What goes on behind the tent flaps?

Dovchenko was sat on a log in the centre of the camp. The other soldiers were all dancing around happily and singing. They were all drunk except him. He only drank occasionally, just like Irina Spalko. or Colonel Spalko as he was supposed to call her. He got up and walked over to the opening of the tent in which Indiana Jones was being kept prisoner. He stood and watched. He had not woken up from the sedative yet. He probably wouldn't for a couple of days. That sounded great. He went over to the tent opposite. Colonel Spalko's tent.

'Colonel?' He called in. There was no answer. He called again. No answer. He slowly stepped in. Her bed hadn't been made. The sheets were scattered and one of the pillows was on the floor. He looked over at her desk. She was fast asleep, her head resting on a map and her arms either side. He smiled to himself. She probably hadn't had a good nights sleep in a while. He went over to her bed and made it for her. Then he went back over to her and gently picked her up. She stirred a little but didn't wake. He slowly and gently lay her on the bed. He took off her boots, her belt and her gimnasterka to make her more comfortable. He tucked her in with the sheets underneath one arm.

'So pretty' Dovchenko whispered. She snuggled into pillows and a contented smile appeared on her face. As she turned over, her black hair fell across her face. He gently brushed it back, tucking it behind her ear. Her hair was so soft. She was so beautiful. She didn't think so. He knew she thought that she was ugly. She felt unwanted and unloved. Her parents had abandonerd her when she was quite young and before then they had abused her. She still had a few scars from where they'd tortured her with knives, burnt her with cigarettes and beat her whenever they'd felt like it.

She had mental scars as well. On missions that she wasn't a colonel on, she was very nervous around the other men. Although she tried not to show it, he knew how she felt. She needed someone to tell her that she was beautiful and she needed to feel wanted. Dovchenko wanted to be that person. He was sure that she wouldn't want him back but at least she would know that there was someone out there who was in love with her and someone who wanted her. He decided that the first step would be taken tomorrow. He would tell her she was beautiful but he would be subtle. He wouldn't just suddenly say 'you are beautiful' out of nowhere. He would get talking to her first. He leant down and ever so gently and lightly kissed her forehead. Then he went over to his tent and went to sleep.

The next day he went back to her tent. She was up, washed and dressed. She smelt of soap and shampoo. She'd been up a while because she had washed her hair and it was dry to the point that only the ends were slightly damp.

'Hello Dovchenko' She said.

'Good morning Colonel' Dovchenko smiled.

'You know it's funny, I could have sworn I fell asleep on the desk over there but I woke up in the bed' She said. She had a habit of just jumping into conversations.

'That would have been me' Dovchenko said.

'You put me to bed?' She asked.

'Yes Colonel, I came in to see if you had made any progress and I found you asleep so I thought that I would put you to bed' He said.

'Thank you' She said.

'You are very welcome, have you made any progress Colonel?' He asked. She went over to the map on the desk and he followed. She leant over and pointed at a cross marked. He leant over to look too.

'I was thinking that we could put some soldiers there so that we then have them scattered across the whole area and they can keep watch and I was thinking that we could put some here because...' She carried on talking. He wasn't really listening. He was staring at her. Everytime she turned around when she was talking to him he looked into her icy blue eyes. He loved her eyes. They were unique, pretty. Her naturally long eyelashes framed them perfectly. It made him wonder how someone could abandon such a beautiful, lovely creature.

'Dovchenko?' Colonel Spalko asked. He became aware that he had been daydreaming.

'Yes, sorry Colonel' He said.

'What were you looking at?' She asked.

'Oh uh...' He trailed off and went bright red.

'Dovchenko' She said, raising an eyebrow.

'I was looking at your eyes' He said.

'Why?' She asked.

'They're very pretty, you're pretty, in fact you're beautiful, the most beautiful woman I've ever seen' He bluted out. Shit! It wasn't meant to come out like that. Her eyebrow dropped and her mouth opened.

'You think I'm beautiful?' She asked, smiling a little. She didn't usually smile so he guessed he had said the right thing.

'Yes, I do and I really like you' He said, looking down.

'You like me?' She asked. He nodded. She was smiling completely now.

'Somebody likes me?' She asked.

'Yes they do, I want you Irina Spalko, I love you' He whispered. Then he decided to take a risk. He gently touched her cheek, stroking it slightly. Then he leaned in and kissed her gently. Just once to test the water. He looked into her eyes. She smiled reassuringly for him to continue. Then he melted into a full blown long and gentle kiss. She tasted so nice, he savoured her. Their tongues writhed together as they kissed. When they pulled away he kissed both her cheeks, her forehead, her nose and her lips once more. Then he kissed the soft skin on her neck.

'I love you Irina Spalko' He whispered.

'I love you too, Dovchenko' She whispered. Finally Irina Spalko was wanted and loved. She had found some happiness.