I had to do this when I watched the video! This will be a multi chappie fic~ I'm thinking should I make short chapters but fast updates… or the other way around? Anyways, on to the story.


"What's wrong?" A young blond with bushy eyebrows bended over to look at the crying boy's face.

The boy sniffed and looked up. He wiped at his flushed and tearstreamed face. He did not know the other boy, but he has the same uniform as him,and he needed someone to talk to at the moment. Taking a shuddering breath, he began.

"I-I'm running away!" he choked out. The blond frowned at the boy with the raven-black hair. Running away? He put an arm around him.

"Of course your not. What about your parents and friends?" he said. The boy shook his head. "They… they won't care. And I don't have friends." He sobbed out.

The blond wrapped his arms around the crying kid. Getting up, he also helped the boy up.

"Well, even if you don't think they do, they love you more than you think." The crying boy sniffed.

"Anyways, you have a friend now. I'll be the one to make you happy" The boy took hold of his hand. Wiping the crying boys tears, he gave a sad smile.

"Don't cry, you have a pretty face, it'd be better if you smile. What's your name?" he asked.

The kid blushed when the boy took a hold of his hand. He turned a shade darker when the other boy said that. "Ah, my-my name is Kiku Honda! I'm-I'm nine and a half!" He studdered out.

The boy smiled at Kiku, causing him to look away. The boy's emerald eyes widened, then he grinned, "Oh my, I thought you were younger! And I'm eleven! So cute!" he cooed and pinched Kiku's cheeks a little. Kiku smiled a little. People always said that around him, so he was used to all the cheek-pinching and complements. The blond smiled and took a step back. "Now there's a smile!" he said and acted like he had a camera. "Cheese~" Kiku wiped his tears and smiled at the "camera" The boy went back to his side to take a hold of his hand.

"By the way, my name is…"


Kiku awoke from the dream he had. He wiped some sweat from his forehead. "that same dream again…" he muttered to his self. Fixing the bed, he looked at an old picture of him and that boy.

Sunlight shone brightly through the windows of the hotel. After he took a shower, Kiku packed all the things he needed, and got his self dressed. "I guess he's not in this town…" he said out loud to nobody in particular. Putting his bag on his shoulder, he lightly smiled at the photo and placed it on his pocket. Before leaving, he looked out the window. His eyes were looking at the streets, searching for someone he knew dearly.

He sighed. "I'll find you, Arthur Kirkland."

le gasp! And so the story begins! This is the prolouge, so of course you'll be confused. THIS MIGHT OR MIGHT NOT HAVE A HAPPY ENDING! But if it does not, I baked you a pie. Review! I wanna see what you guys think of this!