things now. When we met, the first time I saw you, just everything. Your hands were so cold."

"Oh, Bella," he whispered. "What happened? You were down on the ground and then -"

"I think you two have had enough time now," Aro interrupted the newlyweds. "Felix."

Felix walked up to them and pulled Edward apart from Bella, off of the ground and back to where they were previously standing. Demetri was back one step and pulled Bella off of the ground too.

"So you remember again?" Aro asked pleasantly, like he wasn't just asking someone to hurt her husband. "How nice."

"I don't know what just happened," she said. It was sort of a lie but she didn't want to share her revelations with anyone but Edward. At least not the first time she says it out loud.

"Does this mean you remember the last time you were here?"

"Yes," she said. Demetri was hurting her arm holding it that tight and she tried to not make it show. "I remember everything now."

"Does that mean you'll reconsider joining us here?"

"Thank you very much for the offer," she answered. "But I think I'd like to go home. Italy isn't my type of home, you see."

"Is there anything I can to change your mind?" Aro looked at Jane as he said that, as if he'd ask her to unleash her power on Edward again to get what he wanted.

"No," she shook her head. "I don't think there is."

Aro frowned. "I'm sorry to hear that."

"Don't be," Bella smiled. "Do you think we can just go home now? I'd really like to just relax now."

"Well, of course!" Aro chuckled. "You may all leave." He instructed Alec, Felix and Demetri to let go of Carisle, Edward and Bella. They all did and looked at each other, wondering if it was a trap. "You are all you for coming."

Demetri walked them out of the big room out a back entrance. As soon as they were outside, Edward hugged Bella tightly. "I was so worried about you," she whispered. "When you were on the ground -"

"I'm okay," he looked at his father across from him. "We're all okay."

"Okay," Carisle cut in. "Let's just get home before they decide they made a mistake letting us go."

Edward agreed. "Sounds good to me."


Alice paced and paced. Her visions kept changing. At first, Jane was about to kill Edward. Then Felix was fighting with him. It was all a jumble of a mess. Jasper had tried to comfort her but it wasn't working with her visions being so unsure.

The door downstairs opened and she heard a gasp. It was Esme. Alice raced down the stairs to see Bella, Edward and Carisle walking in. Suitcases were in hand, too. Esme rushed to her husband and wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging him tighter than ever. Alice raced to hug Bella and Edward.

"Are you guys okay?" Rosalie asked as she walked into the room, holding a sleeping Renesmee. Emmett was behind her.

"Yes," Edward answered. "Bella was incredible."

She looked at him, annoyed. "No, I wasn't. I was horrible."

Alice let them go and stood next to Jasper. Esme curled beside Carisle. "Do you want to tell them or me?"

Emmett wondered. "Tell us what?"

Edward looked at Bella, an expectant smile on his face. "Well?"

"Is something wrong?" Esme asked her children.

"No," Bella answered. "Nothing's wrong. Everything's fine. It's better than fine, actually." She took a deep breath and looked at the waiting eyes. "I got my memory back."

Rosalie was shocked. "All of it?"

Bella nodded and smiled. "All of it."

"Oh My God," Esme whispered. "This is fantastic news, honey."

"I know," Bella beamed. She couldn't keep the smile off her face. Renesmee was waiting up and Bella reached for her, an instant. Rosalie passed her daughter over. "It just happened. I don't know, it must be Italy."

Alice smiled. She knew but wanted Bella surprise everyone. She whispered a 'you're welcome' without getting the 'thank you' first. Bella laughed.

"I will tell you all about it tomorrow," she said. "But now, I think we need to just go home and relax."

Edward agreed. "That sounds like a wonderful idea."

They turned to leave but Emmett stopped them. "Wait!"


"I have an announcement to make," he spoke louder. "A few days I met with this adoption agency that lets any loving parents adopt. They don't care about your age or anything like that. And today, they called me. They want to meet with me and Rose tomorrow at 10 a.m., first thing."

Rosalie formed a huge smile. "Seriously?" Her husband nodded and she jumped up and hugged him. She placed a bunch of kisses on his face.

"I think, at that," Edward chuckled, "we are going to get going."

"I think we all should then," Jasper joked.

Everyone said their good-byes and Bella and Edward walked to their cottage, daughter in tow. After they tucked her in, they sat on the couch. "I have to ask," he started. "What triggered your memory? I mean, that wasn't a happy moment."

"But it was a powerful one," Bella answered. "See, the last time we were there, I thought how that moment felt to me. Seeing you in pain, on the ground because of Jane. That was my strongest memory of my time with you. I never wanted something like that to happen again and seeing it happen again, it triggered it back."

"Then I'm happy it happened," he said. It was serious.

"I thought you didn't care whether or not I had my memory back?"

"I didn't," he replied. "I still don't. But I can't help but feel happy that it came back, either."

"I remember falling in love with you now," she sighed and closed her eyes. "I remember everything."

"And we have forever," Edward reminded her, "to make even more memories now."

"Yes, we do," she kissed him lightly on the lips and leaned her head on him.

"Do you think you might want to go celebrate?" he whispered in her ear.

Bella turned to face him and smiled."Race you."

She was off the couch faster than he was but he caught her and lifted her off the ground. She laughed and he carried her into their bedroom.