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Whelp, here's another physics induced story (AU of course). I actually have two other AU ideas, but I'm only going to start this one and one other for now. I was thinking, what if Bardock wasn't the only one who had visions of Frieza and the future. What if a certain prince knew of his fate ahead of time? What would have been done differently?

He was tossing and turning in his sleep, a young prince of a desert planet. He saw it all from the moment the deal with the tyrant was made to a scene where his planet, his home, his people would all be destroyed. The young boy cried out into his empty room, breathing heavily, trying to determine where he was.

"Prince Vegeta," he heard the voice of his family's bodyguard, who had obviously been making his rounds, call out.

"B-B-Bardock?" Vegeta asked, not sure if he heard the voice of his family's most trusted guard.

"Yes, my prince, it's me," he replied. "What happened?"

"Freiza," he replied looking away from Bardock.

Bardock seemed confused by his reply. The young prince had only been around Frieza a handful of times. The only reason Bardock couldn't stand him was because of the visions he had been having, like the one he had now causing him to check on Vegeta. There was no way a six year old could grasp the full extent of the planet's position. "What do you mean, Vegeta?"

"H-he's going to take me away," Vegeta said hesitantly. "And then he's going to destroy everyone."

Bardock was in shock. The prince had had the same vision he just did. I wonder what the king will say.

And when Bardock reported to King Vegeta, his friend laughed in his face.

"Bardock, old friend," King Vegeta laughed, "I think that last purging mission I sent you on has caused you to lose your mind."

"With all due respect, my king," Bardock said calmly, kneeling before his leader and friend, "but I am not the only one that had this vision."

The king's expression hardened. "Who else?"

"Your son."

Vegeta trained just like he did on a normal day. Bardock suggested that he pretend as if nothing had happened, so that the entire planet didn't retaliate against Frieza at once. This needed to be handled by the royal family. Despite his fear regarding his current situation, Vegeta did just that.

"Prince Vegeta, what's wrong?" his trainer, Nappa, asked. "You took four minutes longer to defeat one less Saiybaman. What's going on?"

Vegeta hesitated. He thought he had been acting normal, but now he realized. He just wasn't there in the fight and it showed in the way he fought and how he moved. That must have been what his father and Nappa always talk about when they say "watching your opponent" and "reading your opponent's moves." But what could he do? He couldn't just un-see what he saw.

"Nappa, are you implying that I'm getting weak?" Vegeta said calmly, yet defensively.

"No Prince Vegeta," Nappa replied, his voice laced with worry. "It's just that you are clearly not yourself. I am just worried about your well-being."

"Well you don't need to be," Vegeta lied. "I'm fine." He whispered that last part, trying to convince himself that everything was okay and that he wasn't going to be taken away from his planet and family.

"Sir?" The king turned to face Bardock and sighed.

"Fine," King Vegeta said in shame. "I'll admit it. I made an agreement with Frieza that if he would be given Vegeta, that he would leave the planet be. My wife does not know. I was under the impression that my son did not know."

"My king, why would you promise something like that to Frieza? We need to fight, not let him walk all over us."

"Bardock, I am your king and you will not fight me on this," King Vegeta said adamantly. "If we don't fight back, the planet will be safe, but if you try to go after Frieza, he will kill us all."

"I am sorry my king," Bardock replied, "but I will not sit around and let the prince be taken away."

Bardock flew out of the throne room, but could still hear the king ask, "And what's that supposed to mean?"

It meant that the prince was getting off the planet tonight, before Frieza could take him. He would be their only hope.

The young prince bid goodnight to his mother and father and was ready to let sleep claim him. It didn't happen. For the first time in little Vegeta's life, he was terrified of what would come the next day. A knock on his door brought him back to reality. "Come in," he ordered. When Bardock entered the room with his eldest son, Raditz, with whom Vegeta had sparred with once, he relaxed. He knew that, for the moment, he was safe.

"Prince Vegeta," Bardock greeted, "we are getting you off the planet tonight. You remember my son, correct?" Vegeta nodded. "I have given him the task of guarding you from now on. We need to get you off Planet Vegeta now."

Vegeta felt his chest tighten. He didn't want to leave, but he didn't want his vision to come true. Maybe if he did something different, it would change the vision as a whole. Vegeta nodded in agreement and quickly got out of his bed and packed a few things to remind himself of home. When they reached the loading dock, Nappa was leaning against one of the pods with his arms crossed. Vegeta noted that Bardock didn't look happy.

"Are you here to stop us?" Bardock asked.

"Stop you? No," Nappa replied. "But it is my job to train the prince. I'm going with them. We'll keep in touch."

Bardock and Raditz relaxed. Vegeta hadn't really been nervous. He had yet to grasp the situation. Everyone standing in the room knew that he probably would never be coming home and would never see his parents again.

Raditz helped Vegeta into a pod and explained to him everything that would happen during take-off, flight, and landing, just to make sure the child wouldn't be nervous about any of the sounds or being forced into a dreamless sleep for days at a time.

"Where to?" Raditz asked Nappa after Vegeta was safe and comfortable in the pod.

"To the farthest planet from here, or the farthest we can get on our fuel limit," Nappa answered with a shrug.

Raditz typed in a few quadrants in all directions. "I think the last place Frieza would ever think to look is here," he said pointing to a blinking dot on the screen. "It's called Earth."

"Earth it is."

A/N: Yeah, so another story idea XD Oh course, why wouldn't there be? Anyway, I hope you liked it.