Anyone You Want

Irina and Dovchenko had 'been together' for two years. Dovchenko had forced Irina to be with him after knowing her for over eight years. He made her think that he loved her but really he only wanted her body. She hated him but he made her feel like he was the only person who would ever love her. Even though he beat her and raped her all of the time and made her feel worthless. He would hit her for no reason and he would make her do horrible things just to please him.

Mutt was tied up against the pole in their tent. Irina hated being horrible to him and his family but she had to, otherwise Dovchenko would kill him and his family. Mutt was so handsome. Irinas heart pined for him but she knew she could never have him. He was too good for her. She had fallen in love with him the moment she had seen him. She wanted to be with him so badly. Dovchenko was sat up in bed reading a book while she lay on her side and looked into the distance. Mutt looked at her. He really didn't like Irina. He thought she was malicious and horrible. A person who killed and hurt people for the sake of it. Out of selfishness. How wrong was he. Irina poked around in his mind. When she found this out her heart dropped. He hated her? She felt her eyes fill with tears and she tried hard not to cry. She buried her face in the sheets. Mutt looked over at the bed and saw her. He hadn't seen the violence that Dovchenko inflicted on her. It wasn't long before her did.

'Irina, turn over now!' Dovchenko commanded. She turned over and looked up at him timidly. He started to unbutton her tank top.

'Dovchenko please! Mr Williams is in here!' Irina whined. He belted her across the face violently, making her yelp. Mutt jumped and looked up horrified. He couldn't believe what he had just heard. Had he just hit her? Dovchenko got on top of her violently and pinned her down. Squeezing her wrists as hard as he could.

'I think you need to learn how to behave yourself!' He said through gritted teeth, in her face.

'Dovchenko! You're hurting me! Please! Please!' She cried, trying to get free.

'You are ugly! Worthless! Useless! And stupid! You deserve to be hurt!' He yelled. He violently pulled her trousers down and entered her. She screamed, making him cup a hand over her mouth. Mutt could only see him moving up and down as they were under the sheets. He held her face so she couldn't turn her head. He made her look into his eyes the entire time. Tears of pain fell down her face. He pulled out of her and slapped her across the face three times.

'That's for trying to disobey me' He said. He turned over. Blood ran down her legs. She hurt inside as well, where he had pounded her so violently. Mutt was completely stunned. How could he do that to her? He started to feel sympathy for her. He guessed why she had been so mean to him and his family. He could see that she had probably had threats hanging over her. He watched her slowly shift over to one side, wincing a little. He suddenly realised something. She was actually really beautiful. She closed her eyes and he watched her fall asleep. Admiring her beauty. The next day Irina was sorting things out on top of the makeshift dresser they had in the tent. Dovchenko came in.

'What do you think you are doing!?' He asked. She tried to swallow her fear.

'I'm just tidying the dresser a little bit' Irina said. He grabbed her violently and threw her to the floor. He kicked her in the stomach.

'Did I tell you to do that!?' He yelled. She shook her head.

'No' She uttered.

'They why did you do it!?' He yelled.

'I-I don't know' She said. He kicked her in the stomach again.

'Leave her alone!' Mutt cried. They both looked over at him. Irina in shock, Dovchenko in rage. He stormed over to him. Irina quickly got up, ignoring the pain and grabbed his arm.

'Leave him alone! Please! You can hurt me but not him' Irina said. Dovchenko turned back round and got ready to give her the worst beating she had ever had.

'Colonel Dovchenko!' A soldier called.

'I'll deal with you later' He growled. Then he walked out. Irina went over and sat on the end of the bed opposite Mutt. She didn't know what to say.

'T-thank you' She murmured.

'For what?' Mutt asked.

'For telling him to leave me alone' Irina said.

'No problem... are you two actually together? You don't seem very happy with him' Mutt said.

'I'm not. He's forced me into being with him' Irina said.

'Would you mind untying me for a moment, my wrists kinda hurt' He said. Irina nodded and went over to him. He caught the scent and softness of her pale skin as she reached around him and untied the knot.

'Thank you' He said. He got up and sat on the bed with her.

'You're welcome' She said, giving him a weak smile.

'So why has he forced you to be with him? Why don't you just walk away?' Mutt asked.

'Because he loves me I guess' Irina said.

'I'm sorry to break it to you but that guy does not love you. When you love a person you do not treat them the way he treats you' Mutt said. Irina looked down.

'Now I think about it, I guess not' She said. Mutt gently lay a hand on her shoulder.

'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say it like that' He said.

'No, it's okay, I guess I needed that' She said. She looked at his hand gently rubbing her shoulder. His eyes followed her gaze and he snatched his hand away. He cleared his throat.

'Sorry' He said.

'Besides he would never let me leave him' Irina said.

'You could just run away' Mutt said. He saw a tear run down her face.

'I know but... he's the only person who will ever want to be with me' She choked.

'Hey, hey' He soothed. He wrapped his arms around her reassuringly.

'I'm sorry it's just, I've never felt loved and I guess I thought that if he wanted to be with me, he loved me but he was wrong' Irina cried. He held her tighter and gently rubbed her back. He kind of liked holding her. He pulled away and looked into her eyes.

'Irina, you could have anyone you wanted! You are so beautiful and talented and kind hearted and you deserve so much love and happiness' Mutt smiled.

'You think I'm beautiful?' Irina asked.

'I don't think, I know' He smiled.

'Can I have you?' Irina asked. He looked into her beautiful icy blue eyes. She looked back at him. He gently moved a hand to her cheek and stroked it gently. He smiled and then leaned in to give her a soft, sweet, long lasting kiss.

'Absolutely' He whispered.