Chapter 1: Lives Lost

"Everybody on the ground!" The man in the black ski mask yelled, his bag being filled with stacks of green paper. John noticed he was shaking, and this must have been his first time. The cashier, Stephen Long, was pale all day. He had been that way after a crazy man had bit him when he visited his mother at the hospital. The wound of Stephen's leg was bloody and gross, and seemed to have been slowing him down. By now, Stephen had stopped loading the bag, and started to close his eyes. "What is it? Continue!" The robber seemed less scared, and more angry. "I never said stop!" The cashier beside Stephen reached over and placed cash in the bag. "Better, now continue!" Right as the second man went to continue, Stephen opened his eyes, let out a loud snarl, and tugged at the other cashiers arm. "What are you doing man?" Stephen was an older man, around 60 years of age, but he never acted his age. Stephen leaned in, and clamped his jaws around the others arm, and took a chunk of flesh clean right out. "What the?" The robber grumbled, as Stephen jumped the counter and tackled him. The robber had dropped his gun, and it slid right in front of John. Letting out a slight smile, John reached out for the gun, and took it. The robber went to yell at John, but blood was oozing out of his mouth, and his innards spread all over the ground. John got up, and took a shot at Stephen. Stephen gazed up at John, blood all over his face, and growled. John shot him in the shoulder, only jerking him to the side. He was still going at John. John shot at his stomach, nothing. Then he aimed at Stephen's head, and slattered his brains everywhere. John was almost out of bullets, 3 bullets left. John crouched over the dead robber, and saw an extra clip in his pocket. John grinned, and reached for it. Just before his fingers touch it, the robber screams, and growels at him, and tries to bite him.

John saw people run past him, while he was in his truck phoning the police. "Disbatch." The woman over the phone said. "Yes, I would like to report...a..." He was cut off, as a wave of people who seem they were dead, chasing down and eating people. "I gotta call you back." John said, putting his phone down, without hanging up. He saw a woman and child running down the street with a balding man, then the balding man dropped to the ground, his nose bleeding. John kicked the other door open. "Get in here!" He shouted to the woman and the child, and the man looked up at him. "What about me?" Then he upchucked and fell down dead. "Get in here! Hurry!"