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Chapter 1

Dorothy was sitting in her room with Toto listening to her aunt and uncle fight.

"Em! She hasn't stopped talking about that stupid make believe world for two years now!

She needs help!" Uncle Henry raised his voice. "She has already runaway five times from the hospital! What are you gonna do Henry? Send her back to live with my drunk sister!"

Aunt Em shouted.

It had been like this for a week now. When Dorothy's aunt and uncle thought she was asleep they would argue about where they were going to send her next, to a different mental hospital, different family members. And all because Dorothy was missing her friends back in Oz.

Dorothy was heartbroken. (No one believes me…. And all they want to is get rid of me.)

She thought sadly as Toto licked her tears away. "Thank you Toto." Dorothy said as she sat up in bed. "I'm not crazy….I'm not like a deceased animal….why do they think I'm sick? Why do they want to get rid of me so bad?" she said aloud.

Toto jumped off the bed and started growling at the mirror. Dorothy shushed him a look at her vanity. There was a light pink glow in the mirror instead of her reflection and she herd a voice. "My dear Dorothy. Why do you weep? Isn't this what you wished for? To be home with your family?" it was Glenda who appeared in the mirror.

"Oh Glenda!" Dorothy cried. "I think I made a mistake… they keep sending me away because they think I'm crazy! I miss you and my friends, and everyone else in Oz…I want to come home!" Dorothy cried.

" Your friends still miss you terribly. It hasn't been the same since you left." Glenda said sadly. "it seems fallen into a sad dark time when you went home." Glenda hung her head.

"what do you mean dark time?" Dorothy asked. "Well .. Your friends have kept the peace and crime has gone down remarkably… but when you left a great sadness filled everyone's heart and became apart of the atmosphere. Your friends have not been well…" Glenda said as Dorothy wiped her eyes.

"Show me…show me Lion, Tin man, and Scarecrow." Dorothy said as a new image appeared in the mirror. It was Lion crying along with Tin man. But Dorothy noticed one person wasn't there. "Where is Scarecrow?" she asked as Glenda reappeared.

"He isn't doing well Dorothy…. He has become sick." the fairy said with more sadness in her voice. Dorothy's eyes widen. "what?.." "He is ill …and hasn't been getting any better." Dorothy froze. "Show me."

Dorothy saw her beloved Scarecrow lying in a bed with Lion and Tin man sitting next to his bedside. "Doctors say he isn't getting any better Lion…I don't know what we are going to do." Tin man said looking down at his friend. "Hasn't Glenda found a cure yet?" Lion asked sobbing into his tail.

"Not yet" Tin man said. "In my opinion I think he is dying of a broken heart. Ever since Dorothy left he hasn't been the same.." Tin man said putting a hand on Scarecrow's shoulder. "I hope you get better my friend." then a nurse came in and told them to leave so Scarecrow could rest.

After they left Scarecrow began to whisper in his sleep "Dorothy…where are you…"

A signal tear slid down his face. "Come back….please… I need you…"

The mirror when back to normal and Dorothy cried even more. "Oh no! he can't die… he can't…it's all my fault! He can't die! I need to get back to Oz! please Glenda let me come home!" Dorothy wailed.

"Dorothy clam yourself. I'm sending you the red slippers." her old shoes appeared right in her lap. "thank you Glenda….but I'm leaving a note before I go." Dorothy said grabbing some paper and pencil. After she wrote her note and placed it on her bed. Dorothy picked up Toto and clicked her heals. "There's no place like Oz. There's no place like Oz. There's no place like Oz." (I'm coming Scarecrow)

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