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Gokudera's POV

The annoying plane ride back to Namimori was as enjoyable as it always was. Which, to say, is not.

My company has been working for a few years on branching out to Japan. In all honesty, they've been thinking about it since even before I came to work for them. Apparently, they wanted to start small, so they picked Namimori, Japan. Just my luck, huh?

They needed a team of capable workers, that were expendable to ship out to Japan for a few months, and one supervisor. And naturally, they needed someone who knew Japanese. So guess who got a surprise promotion?

The new job shouldn't be too bad however. At least I'll already know where everything is and I won't need to adjust to the Japanese lifestyle so much as my co-workers. After checking out the new office, I sent them off for sushi at Yamamoto's old place, (I have no clue if he's still there) and I stayed back to start on the work necessary for a smooth construction and what have you.

I've never been one for letting work get musty and old on my desk, so I've spent the good half of an hour filing paperwork, and signing off on contracts. I've made good progress, but there's no telling when more work will be piled on me. It's been a good distraction.

Being back in Namimori has given me the feeling of deja vu. So many familiar places and people, not that anyone I actually liked would still be here, and the odd coworker bumbling around the town in search of a stiff drink.

I swear, if the idiots I work with didn't know English, they would be completely lost in this town. Not that English is the best language to know when in Japan, but it's better than nothing.

I haven't even been near the old music store yet, or my apartment, (funny I still consider it 'mine') and I've been flat out avoiding the sushi shop. That's one place I won't be caught dead in. Not now. Not ever.

Doesn't mean I can't send some lackeys there to get the scoop though. Speaking of which, they should be returning soon.

The door clicked open a second later, the rowdy coworkers worming their way through the cubicles to my office with a box of sushi.

"How was it?" I ask affably, taking the boxed sushi with a polite air.

One of my coworkers shares a look with the other, clearly surprised by my amiable attitude. They've obviously forgotten I can be polite. Perhaps it's all the swearing..

"It was.. good.." the one on the left says, looking at me nervously.

"Good. Now get out of my office and go home, you all smell like sake," I chide, waving them off. It's a normal enough statement, and the guys seem to take it well, leaving me to finish my work and the sushi. I check on what they've brought me, and it's a good thing they didn't screw it up, or I would have made them come back and help set up the office.

Over the next two hours I must have filled every file cabinet and organized a thousand and one stacks of papers on employees desks without even cracking open the sushi box a second time. I sighed as I straightened out my desk. It was getting late and I really should be going back to the hotel room. I packed up my laptop and coffee mug, grabbing the sushi and walking back to the hotel room. Thankfully I was on the first floor and didn't have to walk very far to my room.

I barely stayed awake long enough to eat my food and have a drink before I was passed out on the stiff bed. The morning was easy enough to handle, shower, check emails, get dressed, make coffee and eat. Since I had put the extra time in last night to set up the office, my presence wasn't missed during the early morning. I finally rolled in around nine thirty and went straight for my office. the morning consisted of signing release papers, going over contracts and taking calls from the Italy office. This venture was turning out to be a profitable one, and my bosses were interested in just how profitable.

By the noon hour I was nigh near dead on my feet and I needed a good meal. Breakfast had never been my strong point and trying to work on an empty stomach with only bad coffee in the office was a recipe for bad health. So I took my lunch break and had my assistant take all my calls. I have an assistant, isn't that great?

It was a two block walk before I was in familiar territory and I turned into the first shop that said sushi. The inside looked painfully familiar, but in my work muddled brain the recognition didn't properly set in until I saw the familiar mop of black hair leaning over a table to wipe it down. I froze in place, and a similar scene played out in my head. Sitting down at the booth in the corner, listening to an annoying baseball freak yabber on and on about something until he was stuffing his face with sushi..

My strength returned to me and I whirled around my feet had just about carried me out until a voice called out and a hand landed on my shoulder.

"What's the rush?"