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The morning was quiet and peaceful, and there wasn't even a stirring in the small capsule house. Well, almost nothing was stirring. Having been informed about the hunt for Dragon Balls, Oolong became even greedier and wanted the wish for himself. He was actually thankful that Goku would not shut up about the balls. Even though he had been silenced by his older brother, the pig still had enough information. These Saiyans that had taken him on their journey desperately wanted the orange spheres. He gathered that they would be wishing for something important, but he couldn't figure out what it was nor did he care seeing as the Dragon Balls would become his in moments.

Seconds away from grabbing the shining orbs, Oolong squealed when a foot came crashing down on his wrist effectively stopping him. The pig looked up to see a very unhappy Saiyan prince glaring down hard at him, his arms crossed demanding an explanation.

Oolong laughed nervously looking from the prince to his hand. Vegeta only needed to apply slightly more force than he was to snap his wrist. "H-hey Vegeta," the pig greeted fearfully. "What's up?"

"That is Prince Vegeta to you, swine," he countered, "and I should be asking you the same question. Did you not sneak into this room waking me up while attempting to steal the Dragon Balls?" Vegeta saw Oolong swallow in fear. He knew he had caught him in the disgraceful act of thievery. "Answer wisely."

Oolong could tell Vegeta was serious, and he didn't want to get himself even more on his bad side by lying about his intentions. "I…wanted the wish for myself," he answered and then Vegeta took his foot off his wrist. Oolong took the chance to retract his hand away from Bulma's carrier bag. "You're letting me go…just like that?"

"No," Vegeta replied snappishly, "not 'just like that.' The only reason you are here and not as a piece of bacon is because that woman sleeping in the bed decided you would be useful. If for any reason you prove her wrong and dare trying to rob her or any of us again, you will be answering to me. And I will be perfectly honest, I am not as patient as Raditz, as kind as Kakarot, or as blasé as Nappa. If you cross me, you will regret it. Clear?"

Oolong swallowed again before replying with a very quiet, "Crystal."

Vegeta nodded his head toward the door. Oolong didn't need to be told twice as he stood up and fled from the room. Shaking his head, Vegeta scoffed and moved to fix Bulma's carrier bag so that the Dragon Balls were inside of it instead resting to the side of it like the one Oolong was trying to grab. Vegeta couldn't believe that the pig had such audacity to attempt to steal from them. If it wasn't for them, the pig would be imprisoned now if not a roast if he were unlucky.

The morning conflict went unnoticed by Bulma as she was still asleep in the bed. The confrontation hadn't wakened her, which was good for Vegeta. She didn't need to hear him at his worst, even if he was embellishing his threat with more force than he actually planned to administer should the pig ever try anything again. It was just the attitude he picked up from his visions.

He watched the sleeping woman on the bed, smirking slightly remembering the night before when she placed the blanket on him and kissed his forehead. That had to mean something for them, no matter how small. He was grasping, or at least he thought so, for some optimism regarding their future. It was comforting knowing that she was in fact trying as well despite not knowing him well. He had no idea why her attitude had changed, though. He would have to ask Raditz his thoughts on the matter.

He sensed the others' kis heighten letting him know that they were all waking up. He questioned whether or not he should wake Bulma up or let her sleep until plans were made. Deciding to settle on the latter, he left the room and moved towards the kitchen. Meanwhile, Bulma already lay awake in the bed having heard the earlier discussion without his knowledge. The way he spoke had frightened her, but deep down she knew he didn't mean it. She knew that at times guys were talk just to save face or scare someone else into believing them. As long as he tried, though, she didn't mind that scary aura around him when he spoke that way. She knew she would accept him despite this cruelness he exhibited.

And then as soon as she thought that, she panicked. She still barely knew him, visions or not. Sure, she understood that he knew her, probably even her likes and dislikes. He probably even knew where she lived. Still, to Bulma they still met mere days ago and she was already thinking of him like she would a boyfriend. Rejecting him was wrong, but fully accepting him within their half a week of knowing each other was not a good idea, especially with him not talking to her. Why did they both have to be so stubborn?

Bulma reluctantly got out of bed knowing the Saiyans would need to eat soon and that she would have to face them. They needed to start out soon if they were going to get to the Dragon Ball before nightfall. First they needed to get through the desert, and deal with the bandit Oolong seemed worried about. Well, with how strong the Saiyans were, Bulma assured herself there wouldn't be a problem. Settling for some white, jean shorts and a dark blue tank top, she left her room determined to get through the day's hunt as quick as possible.

When she got into the kitchen, she was shocked. She knew she probably shouldn't have been, but she was. "Why are you guys eating raw meat?" she asked with a slight shriek in her voice. She looked to Oolong who was watching the Saiyans with disgust. Never had either Earthling seen someone shovel that much raw meat into their mouths at once.

Vegeta took one of the napkins and delicately wiped his mouth before looking at her. "Raw meat is essential," he explained. "It helps with our growth and gives us the protein we need."

"Yeah, I know," Bulma retorted. "Protein is important for our growth too, but we don't eat raw meat."

"You do not need as much as we do," Vegeta continued to explain. "Besides, I am sure you're aware of proteins losing structure when heated at certain temperatures, correct? Not all proteins, but enough lose their integrity. You humans can get by on it, we can tolerate it, but raw meat is better."

Bulma was impressed by Vegeta's explanation. It made sense to her, seeing as she did take a biology course or two. This just made her realize how smart Vegeta truly was. He explained it as well if not better than a textbook ever could. He peaked her curiosity, which with Bulma was always a good thing to do. Now they had something in common that they could discuss later when this journey was over. When he came to train at her home, maybe they could set the foundations for a relationship. She would take the rest of this trip to get to know him as much as he knew her.

After Bulma had grabbed a quick breakfast, while attempting to avoid watching the Saiyans feast, they were ready to go. Everyone left the capsule house so that Bulma could collapse it and return it to her pouch. As she pressed the capsulation button, she noted the fearfulness in Oolong as well as the tenseness among the Saiyans except for Goku who never seemed to worry about anything.

"So are we ready?" Bulma asked the group. She only received a few grunts from Nappa and Raditz and a forced nod from Vegeta. Her brow quirked when she saw him gazing intently at the desert with a small frown plastered on his face. She wondered if he knew something that would put them in danger, though she was fairly certain Vegeta wouldn't be pushing through if there was anything that would harm them. "Then let's move out."

Bulma took another capsule and threw it into the air. A small, coverless SUV appeared.

"How many of those do you have?" Raditz asked in genuine curiosity.

"I don't know," Bulma admitted. "I just know I pretty much prepared for every type of travel and circumstance. Anyways, hop in."

"W-What?" Nappa questioned. "In that thing?"

"Yeah," Bulma stated. "What's the big deal? You guys can save energy and this can get us across the desert."

Vegeta chuckled slightly. "Woman, you're crazy if you think we can't take that heat. We come from a desert planet. This will be nothing."

Bulma sighed in defeat and then said, "Do what you want. I'm still going to drive it."

"Why is this so important to you?" Vegeta asked, slightly hesitantly. "We'll get through much quicker if we fly." The truth was he wanted to avoid the ground all together. If they did, chances were they wouldn't meet the bandit that he'd have to compete with later. He didn't understand why Bulma was so insistent on driving, and he most certainly didn't want her to meet Yamcha alone. He would definitely have to go with her.

Bulma wasn't expecting that question, and she really didn't know how to answer. What she had been thinking was that she could better get information from them if they were taking time to chat, like on a long car ride. When they flew, the trip was too short and it was difficult to hear. If they were driving, they could just have casual conversation and she could try to get to know Vegeta. "I just thought it would be fun," she replied. "Car rides are leisurely and I figured we could talk and learn more about each other, so that we aren't just…strangers."

Vegeta and Bulma stared at each other for a moment, and then Vegeta nodded. He had accepted her proposal which lifted a huge weight from Bulma's heart. The prince who had been ignoring her was now finally going to talk to her, and she would finally start to get to know him. Maybe this whole thing would work out.

"Great, then let's pile in, boys," Bulma said in a cheerier tone. Vegeta picked up on it, his expression becoming soft and wide-eyed. He couldn't believe that she was actually offering him the chance to cross that line of stranger to "friend." Despite his reluctance, he would comply only if that meant he could start winning her affections. Now, he didn't seem so worried about the trip into the desert. If the desert bandit did show up, he would make sure to prevent the man from even talking to her. Vegeta finally let himself smirk. This Yamcha would be no threat.

The drive started off quiet, and, even though they were moving slower than the Saiyans would have liked, it was nice and peaceful. Vegeta never realized how much he liked just being able to admire the landscapes in front of him, and he didn't even need to expend his energy. Plus Bulma had travel snacks and drinks, which the hungry Saiyans eagerly accepted. Nappa and Raditz sat in the back with Oolong in the middle and Goku on Raditz's lap.

"So Vegeta?" Bulma said leading into a question. "How old are you?" Vegeta cast her a questioning glance crossing his arms in some sort of defense.

"Why?" he asked. "Does age matter?"

"Huh?" Bulma replied, seeing that he was nervous. "Oh, no, not really. I'm just asking, silly, to get to know you. Also, when's your birthday?"

"My what?" he asked with a slight snap.

Bulma's eyes nearly bugged out of her head. "You mean you've never had a birthday party before? Everyone celebrates their birthday, well, almost everyone."

"What is a 'birth day?'" Vegeta pressed. "I've never heard of it."

"Oh my…" Bulma said putting a head to her forehead. "Your people don't celebrate the day you're born?"

"No," Vegeta remarked narrowing his eyes in confusion, "why would they? It's just a day, and age isn't really something to keep track of. My roundabout age is sixteen, but the only thing I know about the day I was born was a pattern of a warrior in the sky. That is why my father expected me to…"

Vegeta stopped talking as he felt the bitterness towards the legend his father had told him. Obviously the man hadn't believed it if he thought handing him over to Frieza would have been the only way to protect him. His father was an idiot to make deals with him. The Arcosian tyrant was pure evil and Vegeta was thankful his mother had the clear sense to get him away from him so that he could one day reach that legend.


Vegeta quickly snapped from his thoughts, his eyes meeting Bulma's worried ones. They continued to gaze at each other, her mentally questioning his behavior, before her eyes went back in front of her.

"Well," she started, "I could always find out when your birthday is, knowing the coordinates and the constellations. It might take a while, but I could determine it by Earth time."

"Don't bother, Bulma," Vegeta said quietly. "I do not wish to celebrate my 'birthday.' All it means is another year where I'm not strong enough."

"Eh, don't think like that," Bulma replied with a gentle softness that touched Vegeta somehow. "Just think of it as another year to prepare for your goal. You should always celebrate your birthday. It reminds you that you're worth so much more than you can imagine."

Vegeta thought back to his visions, the flashing image of him murdering someone in cold blood running in the back of his mind. He hated that he seemed to enjoy himself as a deranged expression clouded his normally stoic face. "How would you know what I'm worth?" he growled bitterly, clenching his fist in anger.

Bulma shrugged. Not wanting to draw the conversation out longer, she simply stated, "I just know. I can tell that you're a good person and a great fighter. If you weren't, you would have let me die when my car blew up."

Vegeta cringed at her blatant honesty. It was true that he could have let her die, but if his visions were right, she was his mate. He couldn't just have left her to that. "True."

Bulma kept taking peeks at Vegeta while driving. She truly felt for the teenaged Saiyan. He had been through so much at such a young age. It reminded Bulma of why she had offered up her wish. She was lucky, and she knew it. Sure, she dealt with her own trust issues with both friendships and relationships because many tried to get special treatment. That was nothing compared to Vegeta's suffering or the suffering of the other Saiyans. Her family was wealthy; she had her parents and a roof over her head. There was nothing she could ever imagine complaining about again after all of this. So what if she never wished for her "perfect boyfriend." If she ultimately gave into Vegeta's visions, she wouldn't even have to worry about that. Bulma smiled, knowing that she would ultimately choose to be with the Saiyan. She already felt like she was getting to know him pretty well. How strange that she had felt this connected to someone after knowing them for so short a time. Vegeta had to be something special for her to even consider this.

"Anyways," Bulma spoke up after being silent for a while, "I'm sixteen too, and my birthday is next month. Hopefully we'll be done with this search by then. I can't wait to start working with my dad on training equipment for you guys."

Vegeta's eyes widened, but before he got his hopes up, he asked cautiously, "Your offer still stands?"

"Of course," the girl replied with a smile. "And maybe, just maybe, I'll decide to tell you the reason I chose to believe you when you told me your story."

Vegeta blushed slightly, but just continued to look at the sandy scenery. It wasn't until a small voice from the back rang out that Vegeta's attention was brought to his Saiyan comrades.

"I'm hungry," Goku whined slightly having not been appeased by the snacks.

"Kakarot," Raditz spoke sternly, "we need to cover more ground if we want to get to our destination by nightfall, right Bulma?"

"Actually, I factored lunch into the travel time today," she answered. "Always better to be prepared. We can stop here for a short lunch break, okay?"

Rumbles of stomachs from each Saiyan answered her question and also caused all the men to blush. Goku just wanted food and didn't care about the noise his stomach made. He was simply happy that they were stopping. Bulma was quick to get the food capsules out too, and the Saiyans began digging into the food she had prepared for them.

They had been after sometime of being in the desert, and no one knew. The desert bandit, Yamcha, was watching from his hideout in the distance. Humming sounds from a vehicle had caught the ears of his partner in crime, Puar, the shape shifting cat, and both thieves were ready to make themselves known.

"You ready, Puar?" the long-haired fighter asked.

"You bet, Yamcha," came the high-pitched squeak. "They won't know what hit 'em."

The bandit smirked, ready to hunt his prey. These people had to be idiots to drive right into his territory. The second they stopped, the unsuspecting travelers would learn what it meant to be on his turf.

"Woman, are you serious?" Vegeta asked in irritation. "I thought you said 'short break.'"

"Hold on, Mister Impatient," Bulma called from inside the capsule house. "I needed to use the rest room. It's not as easy as it is for you."

"Fine, whatever," Vegeta muttered. "Just hurry up. I don't want to be in the desert too long."

"Jeez, Vegeta," Bulma called out. "It's almost as if you're afraid of this desert. Too hot for you to handle?"

"Please," Vegeta scoffed. "My planet was much hotter than this. This is nothing."

"Then what's your problem?" she pressed.

"Nothing." It was a lie, and he knew it. He even had to ignore meeting eyes with Raditz and Nappa. Surely they would see his unease if he did. He didn't have the same mental training to conceal emotions as he would have with Frieza. He only picked up on enough to hide physical discomfort and erect the façade that he was emotionally fine overall. His comrades, his family, they didn't need to know what haunted him at night or learn that his visions of what could have been left him emotionally broken.

Vegeta walked back over to the car and leaned against it, his foot pressed up against the metal and his arms crossed. He surveyed the surroundings. Something felt off, and Vegeta couldn't place the feeling. It felt like a familiar setting although he had never seen it before, his mind numb with a slight buzz in his ear. He was almost worried that he had finally lost it, but like he was still sane.

And then he heard it, the sound of someone whizzing by, phasing in front of his sight. The buzz disappeared, and he glared at the desert bandit standing in front of him. So this was the man from his vision, this Yamcha that was supposedly his rival. His power level was pathetic. Vegeta scoffed at the face that this was what he had been nervous about.

The bandit in question looked weak, his crouched stance leaving way too many openings. He wore a cocky smile with a gleam in his eyes. This weakling actually thought he was going to be able to steal from them. The long-haired, scruffy fighter was going to have his hands full with well-trained Saiyan prince.

"You shouldn't have come to Diablo Desert," he said smugly. "Now you'll see what it means to meet a true devil."

Vegeta rolled his eyes at the lame line. The only devil he knew was Frieza. Nothing else could compare to him. "Don't embarrass yourself, bandit," Vegeta scoffed. "You do not want to challenge me."

"Is that so?" Yamcha retorted. "Look dude, I don't want to embarrass you in front of your friends so why don't you just hand over your capsules and cash, and I'll be on my way."

"What an idiot," Nappa muttered. "Vegeta, want me to shut him up?"

Vegeta smirked and crossed his arms. "No," he replied. "If he wants to fight, then he has one. I won't even move from this single spot."

"Wow, that's an arrogant attitude you have there, shorty," Yamcha jeered. "Fine then, I gave you a chance to run. I won't feel guilty when I humiliate you in front of your buddies."

Vegeta frowned at the insults. This guy was starting to get on his nerves. Well, he would show him that height didn't matter. The second he tried to land an attack, Vegeta would make sure that Yamcha was the one humiliated.

He didn't say anything else; he simply stood up tall with his arms crossed waiting. "Alright, you asked for it," Yamcha said with a grin. "Wolf Fang Fist!"

Yamcha leaped in front of Vegeta, aiming his attacks at his head. Vegeta simply tilted his head in the opposite direction of each hit. Yamcha made the attempt to kick him, but Vegeta, with one arm, knocked him off to the side a few feet.

"What the heck?" Yamcha asked rubbing his jaw from the force of his opponent's fist. "Oh, a tough guy, huh? Well, you won't survive it a second time."

"Hey guys, sorry it took me so long in there," Bulma stated as she walked out of the capsule house. "I had a phone call and…who's this?"

Vegeta glanced over to Bulma, gaging her reaction of Yamcha, but all she held was one of confusion and distrust. He looked back to his opponent and was shocked to find him panicking simply from looking at Bulma. Yamcha looked completely horrified, yelling slightly before running off. Vegeta was left gaping at the spot the bandit once stood understanding the hilarity of the situation.

Yamcha, his rival in winning over Bulma, was afraid of her.

Vegeta couldn't help the booming laugh that fled from his throat. Seeing their prince's amusement, something they hadn't seen in a long time, Raditz and Nappa joined him. Goku looked over to Oolong with a small pout and asked, "What's so funny?"

"Eh, beats me, kid," the pig answered. "I'm lost."

Bulma stare blankly at Vegeta, watching him laugh. It was like time had stopped for her. He hadn't seen him this happy since they started this journey. She didn't even remember hearing him laugh aside from the occasional chuckle. This was a side she hadn't seen in him, and it made her so happy that she was now.

Vegeta finally regained control of himself, tilting his head to smirk at Bulma. "Let's get going," Vegeta ordered with absolutely no force. "We probably won't be out of the desert with all these delays by tonight, but we can at least cover more distance."

Bulma smiled to him and nodded, returning the house to its capsule before everyone piled back into the car. The hum of the engine rang out once again, and the slow but steady drive continued. Vegeta took the moment to lay his head back into his hands and actually relax.

Vegeta was right when he said they wouldn't make it out, but they were close. Again, they set up camp, and this time, the Saiyans were outside enjoying the heat that reminded them so much of home. It was much cooler since it was night, but still hot enough to remind them of the fallen planet. Bulma could tell that they seemed much more relaxed and laidback. It actually made her feel good to see them enjoying themselves, even if she had to wear practically nothing to stay cool.

When it was time for bed, Oolong went into the capsule house. Bulma was about to enter, but she saw the Saiyans weren't budging and were actually lying down in the sandy dunes. She walked over to Vegeta who was a little further back from the rest of his crew. He was looking at the sky, seeing as it was so easy to see the stars there. "Hey, what's up? You guys coming in?" Bulma asked him.

Vegeta answered with a smile and single shake of his head. "We would rather stay out here tonight," he stated simply.

Bulma decided to sit down on the sand next to him, which he didn't seem to mind. "Why?" she asked. "It's more comfortable inside."

"Maybe for you," Vegeta retorted. "Our planet was like this, a desert. The temperature may not be exactly the same, but it's still nostalgic. I never thought I'd feel terrain like this again in my life."

"Wow," Bulma said in a whisper. Part of her had almost forgotten the reason she was giving up her wish. She could never truly forget, especially after the talk earlier, but now…she didn't know how she'd feel if she could never be in a technologically advanced city or visit a beach ever again. She had no idea what it really meant to lose a home.

But Vegeta did, and he was longing for a world that he never thought he'd get back. Well, at least with the Dragon Balls, he could wish his planet back. But then the thought hit Bulma…how would she become his mate if he were leaving to return to his planet. The feeling of dread formed a knot in her stomach. She decided to distract herself by asking more questions. "So…what else was your planet like? Was it similar to Earth?"

"No," Vegeta answered honestly. "It was more dangerous with even more rugged terrain than this. It was blazing hot, to temperature humans wouldn't be able to tolerate. There were no water bodies like oceans, only a few small patches. The air was arid everywhere. The gravity was ten times higher than here. The sky was a mix of red and black, contrasting the soft blue and white of Earth. It was a warrior's home."

"You really miss it," Bulma observed, turning on her side to observe Vegeta's expression. He looked like he was almost in pain.

"No," he said, though part of him was lying. "I used to. I do wish to return to it one day once we wish it back with the Dragon Balls, but I wouldn't be able to stay there. Too much has changed having lived here for so long. I wouldn't be happy there."

Bulma's eyes softened when he admitted this. She knew she was the reason he wouldn't be happy returning to his home. Feelings of guilt crept into her stomach replacing the dread. This man, no this teenager who acted like a man, must have really cared about her. It made her wish that she could see the things he had. She was sure she'd readily accept him is she ever had visions of him becoming her one and only.

Maybe breaching her trust barriers regarding strangers wouldn't be a bad thing.

Determining that, Bulma decided to curl up into Vegeta which shocked the Saiyan to the point where he jumped at the contact. When he realized that she was using his chest as a pillow for her head, he pulled her closer to him, positioning her so she would be comfortable in both his embrace and on the sand.

"It's going to work out," Bulma said with optimism. "You'll see Planet Vegeta again. We'll find all the Dragon Balls, and then the rest will be cake."

I hope so, Vegeta thought before closing his eyes. Part of him felt like Bulma was right. It would be easy. Right now it was too easy. It was hard to trust something when it was too easy. That thought made Vegeta feel uneasy. He decided to shake it off and get some rest under the desert sky. He didn't know that there was someone watching close by.

"Well, that explains a lot," Yamcha muttered bitterly. "So that guy's an alien, huh?"

"Sound like it," Puar said.

"Well, whatever," Yamcha said. "So these Dragon Balls are what they're looking for, huh? Ever heard of them?"

"No, not at all," the cat answered. "I know what you're thinking, Yamcha."

"Yeah," he said seriously. "I'm going to get these Dragon Balls and wish to be as strong as that guy if not stronger. That will teach him to mess with me."

"Oh," Puar replied with wide eyes. "I thought you were going to ask to get over your fear of girls."

Yamcha's face went blank for a moment before he said, "Oh yeah, that…that's what I meant."

The first person up in the morning had been Raditz, and the first sight he saw was his prince and Bulma curled up together in the sand. For the first time in a long time, Vegeta had a peaceful smile on his face. Raditz couldn't help but grin at the teenaged couple. They seemed to be getting closer already. Vegeta would freak out, though, if he knew that everyone save Kakarot and the pig were aware of his visions of her. He'd probably find out one day, but until then, the older Saiyan would keep quiet.

Nappa woke up shortly afterwards, stretching his muscles and popping his stiff joints. "It's been awhile since I slept that good," the bald Saiyan stated. He looked over to Vegeta and saw that he was still out. "Looks like he needs more time, huh?"

"It's been a trying decade for him," Raditz reminded the older Saiyan. "I wish he had mentioned what his visions were. It would have helped him."

"Yeah, you knew about them too," Nappa accused. "Why didn't you say anything?"

Raditz cast him a small glare. "It was not my place to tell you his business, and my father told me to keep quiet about it too. I tried to get Vegeta to talk to me. He knew I knew. That's why he was somewhat fine with talking to the girl when he thought she was me."

"Frieza would have destroyed him," Nappa angrily replied. "That bastard would have damaged him beyond repair."

"Not exactly," Raditz told him. Nappa gave him an indignant glare, but Raditz explained. "He would have eventually come here, you know that. He would have met her some other way, but he would have. He would have seen the life he could have with his visions. He'd still hold on to some sliver of sanity, killer or not."

"Still," Nappa muttered. "He would have ruined all of us. Well Kakarot would have been here not knowing he was a Saiyan sent to destroy this place, but we would have been monsters."

"Probably," Raditz remarked. "I don't care about that, though. We didn't have to see it or live through it, Vegeta did. It's no wonder he's been as closed off as he has been over the years. Let's hope he starts opening up, at least to her at some point. She heard the terrible things he said he would have done and she's able to overlook it. He needs that."

They both sensed Vegeta's ki heighten slightly, him now starting to wake up, so they cut the conversation there. He wiped the sleepiness from his eyes and gently shook Bulma awake.

"Five more minutes," came the girl's reply.

"Wake up, woman," Vegeta said a little forcefully. "The sun will be up full force soon, and you'll be fried to a crisp."

Bulma reluctantly sat up and stretch before saying, "That wasn't blunt at all," with sarcasm lacing her voice. "Morning Vegeta."

"Hm," Vegeta grunted with a smile. "Morning."

"So we're heading out," Raditz stated alerting the two teens to the fact that he and Nappa were watching them.

"Yes, we have to get through this desert," Vegeta stated with as much authority as he could, attempting to keep the awkwardness he felt out of his voice. "Get Kakarot up and the pig out of the house and we will continue."

"Will do," Nappa agreed before going into the capsule house.

Getting everyone up and packed went pretty quickly. They knew they were almost out of the desert, so they agreed to forgo breakfast until they were at their destination. Bulma drove as swiftly as she could not knowing that she they were being followed. The Saiyans weren't even on alert as they enjoyed the rest of the trip in the nostalgic desert. They finally reached the end of the desert and ended up somewhere surprisingly hotter than where they had just been. Vegeta smirked slightly. Now this felt like home.

"Hey Veggie, where are we?" Goku asked from the back seat.

"I don't know kid," he answered, "but I think that we're going to like it here."

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