Title: Splash!

Written for: Drabble War Challenge #3, Prompt/Water Challenge #3 to be posted on 7th April 2012.

Written By: Nicia

Rating: K

Prompt used: Water.

Summary: All Human! Dimitri and Rose's baby's first outing to the swimming pool. Lots of fluff and happy smiles. A short, seven chapter drabble fic – all chapter's will post today. All in DPOV.

A.N. This is a very short, family centred AH fic. Just a little light hearted fun and some cuteness for you to enjoy!

Please note: This is a drabble. The chapters are meant to be short. Usually they would be exactly 100 words, but with a few chapters they are a little over.


Chapter One.


Soft laughter fills the car as we stop at the red traffic light, and I watch my daughter in the rear view mirror.

She is eleven months old, and at that stage where everything is either funny, or needs to be explored.

"We're almost there, baby girl."

More gurgles sound as I pick up the toy she's dropped and pass it back, her little eyes crinkling up as her lips and chubby cheeks pull up into a gummy grin.


I can't help the chuckle that escapes my lips as confusion covers her features.

"Mum's already at the pool."