"…So you have come back once more? I am quite surprised, honestly. After you witnessed the grim tidings of one alternate timeline, you wish to delve into another one and see what fate beheld the heroes there? I don't know whether to congratulate you for your bravery or mock you for your naivety. Before we go again though, I wish to clarify a few things with you, my observer. You cannot always expect a good outcome when you ask to see how things would've gone with an alternative to your chosen solution, the one timeline you saw was proof enough of my words. And as depressing as that fate was for the proud hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, the hands of the higher-up's influence extend far beyond just one timeline. Many others have been subjugated, stripped of their free will simply so 'they' can maintain balance in all thing light and dark."

"However, there are some things even they aren't willing to stop until the scope of destruction has been fully determined. So while they murmur about the weight of their decisions in a dimension far beyond the comprehension of mortal and immortal, many lives both malicious and innocent perish, and as should be noted, they have never been one to resurrect the fallen, especially when they consider the rest of us to be superfluous…But I do not wish to waste paragraph after paragraph explaining my abhorrence towards their methods, so I shall cease here and now."

"By now it should be obvious that I am a person, but I am different from the rest of you, and I am far different than even those I was once related to. I may have a human body, but that only hides my blood…Even so, I have emotions, and like the person this particular timeline shall be based around, I lost my people to an enigmatic being. You wish to know my identity, you say? There is a time and place for everything, but telling you my name won't help you at the moment. So sit back, relax, and let me weave you another tale, about the consequences brought on by a lack of acceptance…"

Clash of the Elements What-If Scenario (Movie 1):

Return to a Blank Slate

It was an invasion the likes of which many people of Plit had never witnessed before. The Subspace Army, a highly unknown group of beings led by the equally enigmatic Tabuu, had risen again in full force after their leader's defeat in the World of Trophies. With his Subspace Orbs spread about in a specified pattern, Tabuu sought to capture the heroes that defied him once before and plunge the world into Subspace so he can absorb the energy from the captured zones to confront the being who wronged him by trapping him in this realm after wiping out his people.

The details and reasoning behind his plan were revealed in full to the young Elemental Overlord, Alex Whiter, and it was from those details that he learned from Tabuu just why he had a vendetta against the original wielder of the elements. After the spirit of the Overlord spoke to the lord of Subspace, Alex sought of a way to convince him to let him shoulder the burden. This is where the timeline splits, where in this tale the boy neglects to mention a key detail to the lord of Subspace, one that would've been certain to earn Tabuu's acceptance…

"Tabuu, you've suffered for a long time, you've wanted revenge against the Master Hand but have already been robbed of one chance to do so. I know this will sound crazy and will probably earn me some strife…But why don't you let me carry your burden? I can do what the previous Overlord was unable to do and slay the Master Hand myself. You don't have to trudge through this realm, you can finally pass on and see your friends again, relaxing in peace as you have confidence over the fact that I will accomplish what you had failed to do…Tabuu, it may not have happened to me, but I still feel like I can empathize the ordeals you've had to endure…So what do you say, will you call off your attack and let me do your job for you?"

Right away Tabuu raises an eyebrow in suspicion of the boy's words. It was a combination of disbelief and the particular timing of them that was brought to his attention. In his weakened state it would be far too easy for the lord of Subspace to end his life. So there was something for him to consider. Was his offer genuine, or an attempt to get him to submit to save his own skin? As Tabuu raised his hand, he felt uneasy as he started to lean towards the second option. He wanted to keep his arm out to shake in agreement of his offer, but as it inched further away from his body the uneasy feeling increased. Suddenly, he jerks his hand back, withdrawing the arm and crossing it in front of his chest once more much to Alex's shock.

"Do you take me for a fool?" He says with a laugh underneath his breath. The young Overlord, wondering as to what Tabuu was referring to, pulled his arm back and said in response "What do you mean by 'a fool'? I'm trying to help you out here…" "Then why are you quivering?" Tabuu quickly states with one brow raised. As the boy reeled back in surprise, he looks at his body and notices that his hands are shaking slightly, but not out of worry but from the pain he has suffered throughout the battle making it difficulty for him to keep himself together. However, in spite of what he knew, he was unable to say anything before he looked up and saw Tabuu spreading his arms out wide with his magnificent, rune-like wings appearing behind his back.

His murderous aura was overwhelming, which was discomforting to feel in the presence of his calm facial expression. He briefly grimaces, as if he has regrets about what he wishes to do. "Sorry, young Overlord, but this is the right decision. After all, if you are incapable of beating me, then what hope do you have of besting the Master Hand? I have to assimilate the life energy from the many worlds in the universe in order to stand a chance against it. Besides, my forgiveness towards the Elemental Overlord would only come from one of two conclusions…Either I accepted his faults as I die, or I destroyed him myself…Sorry you had to get wrapped up in this child, but the lives I sacrifice will prevent a million times that amount from falling as well."

With his intentions noted calmly, Alex quickly draws forth his sword and spreads his wings out wide, gritting his teeth in anger at Tabuu's choice while at the same time expressing fear at the attack he was about to unleash. He stood no chance of guarding against it, so he had to cut him down before it was fired. Upset that things had to come down to this, the young Overlord grips the handle of his sword in both hands and swings it behind him, the weight of his blade throwing him off-balance as he is swiftly forced to prevent himself from falling backwards.

His vision becomes blurred, the effort of even the simplest movements taking a lot of energy to perform. But he doesn't waver, and charges forth even as Tabuu begins to uncross his arms from in front of him with his core pulsating to release the energy out from the wings. When the rings start to form and expand outward, Alex has only one thing on his mind, and everything else slows down to a crawl so he can think about his thoughts a while longer. "Tabuu…I can only imagine what you are thinking about right now. You've already chosen your path, and maybe you just want to see it through to the end instead of passing the torch to someone you just met…It is too late for me to change your mind, but in my final moments I wish to show you something…"

With his blade quickly raises above his head, Alex brings it down like a guillotine, the tip of his blade grinding against the powerful energies that make up the supposedly unstoppable golden ring. Distortions spread out through the realm, the structure of Subspace wiggling about without restraint as the colors flash rapidly between their regular and inverted shades. The second effect changes the textures of the two fighters as well, and after a few seconds of pressing his weapon against the Off-Wave, Alex's wings start to slowly disintegrate, appearing as ashes for a brief moment through Tabuu's focused pupils until they are spontaneously ignited, turning all feathers into bright, crimson flames that pour themselves into the boy's body to briefly give him his full strength.

With his power returned it doesn't take long for Alex to break through the Off-Wave, shattering both the ring along with dispelling the effect around him by turning the inverted colors into broken glass shards that fall off on all sides of the area. As they crash against the ground, the flames on the young Overlord's body and sword die out, his blade held diagonally behind his head as his breathing becomes diluted and heavy. Multiple sweat drops are dripping from his head, but even though he has lost he puts on his brightest smile and never once lifts his face up to look at Tabuu as the next Off-Wave is fired off. The boy can only hear his beating heart, which is loud enough to overtake the sounds of the ring tearing a path through the ground in front of him. The beatings become more rapid and pronounced, pounding against his chest with such force that it could burst through the cavity wall at any moment.

But the feeling didn't matter in the slightest. The edge of the Off-Wave cuts straight through Alex's right shoulder, the arm falling to the ground after floating in the air precariously for a couple moments. The blood gushes out from the young Overlord's body in all directions, splattering against the ground in various locations until it gathers together into a dark-red puddle. The remainder of the blood drips out slowly as the boy's lifeless body leans forward and begins to fall towards the ground, that same smile still present on his face. Tabuu doesn't fire another Off-Wave, instead choosing to let the body fall with dignity. His wings disappear into nothingness, and as the blood stops emerging the lord of Subspace floats over so he is front of his victim and lowers himself so he can see the child as he lies in a pool of his own drying blood.

For some reason, a tear trickles out of Tabuu's right eye, and the feeling of liquid running down his cheek causes him to take notice immediately. He taps his right hand against the side of his face, slinking his fingers downward so the next drop rolls onto his nail. He then moves his hand in front of his eyes, staring into the glistening teardrop as his eyes swiftly widen in horror. "What…What have I done?" He mutters. He was ridden with guilt, a feeling that came on so suddenly that it was almost difficulty for Tabuu to comprehend just why it is happening.

But as he was left to his sadness with no one to help him cope with it, Subspace suddenly started to shake violently, tremors of unimaginable magnitude being followed up by the roar of a mighty dragon. This sensation dies down quickly, but Tabuu's guilt is replaced with an immense feeling of unease as he lifts his body up and looks around in utter confusion. "It can't be…No…It is. Pandora has awoken!" As his mind starts racing, the lord of Subspace flies up into the air and feels his core starting to beating, and he can feel that its structure is becoming unstable inside of his body. "What is going on here? How has Pandora breeched the outside world, and why is my core reacting to this feeling of dread in the air?"

As Tabuu looks ready to charge through the realm to seek out Pandora and drag it back in before the world of Plit can be destroyed, he is frozen in place upon hearing the echoes of a callous, sadistic laugh. "Ehehehehehehe!" Suddenly, a black, capsule shaped portal opens up in front of the lord of Subspace, and emerging from it is a wrinkled, green-skinned woman wearing a violet and yellow witch's robe. Her jagged fingers are quickly hidden under it, and as she grins her eyes stare straight into Tabuu's exasperated own with malice brimming in the shrunken pupils. "Hello, Tabuu…To think we would see each other again, but I had to come and congratulate you for eliminating the Elemental Overlord. A job well-done, if I do say so myself…"

Tabuu immediately arched his eyebrows in anger as the mysterious witch finished her sentence with a casual expression of pleasure on her face. "I recognize you…You are the one who revived me, aren't you?" His voice is raised, displeasure being shown in his harsh tone as the being floating before him just stays calm and does nothing to react to his existence. "You could say that." She says in a coy tone. Tabuu swings his arms out wide, his eyes flaring up as the truth becomes clear to him almost instantly "You used me to destroy Plit and kill the Elemental Overlord because he stood in your way, didn't you?"

"A little late to be stating the obvious, aren't we?" The witch says, standing firm against the unhinged Tabuu as two golden chains come out from above and below his palms, lashing themselves around her limbs to suspend her in place while the lord of Subspace tries to summon his wings to kill her while she was helpless. But as her lips curl into a smirk, she opens them wide and says without changing the look in her eyes "How convenient…The puppet came with his own strings…" And with her cold-hearted mockery of Tabuu's role in her schemes the witch summons magic into her hands, and with a flick of the wrist the chains are broken. The lord of Subspace has summoned his wings by this time though, and as he folds his body forward ready to unleash his Off-Waves, he lifts his head up and glares at the witch with a furious intensity burning within.

"If you feared the Overlord, then know that I shall be a bigger nightmare to you than he ever was!" Having slipped into madness, Tabuu swings his arms out wide beside him, raising his body ready to launch his attack, only for no rings to emerge and his wings to instead start distorting behind him. He can feel the fuzziness of their warping structures as he leans his head down and notices his core reacting to an unknown pressure that has covered the atmosphere around him. However, judging from the witch's calm demeanor, it is clear that she cannot feel what he can, and as he prepares to question her about this sensation she rears her head back and bursts into riotous laughter.

"Ehehehehehe! Oh boy, you just have no idea how outsmarted you are, do you?" Gently lowering her head to glare straight into Tabuu's confused, fear-struck eyes as his core starts to project bigger, holographic versions of itself at steady intervals as the lord of Subspace's wings vanish and he is frozen in place without explanation. His eyes wiggle around, trying to focus on the witch as his breaths become more frantic and heavier with each passing second. "Let me explain it all to you, shall I?" The witch says as she closes her eyelids and grins from cheek to cheek. After floating in closer to Tabuu and laying her wrinkly palm against his chin, she wraps her cold fingers around his jaw and forces the face to lean down to stare at her.

With her prey at her mercy, she slants her eyebrows and says with brimming arrogance, "You see, my plan from the start was originally to revive you in order to prevent someone else from getting to where I lurk and putting a major dent in my plans. No, I wasn't worried about being killed, but rather of the damage he would cause while I was waiting to get revived. But as I recalled witnessing your powers, I came up with a plan to use your realm for a better purpose. First I went to that dragon you feared and modified its powers with a spell, making it so that instead of destroying a planet or celestial body it would instead convert the whole thing into a Subspace Orb. Then, when I revived you I modified your core to act as a magnet that would keep you motionless after a large source of energy appeared in this realm for you to absorb. However…I also de-stabilized your core, so that when you absorb the energy of say…A certain planet, it'll detonate, the energy amplifying the blast radius to such a length that it will create a large, pitch black vacuum outside of this realm that shall drag in many other planets and stars that will be…Shall I say, inconvenient to my other plan. So I must admit, for a contingency plan everything worked out even better than I could've ever hoped for it to had things gone their course the way I had originally intended for them to…"

With her plan explained in excruciating detail to Tabuu, the witch withdraws herself from his body, tilting her head behind her and noting the mass of energy coming her way. With a creak of her head towards the doomed lord of Subspace she gives him one last smile, relishing in the sight of his pained expression as she waves a hand to open a portal beside her and enters it without leaving behind any evidence of her brief existence in the realm. Tabuu pains himself to move his eyes upward, seeing the humongous, pale-blue energy sphere descending towards him as he can only feel the cold sweat dripping down his face while he awaits not just his end, but the end of many innocent lives all because he realized too late that he needed to forgive the Elemental Overlord…

"And so the time Cackletta foretold of came. Tabuu absorbed the energy of Plit that Pandora had unwittingly provided for him. The ensuing Subspace detonation encompassed an unimaginable sized area of space, leaving everything as if it were untouched in the first place. The estimated casualty count for planets and stars was around 200 and 900 respectively, the amount of people lost in this event being incomparable in scope in comparison to those numbers…In the end, the lengths of which Cackletta had gone to fulfill her goal and the lives sacrificed to accomplish it led the higher-ups to unanimously agree to not only observe the Realm of Darkness, but to punish her for her crimes as well.

The witch was sentenced to continuous obliteration in the heart of a supernova, and it wouldn't be until the end of time that she would finally be allowed to die. As for the Subspace orb, with Tabuu's death it eventually collapsed into itself, the ensuing vacuum threatening to drag in even more planets and stars as well before it finally died. However, this time around the higher-ups set up a countermeasure to prevent anymore deaths, and destroyed any remaining traces of Subspace to prevent it from influencing the world any longer.

However, many heroes remembered for their selflessness and acts of heroism had perished without even knowing just what brought about their curtain call. This void was never filled, and in time a phantasm who once worked for the original Dark King broke free from a prison created by the Elemental Overlord and took advantage of the weakened balance between light and darkness to wreak havoc across the universe, killing countless more lives both innocent and malignant with sadistic glee. In time the higher-ups realized that there was nothing that could be done to prevent the absolute destruction of all living things in that timeline, and without nary a care to the lives that still remained in existence they deleted that universe from the branching streams of the multiverse, never again referring to its existence…"

What-If M1.1: The End