Chapter 1.

Yi Jung has finally come back from Sweden; he went to Ga Eul's school where she worked at. Yi Jung noticed how beautiful she looks how she is teaching her students. As Yi Jung walked in he was smiling.

(Well we know what happens right)

When it was time for the kids to leave, Ga Eul was dismissing every kid. Yi Jung was sitting there watching Ga Eul. When all the kids were gone, Yi Jung stood up and went over where Ga Eul was, by the door. Yi Jung put an arm around her and had a big smile he thought he would never be able to touch her ever again; honestly he was dying for this moment to come. As for Ga Eul she was shocked that Yi Jung had his arm around her waist, she liked how it felt.


"Ga Eul, don't you like it?"

"Of course I do, it's just that…..I'm not use to a guy putting his arm around me."

Slowly Yi Jung turned her around and holds her close to his chest. Ga Eul was really happy that she could be able to smell his cologne again it was still the same aroma.

"Ga Eul, aren't you use to me?"

"Yes…but … I'm not use to you putting your arm around me."

Yi Jung had his hands on her face and went for a kiss on her lips, he thought he was dreaming and so was Ga Eul, but they weren't they were in the real world .Ga Eul was surprise that Yi Jung had kissed her . Slowly Yi Jung pulled his head back and stared into Ga Eul's eyes and saw that they were filled with shocked and amazement.

"How about that Ga Eul are you not use to that . Ga Eul do you know how much I missed you and that's why I kissed you because I wanted to feel your lips on mine."

" Sunbae , I missed you too."